Anime: Himitsu – The Revelation (Namikawa Daisuke, Seki Tomokazu)

Himitsu (The investigators, both guys, btw)Himitsu – The Revelation 秘密 トップ・シークレット, based on a manga by Shimizu Reiko 清水玲子 has started showing since 8 April 2008.

Rating: Recommended

Summary (edited from Anime News Network)
The ninth forensic lab of the National Research Institute of Police Science, called Dai Ku (the 9th), uses technology to reproduce images from memories residing in the brain of dead victims to solve difficult cases. This is the story of Maki, the leader of Dai Ku, and Aoki, a newcomer.

Everybody have secrets. This anime shows the agonies of the investigators who have to know these secrets unwillingly.

For anyone who is not familiar with Shimizu Reiko, she is the mangaka of Moon Child (Not the GacktxHyde vehicle ^^”), Jack and Elena series, Kaguya Hime and various Sci-Fi themed shoujo manga. I love her works and art tremendously. Her style is very delicate yet detailed and her stories have always been able to touch me. Two of my first all-time-fav shounen-ai couples come from her shoujo works ~sigh… so nostalgic… :) I had wished so much that there are animations of her works (only Moon Child had an image video, which is like a music PV of the manga. Does anybody have it? I want to see it!!! T-T) To discover that Himitsu is now an anime is quite a nice surprise.

Himitsu is a very intriguing psychological thriller and I enjoyed reading it. There are some BL elements as well as highly slashable characters. I’ve not watched the first episode of the anime but looking at pictures from the official website (, I’m rather disappointed that the producers weren’t able to reproduce the original character designs… which were so much more beautiful than the anime version… The main seiyuus are Seki Tomokazu 関智一 and Namikawa Daisuke 浪川大辅 (I like!!! xD) Anyway, I’ll definitely put this on my to-watch list as well.

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12 thoughts on “Anime: Himitsu – The Revelation (Namikawa Daisuke, Seki Tomokazu)”

  1. surprisingly i didn’t feel much pain but the experience was horrible. it was the same when they pulled the four teeth out. o-o;
    All four assistants who worked on me including the doctor were amazed. He even told me that they were treating me bad in ordered to get the things on.;;
    I think i’m starting to get used to it… i sometimes get irritated knowing they are there, but i can’t take them out.

    How many years did you had to wear them for?
    Yea one of my coworkers was telling me about the retainers he surprisingly still wears his an gave me word of caution “whatever they say do it.” It’s no wonder he teeth are so perfect.;

    ***RE Seth’s pairing is my favorite too but I also ship him and his brother. Cos even till the end he only loved Seth. I think towards the end I was losing patience with the main couple :(

    I love the twin couple too! XD
    It made me so sad how when he was in the other person body an saw seth yet he couldn’t tell/say anything to him. I also was getting impatient with the main couple too.
    As for the laying eggs part ummm yea this manga in some way reminded me of sweet pool. XD

    ****RE Jack x Elena has got to be one of my all time fav shounen-ai pairings :D I hope you can find or buy the Milky Way manga cos it’s very good and one of my all time favs as well.

    Aww i can’t wait to read the manga sometime. I managed to find them avalible at yesasia, but then i don’t really know if they are going too have them available. (I remember the last order i had with them not having instock items;)
    omg speaking of this, i don’t know how you not get a headache with tokyobuyers….very draining process… OTL

    1. @sigma: woah… poor girl *hugz* *_* it is a major operation and I’m glad it went ok. I only had to pull out my canines at the front. I still have all four wisdom teeth at the back :P

      I wore them for about… 2.5 years? Yeah you should wear your retainers faithfully at least once a week. I didn’t expect my teeth to “move” around that much and by the time I realised, it was too late already. The retainer didn’t fit by then. I mean they still look better than before I had braces on but just aren’t as perfect anymore.

      Yeah :D interesting concept huh? Since there are really fish species in the real world who can change their sex when the time comes for them to mate and spawn. Hehe true that it reminds you of sweet pool. If I remember correctly, Seth, his brother and Jimmy are brothers right? The brother is upset that Jimmy is the chosen one and wants Seth to be the one instead. I think it’s quite clever to link it to the Little Mermaid fairy tale where he makes a deal with the witch to grant his wish.

