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BL Game: Countdown to Hadaka Shitsuji, Naked Butler, gameplay (Cool-B vol 2011-09)

Countdown voice available from the official website! Let the stripping begin! NSFW!

This much delayed BL game, Hadaka Shitsuji, Naked Butler 裸執事 will be released on 16 September 2011. Countdown voices featuring one character per day will be available at the official site!

The first voice is that of the protagonist seme, Maeno Tomoaki 前田智明, the college student-turned-sadistic master of his harem of butlers.

Day 5 voice download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5l16w18o8l7lj9l

Count down Day 4: http://madalabo.com/hs/index2.html

Anyway, you wouldn’t believe how many sweatdrops appear on my forehead whenever I read updates and see new HCGs of this BL game ^^;;; I seriously need to protect my otome kokoro… lol~

Hadaka Shitsuji is very in-your-face and straight-to-the-point about showing all sorts of hardcore and perverted scenarios just for the hell of it. This BL game is probably the rare few first of its kind in the BL-genre where the hero tops every other character in the game and bottoms for none. In almost all other BL games, the main character is always the overall uke, although there are exceptions where the protagonist gets to top other characters as well. I don’t think Tomoaki bottoms for anybody. But all will only be revealed after the game is released.

Update: Thanks to Puchi who reminded me of Laughter Land where the protagonist tops the other characters. I think currently there are a few other released PC 18+ BL games I can recall where the player is exclusively seme: Laughter Land (Shota), Shounentachi no Byoutou (Shota) 少年達の病棟 and Ore no Shita de Agake 俺の下であがけ.

Here’s some Hadaka Shijitsu feature in Cool-B September 2011 magazine prior to the game release. All NSFW OTL;; So pardon the pink hearts and darkened bits.

Gameplay information. The player will be presented with the map of the mansion. Everyday, you can get two moves. In the morning and in the evening. The timing when you visit each butler will give you different reactions and contribute to various events and captures.

You will have the opportunity to communicate with the butler during every visit. Options will appear for you to give orders to the butler. Scenarios and event CGs will appear depending on the story and character progress. At the end of the day after doing whatever you want to the butlers during your two moves, its your bedtime. The next day, you repeat your given task as the master of the house.

Character relationship chart. By the way, the mysterious megane otaku is voiced by the game producer/illustrator/scenario writer. He is actually a guy! :O

You can order the butlers to do one another in all sorts of unimaginable ways besides having your way with them yourself ^^;; Some scenarios are really eye openers, well at least for me OTL;;; Again… my otome kokoro in jeopardy. Seiyuu of the glasses butler, Inoue Kazuhiko said in the magazine interview that the whole game is about all the different ways you can have sex ^^;;

For some of the seiyuus in this game, this is their first BL experience… what an extreme introduction to the genre ^^;; Please share your game experience with us if you ordered this title! :D

Information from September 2011 Cool-B magazine.

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arrow34 Responses

  1. Puchi
    39 mos, 3 wks ago

    Shota in a box! I’ve been looking forward to this insane butler smutfest!

    I’m incredibly surprised about one thing, though! Only one person is the illustrator AND scenario writer? That’s absolutely incredible… My hat goes off to this guy.

    Ahh…and I think… Laughter Land also had the protagonist, Dick, go around topping everyone except for the oyajimoe…

    Which kinda makes me wonder if there will be any bad ends that involve goshujin-sama gangrape? o__o;

  2. momo
    39 mos, 3 wks ago

    O___O this…looks like a pretty hot BL game. LOL, i’ll play it for the smex scenes since I really don’t have much patient playing through BL games or otome games hahaha! Esp when I’m using a translator.


    @ puchi, lol, i think those bad ends are…likely? -__-; tho, I hate playing through bad ends so I avoid those. XD

  3. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Puchi: yeah and there’s also a CG where the silver haired gardener’s ass being used as a flower vase OTL;; I’ve seen that before in manga and oniichan anime so that wasn’t shocking anymore lol. The shota box CG… ah~ new frontier… Human imagination is so scary lol.

    Yes, that’s probably the reason why this game took almost 3 years to complete after it was first announced.

