Countdown voice available from the official website! Let the stripping begin! NSFW!

This much delayed BL game, Hadaka Shitsuji, Naked Butler 裸執事 will be released on 16 September 2011. Countdown voices featuring one character per day will be available at the official site!

The first voice is that of the protagonist seme, Maeno Tomoaki 前田智明, the college student-turned-sadistic master of his harem of butlers.

Day 5 voice download:

Count down Day 4:

Anyway, you wouldn’t believe how many sweatdrops appear on my forehead whenever I read updates and see new HCGs of this BL game ^^;;; I seriously need to protect my otome kokoro… lol~

Hadaka Shitsuji is very in-your-face and straight-to-the-point about showing all sorts of hardcore and perverted scenarios just for the hell of it. This BL game is probably the rare few first of its kind in the BL-genre where the hero tops every other character in the game and bottoms for none. In almost all other BL games, the main character is always the overall uke, although there are exceptions where the protagonist gets to top other characters as well. I don’t think Tomoaki bottoms for anybody. But all will only be revealed after the game is released.

Update: Thanks to Puchi who reminded me of Laughter Land where the protagonist tops the other characters. I think currently there are a few other released PC 18+ BL games I can recall where the player is exclusively seme: Laughter Land (Shota), Shounentachi no Byoutou (Shota) 少年達の病棟 and Ore no Shita de Agake 俺の下であがけ.

Here’s some Hadaka Shijitsu feature in Cool-B September 2011 magazine prior to the game release. All NSFW OTL;; So pardon the pink hearts and darkened bits.

Gameplay information. The player will be presented with the map of the mansion. Everyday, you can get two moves. In the morning and in the evening. The timing when you visit each butler will give you different reactions and contribute to various events and captures.

You will have the opportunity to communicate with the butler during every visit. Options will appear for you to give orders to the butler. Scenarios and event CGs will appear depending on the story and character progress. At the end of the day after doing whatever you want to the butlers during your two moves, its your bedtime. The next day, you repeat your given task as the master of the house.

Character relationship chart. By the way, the mysterious megane otaku is voiced by the game producer/illustrator/scenario writer. He is actually a guy! :O

You can order the butlers to do one another in all sorts of unimaginable ways besides having your way with them yourself ^^;; Some scenarios are really eye openers, well at least for me OTL;;; Again… my otome kokoro in jeopardy. Seiyuu of the glasses butler, Inoue Kazuhiko said in the magazine interview that the whole game is about all the different ways you can have sex ^^;;

For some of the seiyuus in this game, this is their first BL experience… what an extreme introduction to the genre ^^;; Please share your game experience with us if you ordered this title! :D

Information from September 2011 Cool-B magazine.

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