Useful tips: 60+ Uses of Salt

This post is pretty random and non-BL related… ^^ I wonder if all the tips are true.

Although you may not realize it, simple table salt has a great number of uses other than simply seasoning your food.

The following list will give you sixty uses of salt, many of which you probably didn’t realize :-

1. If you drop a whole egg on the floor, pour salt all over the egg, let it sit for awhile, then use dustpan, the egg will come right up, without all that mess. Contributed by Ms. Jerry McGinnis.
2. Soak stained hankies in salt water before washing.
3. Sprinkle salt on your shelves to keep ants away.
4. Soak fish in salt water before descaling; the scales will come off easier.
5. Put a few grains of rice in your saltshaker for easier pouring.
6. Add salt to green salads to prevent wilting.
7. Test the freshness of eggs in a cup of salt water; fresh eggs sink;bad ones float.
8. Add a little salt to your boiling water when cooking eggs; a cracked egg will stay in its shell this way.
9. A tiny pinch of salt with egg whites makes them beat up fluffier.
10. Soak wrinkled apples in a mildly salted water solution to perk them up.
11. Rub salt on your pancake griddle and your flapjacks won’t stick.
12. Soak toothbrushes in salt water before you first use them; they will last longer.
13. Use salt to clean your discolored coffee pot.
14. Mix salt with turpentine to whiten you bathtub and toilet bowl.
15. Soak your nuts in salt brine overnight and they will crack out of their shells whole. Just tap the end of the shell with a hammer to break it open easily.
16. Boil clothes pins in salt water before using them and they will last longer.
17. Clean brass, copper and pewter with paste made of salt and vinegar, thickened with flour
18. Add a little salt to the water your cut flowers will stand in for a longer life.
19. Pour a mound of salt on an ink spot on your carpet; let the salt soak up the stain.
20. Clean your iron by rubbing some salt on the damp cloth on the ironing surface.
21. Adding a little salt to the water when cooking foods in a double boiler will make the food cook faster.
22. Use a mixture of salt and lemon juice to clean piano keys.
23. To fill plaster holes in your walls, use equal parts of salt and starch, with just enough water to make stiff putty.
24. Rinse a sore eye with a little salt water.
25. Mildly salted water makes an effective mouthwash. Use it hot for a sore throat gargle.
26. Dry salt sprinkled on your toothbrush makes a good toot h polisher.
27. Use salt for killing weeds in your lawn.
28. Eliminate excess suds with a sprinkle of salt.
29. A dash of salt in warm milk makes a more relaxing beverage.
30. Before using new glasses, soak them in warm salty water for awhile.
31. A dash of salt enhances the taste of tea.
32. Salt improves the taste of cooking apples.
33. Soak your clothesline in salt water to prevent your clothes from freezing to the line; likewise, use salt in your final rinse to prevent the clothes from freezing.
34. Rub any wicker furniture you may have with salt water to prevent yellowing.
35. Freshen sponges by soaking them in salt water.
36. Add raw potatoes to stews and soups that are too salty.
37. Soak enamel pans in salt water overnight and boil salt water in them next day to remove burned-on stains.
38. Clean your greens in salt water for easier removal of dirt.
39. Gelatin sets more quickly when a dash of salt is added.
40. Fruits put in mildly salted water after peeling will not discolor.
41. Fabric colors hold fast in salty water wash.
42. Milk stays fresh longer when a little salt is added.
43. Use equal parts of salt and soda for brushing your teeth.
44. Sprinkle salt in your oven before scrubbing clean.
45. Soaked discolored glass in a salt and vinegar solution to remove stains.
46. Clean greasy pans with a paper towel and salt.
47. Salty water boils faster when cooking eggs.
48. Add a pinch of salt to whipping cream to make it whip more quickly.
49. Sprinkle salt in milk-scorched pans to remove odor.
50. A dash of salt improves the taste of coffee.
51. Boil mismatched hose in salty water and they will come out matched.
52. Salt and soda will sweeten the odor of your refrigerator.
53. Cover wine-stained fabric with salt; rinse in cool water later.
54. Remove offensive odors from stove with salt and cinnamon.
55. A pinch of salt improves the flavor of cocoa.
56. To remove grease stains in clothing, mix one part salt to four parts alcohol.
57. Salt and lemon juice removes mildew.
58. Sprinkle salt between sidewalk bricks where you don’t want grass growing.
59. Polish your old kerosene lamp with salt for a brighter look. Remove odors from sink drainpipes with a strong, hot solution of salt water.
60. If a pie bubbles over in your oven, put a handful of salt on top of the spilled juice. The mess won’t smell and will bake into a dry, light crust which will wipe off easily when the oven has cooled.