    I think the mystery hoodie guy is probably the real master and your bad ending guess might happen :O

  4. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @momo: yep it’s unabashedly smut and proud of it. The main seme’s seiyuu said that when he saw some of the scenarios he was like… Are u sure this can really be done?!? Lolz. And the chef also has some “intimate encounters” with vegetables and his seiyuu said during the interview that he was like WTF… I really wanted to say that vegetables are supposed to be food OTL;; lol xD

  5. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    *starts sweat dropping too when discovered that the producer and illustrator is a GUY*

    i bet in the studio the seiyuus are like *that awkward moment*


    the only character I like here is the white (light blue?) hair butler.
    hm…Hayate (cimbat butler) grew up alot neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Liru
    39 mos, 3 wks ago

    I’m not sure whether to be excited or just.. -sweat- Wow, full-on smut much? Not that I dislike it since I’m a sucker for those silent white-haired and megane ones. XD
    So many shocking facts… the fact that the main creator behind all this is a guy (he’ll even be voicing one of the side characters), the cast mostly consists of seiyuus who are new to the BL industry.. I’m just speechless. But I’m looking forward to it ~ Just hope that I don’t get brain damage. -coughs-

  7. Frankie
    39 mos, 3 wks ago

    Uh…what. I’m kind of in shock here. xD This is probably the first time I’ve ever seen a BL game that really is the gay equivalent of hentai/eroge; it makes sense to me now that I know the producer/illustrator/scenario writer is male. Not that there aren’t women out there that are fetishists, of course.

    I have to wonder about the producer/illustrator/scenario writer’s interest in BL now; I kind of get the feeling that he’s a fanboy too.

  8. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Momo: you can play bl games with translator? How do you do that?

    Looks like a fun game to play.

  9. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Kid: Lol XD awkward much!

    Well, I’ve been suspecting it for months and turns out that I was right :P

    Yeah that butler is cute ^^ hehe

  10. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Liru: Mmm, typical women-oriented games look prettier and the sex scenes are sugar-coated but this game is unapologetic in glorifying its smut. Anyway, I don’t expect much plot so the game should be quite easy to play and enjoy if you’re only in it for the sex. It is interesting though, about power play among humans. It is proven that when humans are given absolute power over other human beings, abuse can easily happen over time.

    I’ve suspected that the creator to be a guy cos of the style of the game… it’s rather interesting to know tho XD

  11. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Frankie: Yeah, morbidly fascinating OTL;; *shifty eyes* lol~

    He probably is XD

  12. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @TasukiHoneyBunny: It’s quite a tedious affair… and the translator often translate inaccurately. This site has some information about it. timopaper.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-play-japanese-visual-novel-into.html

  13. Puchi
    39 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Ponytale: I think they also had the butt-vase in Absolute Obedience as well! It’s a surprisingly common theme I guess, haha~;;

    I’m amused that the shota!box is a box of cucumbers, though! Nice attention to detail!

    Ahh, one of the first BL nukige! Ahah, it should be pretty easy to understand since smut doesn’t have a large amount of difficult kanji! Lucky lucky~!

  14. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Puchi: OH!!! The narcissistic Prince uke right? Lol XD gosh… what’s with this fascination with ass vases OTL;;; Thankfully this is only in 2D although its possible that there are people who really do these things (x_x)

    I wonder what other shocking things we’ll see in this game ^^;;;; Hahaha indeed… the dirty words are the first and easiest words to learn in BL XDD

  15. Oru
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    This game = all I ever wanted in a bl game.

    Honestly, I’ve been waiting for it as eagerly as Dramatical Murder.
    So apologize for my party dance but here it comes: gvrjkglhnklrsgjiosrhbkyjhsdrkld.

    I’ll try to order the original game as soon as I have money available.
    I might actually play it quicker than the Starry Sky Winter game I have here (untouched, lol).

  16. Mayon
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    What the?! That’s some cheap censors there :c

  17. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Oru: Lol~ XD Pr0n is a great motivating factor XDD This game is going to be a riot, that’s for sure!

  18. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Mayon: They were not censored so badly. Lol~ I added the pink hearts XDD

  19. Tsukiko
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    Hey, can anyone tell me where to buy the DL version of this game? I’ve scoured the site and only found the physical version for sale.

  20. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Tsukiko: Maybe the cheaper paid download version will be available at a later date :) This game was just released afterall.

  21. Becki
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    Hey! I got redirected here from a french blog, and I’m really interested in purchasing a copy of this game! Since it’s really just porn, I’m not worried about not understanding it so much.

    That said, I was wondering if you could share how one who doesn’t understand Japanese can obtain a copy of this game?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Becki: Lol~ XD Thanks for dropping by. Comi Comi studio ships internationally and if you have a credit card, I suggest you use them so that you can save on proxy fees. However it is a Japanese only site, so you probably need some help with registering and ordering. I wrote 2 tutorials on that when there was a request on how to order Lucky Dog 1 game. Please take a look.

    1) Register: http://ponytale.lalaparadise.com/online-shopping-comi-comi-registration-tutorial/
    2) How to shop http://ponytale.lalaparadise.com/online-shopping-comi-comi-how-to-shop-tutorial/

    But if you prefer a proxy service which charges some fee for their service, you can try fromjapan.co.jp who can order it on your behalf and send it to you later.

