Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball, Kuroko no Basuke (Ono Kenshou, Ono Yuuki)

Let’s play basketball! Kise Ryouta and his Kurokocchi.

Title: Kuroko no Basuke 黒子のバスケ (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Broadcast Date: 7 April 2012

Official website:

Rating: Recommended

Summary (from wiki/ANN):

Kuroko Tetsuya is a former member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles”. Upon meeting Kagami Taiga, a naturally gifted basketball player at Seirin High School, Kuroko decides upon becoming his shadow to help him become Japan’s greatest basketball player. Based on a 2008 Japanese manga about basketball written and illustrated by Fujimaki Tadatoshi 藤巻忠俊. The anime adaptation is by Production I.G.


I can’t remember when was the last time I watched a sports anime. Kuroko’s Basketball (also known as The Basketball that Kuroko Plays) is the only sports anime this season and I watched it without any expectations. It has surprised me in being rather entertaining so far. Although the main cast consists of relatively new seiyuus, they delivered.

The plot is pretty straightforward but it is well-paced and intriguing enough for me to keep watching to see how Kuroko can achieve his goal. The characters have their individual quirks and it is fun to discover more about them as the story progresses.

For example, Kuroko seems to be small and not in a good shape for basketball. As the audience wonder how he can be the rumoured 6th player in the Generation of Miracles that will help his team win the championship, he surprises us with his abilities.

Animation-wise, the action during basketball matches are pretty exciting. I don’t play basketball or contact sports like this in real life ^^;; but I enjoy watching guys play. Girls’ basketball is scary *_* I remember being scratched during a Physical Education class in school lol~ and caring too much about not accidentally hurting the opponents during the game pretty much rendered me a relatively ineffective player ^^;;

Besides a number of cute guys to ogle at. there’s also a smart female character who is the Seirin High basketball team coach to watch for. Plus, there’s some officially-sanctioned BL fan-service here and there to pique this fujoshi’s radar.

Here’s some official BL-fan service shown during ending credits in some of the episodes. That’s Kagami Taiga (left) and Kuroko Tetsuya. I love watcing Kuroko’s deadpan reactions versus the rather expressive oresama-type Taiga in the anime.

Generation of Miracles member, typical Prince-type, Kise Ryouta giving his Kaijou High basketball captain, Kasamatsu Yukio a flirty phone call? lol~

Main cast:

Ono Kenshou as Kuroko Tetsuya 黒子テツヤ

Ono Yuuki as Kagami Taiga 火神大我

Saito Chiwa as Aida Riko 相田リコ

Ono Daisuke as Midorima Shintarou 緑間真太郎

Inoue Go as Tsuchida Satoshi 土田聡史

Nojima Hirofumi as Izuki Shun 伊月俊

Naoki Mizutani as Furuhata Kouki 降旗光樹

Kimura Ryohei as Kise Ryouta 黄瀬涼太

Miki Shinichiro as Aida Kagetora & Narrator

Hoshi Souichiro as Kasamatsu Yukio 笠松幸男

Eguchi Takuya as Koganei Shinji 小金井慎二

Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Takao Kazunari 高尾和成

Sasaki Tetsuo as Fukuda Hiroshi

Yoshimoto Yasuhiro as Kawahara Koichi

Hosoya Yoshimasa as Hyuuga Junpei 日向順平

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35 thoughts on “Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball, Kuroko no Basuke (Ono Kenshou, Ono Yuuki)”

  1. Oh god this series is just \(^o^)/
    Kuroko is adorable and all but Kagami is just love :D For once I actually like the most obviously shipable couple and it’s not even that popular compared to the others :(

    I’m just curious but which couple do you like the best, pony?

    1. @Maye: I like Kagami x Kuroko very much now :D but I can’t say it’ll stay the same until after I meet the rest of the kiseki no sedai XD

    2. Well that’s true but for some reason I find Kagami very apealing and I only like Kuroko with him :D
      On the other hand I think I could ship anyone with Kagami especially Mitobe since he somehow is very adorable >.<

    3. @Maye: I agree. Kagami is so likeable XD So far out of the kiseki boys introduced, I still like Kagami with Kuroko best too.
      Both boys are shippable with everybody lololol~ this manga is such a success with fujoshi XDD

  2. Ahhhhh I love this series, everyone is shippable with anyone. And that face Kuroko did [] sealed the whole fujoshi thing for me. *goes off to fangirl some more*

  3. I want to continue watching it! I too am not a big sports fan by large but this doesn’t need the expertise of basketball to understand (newbies can learn without critics), often these have deep philosophic meaning ( I loved Ofuri Baseball) and I was delighted Kuroko deliver a similar flavour! I got into it, thanks to Tumblr pics ahh! I really like the girl captain too! She is great and quirky!