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60 thoughts on “Useful tips: 60+ Uses of Salt”

  1. Hmm I don’t want to spoil the movie. ;) I’m not very used to watching live-action movie musicals like Moulin Rouge and Sweeney Todd either. Watching a staged musical at the theatre with live actors performing the songs is different cos the actors keep us in anticipation and thrall. But in a movie I agree that it can get boring and I feel that it breaks the flow of the movie. Funny how in contrast, we can easily accept and be entertained by the singing and dancing in a Disney animation. In an animation, it feels just so much more natural.

    Ooh I read about it in the entertainment news. :P Nicole Kidman looks very elegant. I remember in an old interview, Tom said that when he first laid eyes on Nicole in her first movie Dead Calm, it was “instant lust” lol~ The first Mission Impossible was quite entertaining but I hated the sequel. It was overblown with Tom Cruise ego-centric scenes. Sheesh, so I didn’t bother with the third one when it came out.

    That’s true ^^ maturity, sensitivity and stability definitely makes for an enduring relationship. Hehehe yeah and in the photos they were in their prime and look so young kekeke xD

    Yep, joining a class may be a motivating factor cos it is a structured way to learn the language and you’ll be more disciplined too. Embarrassingly, my current Japanese language learning is mostly from listening to BLCD (LOL In the end I’ve only become really good at identifying the XXYYZZ terms in the H-scenes *dies*) and anime/manga. Oh yes the language tapes help too.

    The only movie I’ve watched that starred Penelope Cruz was an acclaimed art house foreign film called “All about my Mother”. We rented it during one of the movie marathons we did. And all of us fell asleep. xD

  2. Oh yeah euro, why am i still thinking francs XD
    Still SGD is quite stable unlike IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) ack!

    Is it a happy-ending movie? The movie is so theatrical. sometimes i wonder if i can enjoy tht movie despite the lavish sets etc etc.
    I also have problem while watching Sweeney Todd, too many singing can make me bored. XD

    I never heard of that speculation before but Nicole as a natural beauty is far better without Tom. As for Tom, *yawns* is greater movies are in the past. These days his movies are plain and not-convincing.
    I haven’t forgive him for bringing Mission Impossible series into lousy trilogy.

    Romantic standard is in the eye of beholder. Most important is to love each other till the end. It’s pretty annoying to have an absolute romantic guy, kinda makes you feel uneasy too.
    I know girls usually dreamed of romantic guy but they probably realize that maturity, sensitivity and stability are lot better as they got older.
    Ha-Ha that’s very sweet. It’s simple but meaningful. I might suggest your mom-dad method to my hubby.

    Impressive but so far i haven’t made an effort yet to be able to speak at least 4 languages. Taking language course is probably a great idea, maybe being in a class can motivate me heh?
    Watching fforeign movie (such as Taxi) can also help, spanish movie i dunno anything about it, i wouldn’t wanna watch one if Penelope Cruz is in it.

  3. hehehe… I felt really x_x about the $ when I was there cos Euro is 2x SGD… *dies* but yea, I would’ve bought more if I could afford it.

    Nah no worries about the Moulin Rouge movie. The plot is quite predictable. We’re only watching it for the actors and lavish sets and costumes heh. The singing was ok. Yea I fell victim to the high expectation syndrome again. lol~

    I think most of us sympathised with Nicole. There were speculations that Tom divorced her just before their 10 yr anniversary so that he can avoid a law where the man must give his spouse financial support for the rest of her life if their marriage crosses the 10 year mark. That’s kinda sad if it was true.

