October 30, 2013

BL Game: Hadaka Shitsuji, Naked Butler (Madalabo)

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[IMAGE:Hadaka Shitsuji]

More hanky-panky mayhem coming our way in Hadaka Shitsuji fan disk

Update 30 October 2013:
Title: Naked Butler Fan Disk -- Indecent Butler & Gentle Butler
Price: 6,090 Yen (w/tax)
Available: Delayed: 15 November 2013
Limited first-press edition package includes: soundtrack and recordings of outtakes.

Official website: http://madalabo.com/hsfd/index.htm
Get it from Comi-comi: http://www.comicomi-studio.com/boys/goodsview.jsp?no=G0407250011000058127


The fan disk will feature the “what if?” stories following the ending of the previous work, Naked Butler 『裸執事』. What is the daily life of  Tomoaki and his butlers after he became the real master of the house?

About Indecent Butler Side: Now that Tomoaki has become the real master of the house and busy with the daily running of it, which butler will he choose to spend his only day of rest in the week with? どういうわけか、バイトじゃなくて本当のご主人様になっちゃった智明。 なりゆきとは言え、堂々たる振る舞いで主としての執務をこなす日々。そんな忙しい最中ようやくおとずれた1週間の休日。 誰と、何をして、どう過ごす?やりたい放題なご主人様ライフ再び!!

About Gentle Butler Side: The gentle 「やらしつじ」 side will feature after-stories of the love endings. Players can expect a multi-ending parallel world story with rich content that rivals the previous work. アルバイトご主人様の期間も終わり、元の生活に戻るかと思いきや、ご主人様として過ごした日々は二人の運命を大きく変えた。友達以上、恋人未満?な関係になった、元・ご主人様と元・執事の、甘くてビターな「もしも」の未来。それぞれの愛情エンド後日談。「佐久間編」「一ノ瀬編」「小峰編」「有里編」「藤堂編」があります。

Of course, the master is overall seme!!

By popular demand, players will also get to play Butler x Butler pairings in the fan disk. First time players and players who completed the main game would both get to enjoy this fan disk. Pop over to the official site for the R-rated CGs of multi-pairings and all the kinky stuff you can expect from this game.

[IMAGE:Hadaka Shitsuji]

Title: BLCD Kikonjima no Yoru 裸執事ドラマCD 鬼魂島の夜 〜チン怪奇!? 無人島に眠る鬼伝説〜
Price: 3,500 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 15 November 2013
Catalog no.: ALE-10001
Cast: 前田智明:阿部大樹、佐久間恭一:井上和彦、一ノ瀬冬夜:山口知大、小峰良次:たなかこころ、藤堂亜毅:微笑みデイヴ、有里和馬:あさぎ夕

[IMAGE:Hadaka Shitsuji](Link Target)




Last update: 28 January 2011

[IMAGE:Hadaka Shitsuji]

I had a raised eyebrow + lol~ when I first read BL game magazine news about this butler-moe title, Hadaka Shitsuji or Naked Butler (裸執事) during the height of Kuroshitsuji The Black Butler, 黑執事 manga/anime craze a few years back.

Title: Hadaka Shitsuji, Naked Butler 裸執事
Price: 7,140 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 16 September 2011
Rating: 18+ PC game
Official site: Link

So after about three year's wait, this title is finally going to be available in September 2011! Although I wasn't exactly eagerly looking forward to it because I don't like the artwork as much as some of the other BL games but it's always nice to know that the makers manage to complete game production.

Hadaka Shitsuji 裸執事 (はだかしつじ) appears to be a very smut for smut's sake Boys Love game which doesn't take itself seriously. The tagline is something along the lines of “absolute obedience to the master. Strip the butlers and play pranks on them”. Created by 倒神神倒 for people who like butlers and want to play with/bully them (lol). I believe this is a one-man-show because almost every aspect of the game is done by 倒神神倒, from illustration, design to scenario writing.

Although the producers seem to take their own sweet time to make this game since its announcement in 2009, you'll always be able to read about it in almost every issue of BL game magazine, Cool-B because they always supply the magazine with updates, short stories and illustrations of Hadaka Shitsuji.