    1. @Joichi: I happen to like the artwork, so it helps :D I should probably give oofuri a try one of these days but I’m feel no passion for baseball ^^;;

  4. So many ‘Ono’ seiyuu. is this some kind of magic?

    Kuroko no Basket is okay. It didn’t have the typical main character. Usually they’re either a clumsy boy who gets bullied but-actually-have-some-god-like-skill, falls for a beautiful girl, or prodigy.

    By the way, Kuroko is love.

    “I have no sense of humor.” LOLOL

    1. @Kencana: Or Ono is a common surname in Japan XD
      Yep great to have a different premise from usual weakling becomes strong kind of sports anime. and YES Kuroko is LOVE!!!

  5. i bet you made this post just cos of the last pic from epi 4 of kuro and kise lol

    im not new to sport anime, but not a fan. i started watching kuro i dont remember why…
    but the animation made me keep watching :D
    and now the bl fanservice… lol

    ps: posting from a new laptop D:
    idk if/how i’ll get my avatar back Q.Q

    1. @Shirokaze: I was enjoying it quite a bit and yep, that pic gave the final push to make the post XD I fell for the fujoshi bait.
      New lappy! Nice :D And it seems you got your avatar back! ^^)b

  6. Wasn’t expecting this post (LOL) but….

    OMG. Damn, this anime is interesting! LOL! I was pretty excited when I first saw it cause I can never resist bishounens! XD (and the seiyuus! Kimura Ryouhei, Ono Yuuki! And I am loving Ono Kensho so much! <3 And another reason why this anime caught my eye is cause I saw 3 Ono in the cast list! XD *random*) Anyway, I was pretty much dead when it finally airs. XD

    I am really loving Kurocchi and with Kise right behind him followed by Kagami, and so you can say that I ship Kurocchi and Kise. (and once again, I died at the recent episode's end picture, like OMG! My shipping radar is burning! *spazzing* ) LOL!

    I am always looking forward to the next episode every week! :D
    Are you watching anything else this season, Ponytale-sama? XD

    And one thing that caught my attention for this anime, like what someone has already said, the person who did the character design for this anime, did SekaKoi and Junjou's too. I wonder if it is on purpose, LOL!

    The temptation to read the manga is too much but I told myself not to spoil the story so yea.. XD Maybe I will read when the anime ends. X3 But despite that, I am looking forward to this one particular character's appearance in the anime. Cuteness will ensure, I am sure! XD

    Goodness, lengthy fangirling moment is lengthy. LOL!

    1. @Lurker: The seiyuu are relatively new to me :D I generally don’t watch sports anime so this was a nice surprise! I like Kuroko :D It doesn’t really matter to me who he is paired with lol~
      Yeah I didn’t know about the chara designer tidbit. They’re probably going for the fujoshi market even though the manga isn’t?

      I’m also watching Sakamichi no Apollon, Shirokuma Cafe and continuing with Aquarion Evol. How about you?

  7. The character designer is Yoko Kikuchi, the same person who did the designs for Junjo Romantica and Sekaichi Hatsukoi ^^

    1. @Kisa: Thanks for the info! I didn’t notice that detail :D Maybe they’re going for the fujoshi audience after all!

  8. I read this manga before the anime came out and I loved it and I was always hoping for an animeeeeee~ AND HERE IT IS!

    Its awesomeee~ And i love the art and lol, yes, the little bit of fanservice they give us :3

    1. @momo: It sure is a nice surprise for me :D Is the target audience for the manga female? Or they’re just trying to appeal to us fujoshi with the fan-service in the anime (since fujoshi appeal = $$$)

  9. I’ve just LOVE THE FIRST AND THE FOURTH EPISODES CLOSING!!! OMG!! KUROPPI IS JUST HUG-ABLE!!! *LOVE LOVE* But still don’t get the stories much since there’s just so many things they have to tell… =.=” my fujoshi radar is just go tingling after hearing this anime~ :”D LOLOLOLZ! the bromance is just TOO STRONG! XD

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