      Yesasia always list items even if they don’t have stock and then make you wait for months before you write in, then they tell you there’s no stock OTL. Did you try Yahoo Japan auctions? Cos sometimes you can find people letting go of the whole set at a very low price since the titles are quite old already. Click here.

      Hmm, I’ve only asked Tokyobuyers to bid on items that has a “Buy It Now” option :P yeah the to and fro email can be quite… draining. And once they misunderstand my shopping instructions (non-auction) but nevertheless still ok if it is just a Buy It Now item. ^^;;; Try Crescent? They have an automated self-bidding system but is slightly more expensive than Tokyobuyers.

  2. lol nah i had my wisdom teeth pulled out not long ago. These were my healthy teeth on the sides. (one from each side/top/bottom).I bleed/drooled a lot.
    I got some of my braces/bands in today. It was a very bad experience….;_; *hugs*
    Hope your doing okay~ Don’t work to hard~♥

    I remember loving Naoki’s mothers too. The family is so funny.
    There making a new drama!? Wah i havn’t watched dramas in a long while, i don’t want to start back again because there really time consuming. If it’s one of Itasura na kiss then i have to at least check it out. Thanks for letting me know~^v^

    Why did he want to be in section 9 i wonder?
    ~~~The strangling and pass out bit. (Tho’ I read before that when done right, it can also heighten sexual pleasure :P)

    Oh my, why would anyone get turned on by that;;;; Kinky people i tell you. XD
    Something like that would send me into a major panic! OTL;;

    ~~~the heroine, Akira was made to do so much fan service OTL;;

    omg tell me about it, that was very tiring. X_X
    aww i love the Yui x Midori so much! The scenes with them were so cute! An seeing Yui cry is to much! The part were he got stab an Midori was all emotional….;v; The extra little chibis that appear on the pages are really cute too.

    I had finished reading Moon Child i really loved it. The ended with the Jimmiy felt like it was missing something. I don’t know what but it was still a nice end. I really feel sad for the one twin (forgot his name already;;) The one who died such a sad death with the crazy lady (lol).
    Seth is so much love. I think the last two volumes i was more into Seth’s Story than Jimmys Story.
    The other story’s i finished were A Million-Pound Love & Yume no Tsuzuki. I loved them a lot too.
    I only read one chapter of 22xx because that’s all i could find. I hope to read Milky Way if i find any scans, if not i can hopefully purchase the book if they still sell it. I really love the character Jack.’v’

    1. @sigma: woah must have hurt a lot huh *hugz* Do rest well and recover fast! :D I’ve had braces on before too and I found that I slowly got used to the pain. It’s like each time you go back to the dentist’s for tightening, you’re already expecting the pain so you’ll get better at enduring it lol ^^;;; Anyway, it’s been quite some time since I removed them. I’ve been lazy with putting on my retainers so over the years the teeth have shifted again OTL;;;

      Yeah, I think Naoki’s mum helped a lot in their relationship lol~ XD Oh, it seems that the drama has just started broadcasting hehe sorry for inaccurate info. I’ll probably not watch it myself… cos there are still tonnes of anime I’ve not watched and I would like to clear those first.

      ***RE: Why did he want to be in section 9 i wonder?***
      Hmm I don’t remember already. I think it was mentioned in the manga before. More on the strangling and pass out bit. Wiki to the rescue: Seems that it is addictive! What a scary thought cos it can be dangerous.

      Yeah I got quite tired of Akira’s fan-service too. Kaguya Hime dragged on for too long. I didn’t manage to finish it and stopped at vol 20 cos I lost track. I had to go and check my manga again to see where I stopped. Everytime I went to the manga store, I couldn’t remember which was the last volume I bought. Eventually I gave up. ^^;;;

      I loved Yui x Midori and I was pissed with Akira at some points in the story too although I like her in general. Hehe.. the mangaka’s chibis have quite a cute, distinct style.

