Anime: Koutetsu Sangokushi 鋼鉄三国志

Kotetsu Sangokushi / AnimationOk… seems like there is a non-broadcast episode 26 in the final DVD release (26/03/2008)!

Title: 第26話「深紅の魂、生ける志士どもを走らす」

The original run was 25 episodes… gaaah… what a way to entice buyers/collectors… the producers pulled the same stunt for Darker than Black too (-_- ||) sheesh~ Since I’m already broke from collecting DtB, etc… and I doubt Koutetsu Sangokushi will be licensed anytime soon… Hopefully the subs surface real quickly!

Sweet Scent of BL (BLの香り)
In case you’re not familiar with this series, Koutetsu Sangokushi was aired in 2007 and is very loosely based on the hugely popular and well-loved Chinese historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國演義) but given a very, VERY slashy treatment. Well, it can’t be helped, no? The warring period was filled with warriors and hot men :D LOL~ Oh~ the potential! Even Koyasu Takehito who voiced one of the leads, Shoukatsuryou Koumei (諸葛亮孔明) commented on his blog about the “Scent of BL (BLの香り)” within the series. *snickers* :3

The story revolved around Rikuson Hakugen (陸迅) (cv. Mamoru Miyano. Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club *hearts*), the disciple of Shoukatsuryou Koumei. (erm, historically it wasn’t so… but anyway, don’t sweat the details hehe) Rikuson’s family had a mysterious treasure that granted great power to anyone who possessed it. The treasure was stolen and used to wage war in the states, causing devastation to the once peaceful lands. Rikuson embarks on a journey to retrieve the treasure, hoping to end the suffering among the people, and finds himself embroiled in an elaborate plot hatched by his beloved master…

I had very high hopes for this series when it first aired but initally I was like o_O with the trippy costumes, weapons, WTF/OMG characterisations for some of the leads… Watch it to be amazed xD But once I stopped imposing my own expectations on the series, I began to appreciate and look forward to how far/weird/crazy the producers were going to go with this…. LOL~ One thing tho’, they did follow the historical timelines quite faithfully although they seriously went wild with the storyline.

Overall I enjoyed this series because of the seiyuus, character interactions, humour and drama. Yep, once you get over the initial shock, its kinda fun. The opening song sequence contains a not-too-subtle “ass-grab” just before the anime starts ^^” I was like woah~ (so you get to see that every week, woohoo LOL~) and BL fans can spot all the potential pairings from Episode 1 onwards hahaha… There are quite a number of cliches that a BL fan can detect from a mile away, especially if you’re familiar with the type of characters that some of the seiyuus usually get cast in BL dramas *fufufu* But of course, not all seiyuus in this series have voiced BL dramas tho’ almost all the main characters (for e.g. Ishida Akira, Koyasu Takehito, Yusa Kouji, Itou Kentarou, Miki Shinichirou, etc) have done so, except for Miyano Mamoru and a few others.

Lovely OP and ED songs
Kuon / Mamoru MiyanoKotetsu Sangokushi Best Album / Animation

Not to forget, the songs were lovely too. Given songs suitable to his vocal range, Miyano Mamoru can really deliver a touching tune. He sang the ending song and you’ll so want to squeeze this Rikuson real tight and smother him with hugs and kisses :) Well, his character can be annoying at times but I grew to like him quite a bit towards the end.

Watch Miyano-san sing Kuon live at a Koutetsu Sangokushi event

From Koutetsu Sangokushi Best Album (CD+DVD)

And btw, Miyano Mamoru won the Best Male Seiyuu in Leading Role at Seiyuu Award 2007 for his work in this series ^^

[Ending Spoiler]
In episode 25, Rikuson’s desperate cry that he does not want to be separated from his master again, took my breath away. It was so heart-felt and so heart-wrenching. Little wonder Miyano Mamoru was given the award.

I want to watch episode 26!!! xD

Update: 6 May 2008
Found a youtube video link to the episode 26 trailer.

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6 thoughts on “Anime: Koutetsu Sangokushi 鋼鉄三国志”

  1. Honestly, it isn’t a great anime but if you can get over the “trippy everything” and incredible plot lines, you might enjoy it as much as I did in the end. The seiyuus were the main draw and of course, the BL fan service lol~

  2. I just watched the first episode… my god, I was laughing my ass off at all the slashable moments ESEPCIALLY the golden assgrab in the beginnning of the OP.
    I don’t think it’s that great of na anime yet, but it has potential so i’ll give the rest a shot.

  3. I think he probably is no.1 most wished-for uke in BL fangirls’ seiyuu wish lists. XD I was hoping for it since his Ouran days lol~ but he won’t be able to hide behind a pen name since his voice is quite recognisable kekeke

  4. yes this anime was super slashable and the transformings reminded me of saint seiya! XD
    as for the ending i both loved it and hated it…r-riku-san~;o;

    omg i read your review on it! he sounded like he was gulping food down haha!
    Its been awhile sense i seen episode one and that part i dont remember. I have to go search it an re watch it.XD

    “Agrees… his Rikuson just screams UKE! hehehe I think so far that is the closest he got to BL.”

    yea ;o; maybe in the future he will do bl drama but probebly under a pen name;

  5. I think the ending was pretty well-done ^^ The whole series was one fan-service after the other. And you’ve got to hand it to the creators for the daring/outrageous treatment.

    His H-scene in Kurozuka episode one was… well, like… sounded quite funny to me XD I mentioned in my review of the anime lol~

    Agrees… his Rikuson just screams UKE! hehehe I think so far that is the closest he got to BL. Trying to imagine about what he does with his wagashi when they were alone together depletes huge litres of blood.

  6. Ah! Ive seen this anime a few weeks back. I wasn’t to happy with it but i loved Rikuson, (super naive but oh so adorable…;o; ) The animation was very eyecandy too! *v*

    Why hasn’t Mamoru Miyano voiced in a bl drama yet!? He’d be so SO great! When i heard his voice on kurozuka it was like wah~ He’d be so good as uke…*shot*

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