Wish upon a Star… Blessed Christmas 2010! (Naitou-kun x Xmas Star, Nitro+Chiral)

Merry Christmas, everybody (^_^)/

Here’s to another new year, filled with awesome goodness, smexy bishis, peace, love and joy!

See you around!

Cheers! Ponytale

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14 thoughts on “Wish upon a Star… Blessed Christmas 2010! (Naitou-kun x Xmas Star, Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. @ponytale Nope, I’ve just cut and old glove… sadly my manual skills are zero XDDD To me he seems like a homeless boy, out in the cold winter night without shoes! But surely he’s a good boy and ought to have his present from Santa!

  2. Merry Christmas Ponytale. Hope you had a great holiday.
    Merry Christmas to everyone else as well!
    Let’s all have great fun next year too.

    1. @planck-chan: Merry Christmas to you dear! XDD Akira looks so warm and comfy! <3 Did you make him his hat and scarf? Very cute! :D Lol~ so he is a good boy, isn't he? Cos Santa's giving him a present!

  3. http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/1616/xmassc.jpg

    Merry Chirstmas Pony~! *MEGA-hug* Hope you have/had(?) a nice day with lots of yummy food and figures all around x3 Let’s hope we can many more Nitro+chiral related goods in the new year too~!

    Also, I see you have Naito *w* He’s so cute, isn’t he? I got mine too this month, and he’s just the sweetest thing ever! In the official pic, he looked kinda mopey, but mine just kinda pouts like he’s denied of hus hugs~ =w= Have you gotten the other plushies or the Sweet Pool strap already too?

    Anyways, wish you a very merry Chirstmas, dear~ x3

    EDIT: Whoo boy, the commeting system hates me again =__=;;

    1. @imacatlover: That is such a cute card! XD The boys having such a great time in the snow! Merry Christmas sweetie! I wish all of us have the $$$ to feed our fanatic following of BL and Nitro+Chiral in the coming year too!

      Yep… Naitou-kun and Youji-kun were like the only 2 plushies that were not sold out, so I got to have them earlier X3 Love them both! I’ll try to get Youji-kun involved in a a post or something soon hehehe. Can’t wait for the other boys to arrive. Naitou needs to have his figure made like Super-Sonicko (complete with cast-offs! XDD what wishful thinking). He looks great design-wise ^^

      *_* *feeds comment system with loads of eggnog so that it’ll behave*

  4. Hey there Pony Tale! ;DD
    Merry Christmas to you too ;DD
    Hahas ;DD
    Hopefully, many more BL works will be released in the following year!
    && Keep on updating your blog! ^^
    As there is always a bunch of loyal fans supporting your blog!

  5. Hello! Merry Christmas Ponytale!! I love your blog,i come for the news of Nitro+CHIRAL, thanks to you I have ordered the poster set of Comiket79! Thank you for the good blog!

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