      Seth is my favourite character in Moon Child, followed by his brother who died with the crazy lady… I also forgot his name. Seth’s pairing is my favourite too but I also ship him and his brother. Cos even till the end he only loved Seth. I think towards the end I was losing patience with the main couple :( but I think the ending wasn’t too bad though I also agree… it felt like something was missing.

      It’s been a while since I read my mangas so I only remember bits and pieces of the ones that left a deep impression. Makes me wanna go back to them again. I have most of Reiko Shimizu’s manga, including 22xx and Milky Way but they’re all in Chinese (Taiwan/Hong Kong versions) And I love Jack too! It’s cute that he is always wearing shades. There’s a reason behind that too. Jack x Elena has got to be one of my all time fav shounen-ai pairings :D I hope you can find or buy the Milky Way manga cos it’s very good and one of my all time favs as well.

  3. you watched Itasura na Kiss?*v* i loved that anime~ I remember trying to watch the drama….i just couldn’t get into it;
    The story is really cute how it shows the many hurdles of there relationship through out there life.

    yea the strangling part wasn’t in the manga in fact i don’t remember if they even shown another person in the scene; *bad memory*;;
    Maki has a sad life. :(
    i’m thinking now from what you said about him having a fear of his thoughts arising in his dreams, that maybe the strangling played towards that reason. When your strangled you don’t get oxygen to the brain/pass out an so forth. If it’s done during sex than maybe it cancels out feeling/thoughts at the time? Just a thought i don’t know.OTL;;
    I really like the pairing of Aoki x Maki as much as i like Suzuki x Maki.
    Really while reading this manga i got the chills a bit. It’s a first coming from a book.o-o;
    Thanks for the link~!

    i’ve been reading moon child at the moment. it is really so good! I LOVE it!!
    The plot and characters are great an B-bishonens every were! so much eye candy!
    I’ve been reading a lot lately. XD
    I had semi-surgery to take four teeth out to make room for when i get braces. Bleeding heavily for hours i couldn’t do much. So i sat an read Kaugya hime/watch some kuroshitsuji (btw you were right it does get really good). It is really good too but it is very confusing to tell apart the main heroin an Midori in the RAW scans. Plus there is to much Heroin x Everyone!! *gouges eyes out*

    1. @sigma: oh dear… hope you’re feeling better X3 Have a good rest! Gosh 4 teeth at one go!!! @_@ your wisdom teeth right at the end of the jaw? *HUGZ*

      Yep, I enjoyed Itasura na kiss very much! <3 I'm really glad you recommended it :D The characters are so endearing :) I love Naoki's mum lol~ Yea, love is not all fun and romance. It takes effort to get to know and to be there for the person (and his/her family) whom you're going to live with for the rest of your life. Old school romantic comedy. Very sweet! The anime is so cute… well, they're making Itasura na kiss into a Korean live action drama now. The male lead is very cute. can't remember his name tho' But then again I seldom watch live actions nowadays.

      In a way yeah… but Maki made his choice to be in Section 9. Hmm, that's possible… The strangling and pass out bit. (Tho’ I read before that when done right, it can also heighten sexual pleasure :P) Or maybe in the anime it’s a metaphor of Maki being consumed by his investigations? The mangaka draws very detailed images right… scarily realistic and eerie.

      XD Glad you enjoy moonchild! Reiko Shimizu draws very adorable kids and girls ^^ But she also revealed in Kaguya Hime that she loved to draw beautiful femme fatale characters with ample bosoms lol~ But Kaguya Hime dragged on really long and the heroine, Akira was made to do so much fan service OTL;; It's pretty much reverse harem with all the boys and girls falling for her. I love Akira and the actor character too. Miller X3. I mega-ship Yui x Midori but everybody only have eyes for Akira lol~

  4. I downloaded some (a-alot) from the manga. I think they did a good job in redesigning him for the anime with the intention of making him more manly. I honestly love both Maki styles. XD

    I loved the human drama. This series reminded me of Paranoia Agent. Keep me wanting to know whats going to happen next, an trying to guess who did it.
    I have finished watching Himitsu an-