The main draw of this game, besides the butler theme, is that players take the point of view of the seme. Yep! SEME and you get to have your way with five different butlers and put the obedient butlers through all sorts of sexual and/or humiliating situations. Sounds very much like a typical male-oriented hentai ero-game where the player gets to bed all the characters. I think the producer is trying to target male players too? These are some of the tamer CGs that were revealed. Go to the official site if you want more juice :P

Maeda Tomoaki (前田智明) is a normal university student who lives in a cosy (small) apartment. He spends his time going to school and working his part-time job and lives a mundane life.

One day, he gets into an argument with an unreasonable customer at the restaurant he is working at when trying to help a waitress working there. He got fired and is now looking for another job. However, almost every job he applied for turns him down. With the last brochure in his hand that reads: “Earn 30,000 Yen per day! A job that anybody can do. Duration: 1 month. You just have to sit there. No gender, age or ability restrictions. Interested parties please come personally at the address below.” It was a simple passage with an address but without a contact name or phone number.

Tomoaki finds it extremely suspicious but is tempted by the 30,000 Yen per day offer. He also hopes to add spice to his ordinary life and finally arrives at the address. It is a very huge mansion and he can't believe what he hears when he is greeted by a man dressed in a black suit and has a bow-tie.

“We've been waiting for you, Master/Goshujin-sama” 「お待ちしておりました、ご主人様」

The actual master of the house is away for a one-month vacation. The butlers have a great need to do their jobs, that's why they send out the brochures to look for a master they can serve. (what kind of lame premise is it? lol~ well anything goes in BL!)

Thus, life at the mansion begins. Tomoaki's job as a master is to give orders to the butlers. Preparing meals, washing laundry, tidying up, anything that he can think of to let the butlers fulfil their purpose. Tomoaki is also free to go to university and his own apartment.

As the terms are too good to be true, Tomoaki is wary that it might be a scheme or conspiracy. He wants to test it by seeing how far the butlers would go to obey his orders. “Bark three times like a dog” , “Help me do my report (homework)”, “Wear a panty thong”, “Lick my boot”, etc.

The butlers would obey him, no matter how absurb or unreasonable the orders are.

Soon, Tomoaki's sleeping sadistic side awakens…


・前田智明(まえだともあき) ………… 阿部大樹
・佐久間恭一(さくまきょういち) …… 井上和彦 (Inoue Kazuhiko! *shock* Real name! *motto shocku*)
・一ノ瀬冬夜(いちのせとうや) ……… 山口知大
・小峰良次(こみねりょうじ) ………… たなかこころ
・藤堂亜毅(とうどうあき) …………… 鳩万軍曹
・有里和馬(ありさとかずま)………… あさぎ夕
・溝口豊治(みぞぐちとよはる)……… 阿野伸八

Character description


前田智明(まえだともあき)Maeda Tomoaki (CV:阿部大樹)
Age: 21 / Height: 170cm / Birthday: 24/10
Zodiac: Scorpio / Blood Type: O

Details: Protagonist of the story. 3rd year university student. Economics department. Writing a report on Mass Communication. The normal university student becomes a Master/ “Goshujin-sama” as a part-time job. Light brown-dyed hair. Has reasonably good looking features that appeal to women but is not in a relationship with anyone. He likes women but he always loses interest in them when they become closer. He hates clingy types and those who likes to throw tanrums. His sadistic self awakens after he comes to the mansion.


佐久間恭一(さくまきょういち)Sakuma Kyouichi (CV: 井上和彦) Inoue Kazuhiko! *shock* Real name! *double shock* :D
Age: 30 / Height: 181cm / Birthday: 25/12
Zodiac: Capricorn / Blood Type: A

Details: Head butler. A perfect butler who graduated from butler school in the UK. He will risk his life for the sake of his master. Cool glasses type (megane). An overly serious person who can be inflexible at times. Does not have a good sense of humour. He is in charge of everything that surrounds the master. He is also familiar with all the other butlers in the house.


