Anime: Starry☆Sky Series Capricorn Episode 2 (Midorikawa Hikaru, Sugita Tomokazu, Ono Daisuke, Orikasa Fumiko)

Starry Sky Series ending Episode 2 of Capricorn. Screen caps galore and the quality of animation remains the same. Lots of fan-service shots which will satisfy both otome and BL fans :) I think I kinda went overboard with the screen capping this time because of that.

SPOILER SCREEN CAPS BELOW THE CUT. Wait for the English subs if you don’t want to be spoiled :) Eng subbed now available


Yahisa Tsukiko is the first female student to enroll at Seigatsu Academy, a former all-boys school specializing in astronomy. She is closely watched over by her childhood friends, Nanami Kanata (Pisces boy) and Touzuki Suzuya (Cancer boy), who often protect her from the male student body. Throughout the story, she befriends other young men whose personalities are based on the Western zodiac constellations.

In the second episode, it has been almost a month since Tomoe Yoh (Capricorn boy) transfers to Seigatsu Academy. He has also become friends with Kanata and Suzuya as well. The four are out star gazing together again…

Spoiler Screen cap + summary start:

Episode 2 starts with the boys and Tsukiko during a night outing to star gaze. Yummy food made by Cancer boy, Suzuya.

It has almost been a month since Yoh transferred to their school and Kanata says that it feels like it just happened yesterday. Tsukiko points out that they two of them have been bickering with each other all these while. If Yoh has only transferred just yesterday, that means they became good friends in just one day? Kanata replies that it’s not like they’re good friends or anything… and just as Kanata is going to take a snack, Yoh grabs the one he wants before he does.

Kanata gripes about it that Yoh did it on purpose. Yoh teases him and says that he got to it first. Yoh eats up the snack in one big mouthful much to his chagrin. Kanata grabs Yoh in retaliation.

Tsukiko comments that no matter how you look at it, the boys actually do get along very well. Suzuya agrees. She asks if they should stop the fight and Suzuya has a better idea. He places another bento he made in front of the boys and gets their immediate attention. (So many bro-mance hugging fan-service shots lol~)

When they see the food, both of them grab one for themselves. It definitely stops the little fight. As expected of Suzuya, the “mum” of the trio, which Suzuya responds with some embarrassment.

Kanata notices Yoh laughing so happily now and comments that he can’t believe he is the same person who said he didn’t need any friends at the beginning. Embarrassed, Yoh walks over to Tsukiko and gives her a big hug, saying that he only needs her. Shocked by the gesture, Kanata jumps up to stop him.

Both Tsukiko and Suzuya agrees with Kanata. Anyway, this episode is a whole lot of Kanata hoisting Yoh away from Tsukiko and it is really cute. BL fan-girls can take screen cap No: 3 out of context and fire your BL-filter at will lol~

Although it is the truth, Yoh is too shy to admit that it is nice to have friends. He wants to star gaze with Tsukiko like this forever…

Yoh’s flash-back. Yoh’s parents calls him and he happily shares with them about his experiences and the friends he has made.

His parents have confirmed their trip and very soon Yoh would have to join them too.

Flash back ends and Yoh can’t help showing his sadness. Tsukiko notices it and asks him what’s wrong?

He replies that he can’t hide his feelings from her and think maybe she can make him feel better. And hugs her. Kanata immediately jumps up to stop him (lol~)

Here we see Yoh being hoisted away again. Suzuya asks them to stop fighting and Yoh asks him to stop…

…being their “mum” in French. That takes Suzuya and Tsukiko a short while to register the word and when Suzuya did, he got depressed. Kanata notices it and runs to Suzuya in an effort to comfort him. He cries that that they should call him “Oka” (Japanese word for mum) instead lol~

Yoh walks away and Tsukiko tries to reassure him that they’ll always be with him. Yoh thanks her and…

… gives her kiss! Here we see Kanata flying towards them again…

And then they start chasing each other… (looks almost as if Yoh is doing it to get Kanata’s attention lol lol)

And OMG that sparkly image treatment. You can take those out of context again and slap some bro-mance onto it.

More fan-service…

Yoh remembers the time Tsukiko and him met.

More details about their encounter and how Yoh introduces himself. (I tot I saw Honey-sempai there)

Yoh is grateful that Tsukiko is the one who taught him that no matter where they are, even when he is in America, they’ll be connected by the same skies.

That concludes Capricorn arc. I thought they would show the ending where Tomoe Yoh and Tsukiko got together. But I guess 10 minutes is too short to make all that happen if you want to include so much fan-service.

Next episode is Aquarius boy: Amaha Tsubasa :) Let’s look forward to it!

Title: Starry Sky vol.1 -Episode Capricorn- Special Edition DVD
Price: 5,800yen
Release date: 23 February 2011
DVD includes episodes 1 to 2, pillow case, booklet and a special DVD with bonus 10 minutes footage.

Running time: 30 minutes

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  1. So far, I think it’s pretty cute. I’m looking forward to Tsubasa Amaha next week, but I really can’t wait until Kanata’s arc.

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