    The ending im guessing they either escaped to an exit leading to paradise are died. The manga wasn’t finished then so it’s left open like that. What really bothers me is the third episode of “no ones watching”. At the end it shows Maki waiting in bed with blind fold. Then there this mystery man who goes to make out with him but sudden starts to strangle him (S&M?).;;;;;;o-o
    It was never mentioned again after that…..really left my bl mind wondering~ XD
    i think i got to that part in the manga but it never shows a picture of another person with Maki….just Maki an blind folds.;;;(i want to know his secret;;)
    I did see a scene where the professor that Aoki is in love with do the same strangling motion to Aoki before saying goodbye. Really weird. That an how It looks like Maki doesn’t really like her.
    I could only find a few English trans. and a lot of raw chapters. Not really any group is translating this series are they?;_;

    “The sixth day” sounds really interesting i’d like to watch it sometime.

    I had went ahead an read two of her mangas. The one called “Magic” an the other (forgot the name) with the pet tiger in it. Was really cute!

    I’m not sure they never brought up the topic of Vettis arm. I guess we have to use are imaginations.XD
    This series doesn’t have a manga does it? The ending credits had some nice artworks displayed.

    1. @sigma: Manga Maki is more bishi XD but I got used to anime Maki too. I’ll try to catch Paranoia Agent if I can :D btw, I finally watched Itazura no Kiss and loved it. It’s such a cute romantic comedy! XD

      Hmm… I’m not sure about that blindfold scene but if it is according to the raw manga, Maki did have sex with somebody. We don’t know if it is a man or a woman (but most likely a man cos of what was shown in the anime) He wanted to be blindfolded because if one day after he dies and his brain needs to be read, he doesn’t want this aspect of his sexual secret to be shown to the world. He has seen too many of that during his investigations of brains at Section 9. We are left to speculate if the man is Suzuki or not :P but I think it is unlikely cos that person who had sex with him didn’t seem to know him well. So he is probably a one-night-stand or stranger. Not sure why the strangling bit came out in the anime cos it wasn’t in the manga, right?

      Person: “Blindfold? Is that your interest (or you like it that way)?”
      Maki: “No, I just don’t want to see anything that’s all”.

      Maki is also very fearful that his thoughts may surface in his dreams because it is something he cannot control. From that, maybe we can speculate that he did have romantic feelings for Suzuki. The story also seemed to hint at his attachment to Aoki partly because he is very similar to Suzuki. Even the forensic doctor also found herself attracted to Aoki because of his similarity to Suzuki. So maybe Maki loved Suzuki secretly and then Aoki too.

      I think the translations are only up to Vol. 3 Chapter 5? I haven’t read Wild Cats yet ^^ It’s been a while since I read Magic but I remember I liked it too.

      Yeah seems like Glass Fleet is an original and not based on manga :)

  5. i am loving this series so much!! why do animes like this i never heard of, always get overshadowed by the popular series? why isn’t this series popular?OTL
    I love the head of the department he’s so oew87gwegjhe33 darn ADORABLE.;;;;


    i really love the storys an characters. The one about the old people was just so sad. An the president’s story along with the Teenage girls story was so dramatic. so sad that the pretty boy died at the end of the presidents story (you definitly know one of the FBI’s had to did that). The blind boy’s death was sad too. ;_;
    I havn’t got that far in the series but dang the plots are so good! I can’t wait to find out more about the main characters.

    The setting of the story with viewing the dead brains reminds me alot of this one movie i saw way back called “The Cut” (i think;) have you ever seen it? It’s somewhat similar to this were our life/memories can be view on screen even after were dead. I only got to see half of it i never saw the beginning.

    I went an googled the artist of the series an her artworks look very familiar. She has very beautiful works!