    Let me know if you’re successful ^^

  23. Frankie
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    I know I commented on this already, but oh my heart…I went through the majority of the CGs in this game, and I’m just…my god…I wasn’t prepared.

    If you’re into/used to this type of game you’ll be fine, but as a fair warning for the more innocent fujoshi out there, the sex is often very disturbing. (i.e. 20 vibrators in one person, legitimate torture, bestiality) It is not AT ALL for the faint of heart. This is coming from someone who doesn’t bat an eyelash at guro, so…please take precaution. ^^”

  24. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Frankie: the CGs are out so fast? oh my, thanks for the warning. I didn’t expect it to be THAT extreme. O.o;;

  25. Becki
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    lmao at Frankie’s comment. i think it got me mad hyped now – I WILL GIVE THIS GAME A SHOT.

    Ponytale you are a Queen, cheers man! I think for now, I’ll go with the proxy since I don’t have a credit card and I’m just too much of a tool to trust myself with handling a site in Japanese, even with a tutorial.

    I’ll let you know how the order goes in a few days from now :^)

  26. Frankie
    39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @ponytale: Yeah, I’m surprised someone finished the game so quickly. 8S It would take me a long, /long/ time to get through these scenes. Puking up semen (possibly something else, I don’t even know by this point) after filling the stomach to the point of bursting is not appealing to me, but to each their own. Y’know, that’s actually a somewhat common hentai trope, now that I think about it…

    @Becki: You are far braver than I, ma’am. *salute*

  27. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Becki: Lol~ I hope you’re successful! ^^

    The game seems kinda scary now lol~ I wonder how the voice acting sounded like… :P

  28. 39 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Frankie: That sounds distasteful ^^;; I don’t watch much hentai but I think I’ve seen that kind of scenario in one or two of the ones I’ve watched.

    Agrees with you about Becki the Brave XDD

  29. Frankie
    39 mos, 1 wk ago

    @ponytale: I think we’re just not part of the target audience for this game. I have seen very little hentai as well, but a while ago I happened upon a list of common, er…fetishes, I guess, in the hentai genre; it was very eye-opening, ha ha. xD Sorry for getting graphic on you there, by the way. ^^”

  30. 39 mos, 1 wk ago

    @Frankie: Lol~ no worries XD its always good to be mentally prepared. I think there are probably waaaay more unimaginable real life fetishes out there that I think most of us would rather not know of ^^;; But since this is 2D game and nobody was hurt while it happened, it isn’t so bad? ^^;;; I wonder how the seiyuus sound tho. There are no voice samples of their H-voices.

  31. Windseal
    37 mos, 3 wks ago

    May I know which magazine you got the seiyuu interview from?
    I checked out this Sept issue and couldn’t find it anywhere.
    Seems like most of the seiyuu are newbies, but they sure did a mighty fine job.

  32. 37 mos, 3 wks ago

    @Windseal: The seiyuu interview was in the July 2011 issue :)

    I didn’t play the game. Have you? :D

  33. Windseal
    37 mos, 2 wks ago

    Ye I did play the game. The seiyuus sound nothing like it’s their first ero job.
    I just love Komine’s voice, it’s my favourite uke voice to date, I’m just hopelessly attracted to this type, not to mention the lovely Kansai accent.

    This game is.. quite an eye opener.
    …..I enjoyed the vegetable play….so much….. it was hilarious…esp the option just shove in whatever your eyes can see XD. I do like bullying the type I like.

    I really don’t get why love routes end up as bad ending. Only Sakuma and Toudou’s Good endings are actually good, the rest, WTF. Arisato’s route is one I’ll never touch, sure that kid’s legal? *roll eyes* Didn’t clear Ichinose’s either, if the urine play isn’t enough to put me off the human toilet sure dropped the bomb. Ye I could handle the beast one better, altho the puke semen thing…. man I don’t understand people’s fetishes, this world has become rather confusing. I’m not interested in seeing delicate types getting tortured, I prefer the tougher ones who seem able to handle it.

    I’m glad there’s at least 1 ending the main char gets killed, fker deserved it so much.

  34. 37 mos, 2 wks ago

    @Windseal: I bet it is O_O <- eye opening indeed… I've had countless sweatdrops with just the magazine images lol~ The seiyuu voicing Komine said during the magazine interview that… "OOI!!! FOOD IS FOR EATING!!!" lol~ They also said it was an eye-opening experience for them. But if I have to pay like over a hundred bucks for the game and not play all the routes, I don't think I can forgive myself. OTL That's why its holding me back from buying it.

    Ah~ I love Kansai-ben too XD

    Hmm… maybe cos the creator is a guy? So the endings are less idealistic.

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