    Ewan McGregor… another cutie keke. XD

    Hahaha… yah! If not you wouldn’t be happily married to ur hubby. XD Many SG guys are car maniacs.

    I don’t find my parents very romantic at all :P but they’re kinda cute cos my dad keeps a photo of my mum in his wallet while my mum keeps one of his in hers. I think those photos were exchanged during their courtship. Behind the photo they wrote something like… To my [mum’s name]… xD

    Yeah would be nice to receive love letters… something that is not virtual lol~

    Woah, that’s pretty impressive. I think you really do have a flair for languages lo… it is not too late la hehehe.

  4. Oh it’s seriously worthy souvenirs. Very nice and unique.
    By the time i get to Paris i’ll get a dozen LOL

    Yea i understand the ‘made in china’ issue…but you really cannot avoid tht if buying things in Japan. XD you have better chance in France. ^^

    I’m totally blind about the movie so i better dig up some info about it. My poor knowledge only stretch to the lavish set, wardrobes and all tht singing thing.
    Nicole Kidman is very hot (her career boost up after her divorce with Tom, don’t ya think?) and i forgot about Ewan McGregor.
    *blushed* When Moulin Rouge aired in local cinema, i remember i was dating a younger guy just graduate from his school in SG. I broke with him (no, he dumped me) but in the end i’m grateful because i cannot have long-term relationship with car-mania guy with Cantonese pop taste. XD

    kekekeke..i think my parent far from being romantic these days.
    I often heard my mom complained tht her hubby is like a baby. She told me tht they met in a post office in Seoul. At tht time my dad is living in Japan and went to Korea for some reason. ( mom kept dad’s love letters in biscuit box)

    Love letters is getting old huh? now everything is e-mail or text msg..

    e veramente cattivo mean really bad-that’s far as i can remember.
    Sometimes i can convert certain Italian word into Spanish, such as libro (spanish-book) into libri (italian), (maybe the word ‘library’ came form latin.)
    then ‘white’ in french is ‘blanc’ in spanish is ‘blanco’ in italian is ‘bianco/bianca’
    etc etc…

    I bought French Language Language Kit (CD and Books) two years ago and so far i managed to tell everybody in French who my neighbors are. XD
    During high school i was recommended to study languages because i’m adapt to language easily, meaning i have talent to understand and have pretty lethal memory for vocabulary.
    but i kinda dismissed the recommendation because i really dunno what to do by learning so many languages.

    Regret always comes too late.

  5. Meow~ Here they are :3 Those magnets were also not cheap. x_x Made of metal and is like a mini sculpture. ^^ I bought the one that features my favourite gargoyle XD

    We made sure to choose the magnets that were “Made in France” ^^” cos there were a lot of souvenirs there that printed Made in China. Seems like a bit cheap thrill but that was the whole point of buying the magnets… lol~ Die die must be MADE IN FRANCE!!! XD since they are similar in price anyway.

    The trip was around 2003 I think… I can’t remember exactly. The brain is not a very reliable thing isn’t it ^^ I dunno where I put the photos. Have to go and dig out.

    I heard that they sometimes need to perform maintenance on the Mona Lisa painting… so you’re right ^^ I guess we can be considered lucky to be able to see it. To enjoy the museum to the fullest, one day is simply not enough. When we saw an outdoor cafe at the museum after walking for hours, we were so relieved. Legs were aching like mad. So we sat down and had some coffee. The breads were good ^^ The motel we stayed at served them for breakfast xD

    Moulin Rouge was filmed at the actual site. We could also see the building across the street where Ewan Mcgregor’s character in the movie stayed in. It was beautifully filmed. Very vibrant and art house hehe. But I think it was very hyped up and I had too high expectations of it.

    Wah… your parents very romantic wor… :3 and the open seas can be really dangerous huh.

    HAHAHAHA okie… yah knowing how to say “I cannot speak” and “Where is the toilet” is very important indeed. Definitely life-saving XD I think Italian is a sexy language. I think I mentioned before when we were chatting at your blog? What does e veramente cattivo mean?

