Figma Yuu Kawamura

I’ll probably buy this figma for the kitchen accessories OTL;;;

These accessories come with Figma Kawamura Yuu (河村 優) from a game called Sekirara (I have NO IDEA what it’s about Ok, so it seems it is an 18+ eroge ^^) The character looks sweet but I’m going for her accessories. I can imagine lots of uses for the apron especially with my other figmas ^^

Damage: 3000 Yen (w/tax) More expensive than usual figma releases due to the extras.

Temporarily sold-out. Like wow. Preorder was just announced a few hours ago. Lol~ I wonder if figmas of BL characters (IF they are ever released) will generate that kind of demand.

Anyway, I’ll wait a bit for more online shops to open their preorders :)

Figma Yuu KawamuraFigma Yuu Kawamura

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