    Moon childs story was different from manga? Androids Hmm interesting. *wants to read all her manga now* XD

    baw Glass fleet was great an yes i wished the ending was different i just don’t see Michel(?) being friendly to Vetti at all. just seem like everything ended cheaply/quick. (i did enjoy the boat scene though lol.;;) Vetti’s little servant was so cute i can’t believe what happened to him an Vetti never found out it was just so upsetting! ;_;
    What was funny was when Vetti finally caught Michel an took him to bed not knowing he was a she. I honestly don’t think he did anything to her he was just in shock an left her there?XD
    I wished his character got more background to. they never did explain anything about how he ended up were he did after the kingdoms raid. Only that later he was with foster parents…an ugh they were terrible parents. They never did explain what happened to his arm did they?

    1. @sigma: I think the manga was very well-received in Japan but not sure about the anime. It’s a pity right? Gems like these are often overlooked. :D I’m glad you discovered and liked it too! Maki-san is very pretty in the manga! Sadly the anime didn’t manage to show it but maybe it was intentional to make him look more masculine.

      Yep. Most of the time you won’t be able to expect the conclusion to each case and every case is different and refreshing. They always involve human drama and I love that.

      No… haven’t watched “The Cut” before. I’ll find out more about it :O Another movie with memories recording and transfer is “The Sixth Day”. It raises some interesting questions about human cloning. I enjoyed it ^^

      Reiko Shimizu draws some of the prettiest bishis! She also draws very beautifully detailed clothes and setting. She usually has shounen-ai characters in her stories too :)

      Yep, Moon Child movie is Gackt’s own ideas lol~ Reiko Shimizu’s Moon Child manga may seem weird and not make good sense. Mermaids and humans! ( XD But towards the end, it ties up beautifully. Yeah, the humans in the android story often mistake the androids to be a gay couple cos both of them appear to be physically male although one of them is sexless lol~ It’s quite angsty actually (existential questions and so on) but also sweet ^^ This is the link to more info about the android story (

      Yeah, for Glass Fleet, I also had the impression like they ran out of budget at the end and tried to finish off the series quickly :P I can’t remember the details and read wiki again to refresh my memory hehe. I think all this time Vetti wanted to physically conquer his rival (Michel’s brother) but never expected him to be a woman in disguise. Yeah I agree he must have been too shocked to do anything. (Kinda sexist tho lol~) He was abused as a child right? That’s probably one of the reasons he couldn’t love anybody (including the cute servant), except for the Michel he obsessed about. Hmm, I forgot about his arm already. Was it due to his illness? :O

  6. hmm i want to give this anime a shot it looks interesting. I love psychological thrillers. *v*
    The moon child story is different from the movie?XD I loved moon child an the fact that both Gackt an Hyde(♥ !) were in it was total win. Even mom loved this movie (she loves hyde too *lol*). It’s been forever sense i’ve seen it though. I got it before it was release to America. So i can only play it on ps2 with special decoder disk. ;v;

    ah i wonder if you ever seen a anime called “Glass Fleet” before? omg i totally recommend this one. I loved it so much i marathoned it. OTL;
    The story/world/characters/ are really neat. Whats even more better is bishonen (out of the closet!). The only bad thing is sometimes the animation looks weird. like fighting scenes an faces but other than that it’s nice. I don’t recommend the english dub at all plus you’ll get spoiled when you first watch it (i did). I had to search for sub im glad i found a site with it. As a bonus Ishida plays one of the main! XD

    1. @sigma: You’ll definitely enjoy it. It is quite dramatic. The cases are interesting and there’s good characterisation, development and human drama too.

      I love Reiko Shimizu’s works! Moon Child was my favourite. There was a shounen-ai couple I really loved in the story. I also love her sci-fi themed earlier works that featured two androids :3 When I saw that Moon Child was made into a movie I was so happy, especially when it starred Gackt and Hyde but the story was completely different from the manga since it was based on Gackt’s ideas and not Reiko Shimizu’s work lol~ OTL Hehe your mum loves cute guys too XDD

      I marathon-ed Glass Fleet too. I watched the subs sometime early last year? ^^ Agree with the you about the animation quality. Sometimes it was quite bad huh… especially the space fighting scenes ^^;;; I wished it had a different ending tho. Yep, Ishida was great! I had hoped they gave his character more screen time and backstory detail tho.

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