一ノ瀬冬夜(いちのせとうや)Ichinose Youya (CV: 山口知大) No idea who.
Age: 20 / Height: 173cm / Birthday: 4/1
Zodiac: Capricorn / Blood Type: O

Details: Gardener. His parents died when he was young. Avoids physical contact with others. His is named Youya (Winter Night) as he was born on a winter's night. Contrary to his name, he becomes a gardener who wants to see a garden filled with blooms of spring. Androgynous and beautiful face. Finds it difficult to talk to people. Prefers playing with plants. Gentle and natural type with an eccentric side. おっとり天然系の変わり者。


小峰良次(こみねりょうじ) Komine Ryouji (CV: たなかこころ) According to Kaoru (thanks!) He is Tanaka Kazutada (夛中一忠) who voiced Poland and Latvia in Hetalia, also three other minor roles in Saki, Kurokami, and Sword of the Strangers.
Age: 27 / Height: 179cm / Birthday: 9/9
Zodiac: Virgo / Blood Type: A

Details: Cook. He travels the country to look for the best foods and stumbles upon the mansion. Talkative and cheerful. A good young man. He seems to become too accustomed at being a butler. He calls himself Kitchen Warrior and does not compromise on the quality of food. He argues with the Head Butler a lot but are actually in good terms with him?


藤堂亜毅(とうどうあき) Toudou Aki (CV: 鳩万軍曹) 川原慶久 Kawamura Yoshihisa (Tetsuo from Sweet Pool) Like… OMG. Lol~
Age: 23 / Height: 185cm / Birthday: 10/7
Zodiac: Cancer / Blood Type: B

Details: Muscleman. Comes from a martial arts family. He wishes to become the strongest man in Asia and has a complex about it when people say it is “cute” ( I think). Tough-looking body and strong, so he is given all the tasks that requies it. He shows a bright set of teeth when he laughs. Typical macho man. His lack of propriety sometimes makes everyone angry. However, he is a skilful person. He enjoys DIY projects and helps the gardener with making flower beds. “Stability” is his motto in life and he likes the word “harmony”.


有里和馬(ありさとかずま)Arisato Kazuma (CV: あさぎ夕) No idea who.
Age: 18 / Height: 166cm / 50kg / Birthday: 4/8
Zodiac: Leo / Blood Type: AB

Details: Footman. Abandoned by his parents since young and grows up in an establishmen (orphanage?) He is a butler but he can't accomplish anything. Does miscellaneous chores for the Master and is in charge of cleaning. Clumsy but is an obedient good boy that makes one feel affection towards him. He tries his best but it is futile. Similar to a doggy. Small-animal type. 犬耳が似合いそうな小動物系。


溝口豊治(みぞぐちとよはる)Mizoguchi Toyoharu (CV: 阿野伸八) No idea who.
Age: 56 / Height: 168cm / Birthday: 3/12
Zodiac: Sagittarius / Blood Type: O

Details: Butler. He helps the real Master with finance affairs at work. He always has a calm demeanor that is never broken. Stubborn and strict. Enjoys baseball, sumo and fishing. He spends his time leisurely since the Master is away on a vacation. He sees that Tomoaki has a potential to become a talent. He turns devlish butler mode (kichiku 鬼畜な執事) and helps him bully the other butlers.

The theme song of this game is quite a riot. Check it out

<a href=”http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm9750059″>【ニコニコ動画】【BLゲーム】「裸執事」主題歌「裸執事」</a>Oh btw, the maker provided a voiceless mp3 for download if you wana karaoke to it lol http://madalabo.com/hs/download/hadakashituji_short_offvocal.mp3


  1. HA! HA! Naked… Naked… Naked Butlerrrrr~
  2. HA HA HA HA
  3. (Disclose everything) (Is it me or do you also think he sounded incredibly like Kamiyan here?)
  4. HA HA HA HA
  5. Come on baby~
  6. Strip x 4 (wo0whoo~)
  7. Become naked for my sake.
  8. Pull it out x 4 (wo0whoo~)
  9. Become naked~
  10. Like honey~ spending sweet moments
  11. Bewitching.Intertwined.Go crazy.
  12. HA! HA!
  13. Naked x 3
  14. Dazzling time. Let's spend it together.
  15. No matter when. Never let go.
  16. That's why, take off your clothes right now. Ah~
  17. Naked x 3
  18. Do that, do this and do even that…
  19. NUDE ah~ Oh YES NUDE ah~
  20. Elegant. (Being naked) a work of art from birth. (Can't find the words to translate well.)
  21. ahhh~

Help Wanted!

If you're interested to help out with translating this game to English, please visit this link:
Hadaka Shitsuji Translation Project

The project leader is looking for translators!

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