  6. Aiya, gargoyle magnet really cute! take picture of the gargoyle magnet XD and post it.

    Whoa, that certainly is a colorful trip. Visiting Louvre is an amazing experience and i’d like to explore the museum thoroughly one day.
    So trip to Paris is not long ago? after all Moulin Rouge is err in 2001?
    I dunno that there is real ‘Moulin Rouge’ with all that windmill-stuff, it’s probably becoz i dun watch the movie and dun pay attention to any facts surrounded the movie.

    From what i heard Monalisa is not available for public viewing everyday, i dunno if it’s true or not but i think you cannot explore Louvre in just one day.
    I imagine that you oredi taste the real ‘croissant’ Ha-Ha it’s my fave pastry (or bread?)

    The fascinating part of his story is during the ship is taken hostage by Phillipines rebel army or how he met my mom in Korea. other stories seems bundled up tight in dad memory.
    He didn’t collect souvenirs from all of the countries he visited but my mom collect the stamps, money, coins and dad’s love letters. XD

    Japanese or Korean for survival means i mastered the language of asking where toilet direction is and able to say not able to speak Japanese/Korean.
    i think i’ve known many languages for saying, “sorry, i cannot speak….”
    Most of the time, i use my Japanese or Korean for asking help or short statement. Never try to speak in rapid Japan/Korean to me XD
    The problem with Korean is i know how to say it but dunno how to write in, cursing word is for saying ‘stupid’, ‘dog’, ‘shit’, the usual profanity. :P
    sometimes it helpful and other times i got scolded by my mom.

    Yes, understand mandarin characters can help in learning kanji.
    So far my italian is still in the closet and not yet useful, e veramente cattivo!

  7. Nice experience cos the place is very different from Asia. I love the cosy and “olden” feel of the buildings and architecture. We didn’t go to Euro Disney hehe but we visited the Lourve Museum and attempted to take a photo with the Mona Lisa… too many people -_- It was hung behind a glass container (bullet-proof probably) and placed quite far away. Can’t even take a good look at it. The collection of artwork and paintings are amazing indeed. But the museum was so big… our legs were so tired after half a day walking around. We didn’t explore the whole museum.

    We also went to the Notre Dame Cathedral and fulfilled my wish to see the gargoyle statues there ^^ I’ve always wanted to see them after I saw the photos as a teen. Half of the Cathedral was under renovation but fortunately the one I really wanted to see wasn’t affected. I was so excited about it but my friends couldn’t understand what the fuss was about hahaha. One of them thought they looked scary. I should scan my photo but am lazy. This is the pic of the gargoyle I wanted to see hehe ^^

    At my insistence we also went to see the Moulin Rouge. I was fascinated by the signature windmill after watching the movie (altho I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would :P) We didn’t go inside for a show cos it was really expensive. My friend were not comfortable there cos the place is a red light district, so we quickly took photos and left before it became too dark.

    We also did the usually tourist route and went to the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysess. There was also a beautiful musical carousel across the road from the Eiffel Tower :) We also visited a Contemporary Art Museum there too. Shopping wise, I didn’t buy anything branded like LV hahaha. The usual reality applied… not enough $ ^^ mostly we bought souvenirs like magnets and mini Eiffel Towers for friends. I also bought a gargoyle magnet for myself XD

    Wow… it must be fascinating to hear about all your dad’s experiences in different countries :3 Is your mum well-travelled too? The traditions probably is due to habit XD but its kinda fun isn’t it. Yea its a little pity about the languages cos children can learn many languages really fast. I learnt elementary Japanese many years ago but I returned most of it to my sensei. Knowing Chinese does help a little when it comes to kanji ^^ hehehe… at least you know enough Japanese and Korean for survival XD What are the curse words in Korean?

  8. Yeah..but at least you’ve been there. visit eurodisney? or do some heavy-shopping XD
    I have this eiffel tower miniature from friend during his trip to Paris and he must be unknown to the fact of eiffel tower stamp chop too.

    My dad is an officer in some sort of cargo ship vessel. He able to tell us everything except Switzerland coz they dun have ocean XD but it kinda makes him so full of experiences and not wanting go anywhere after becoming family man.
    He lived in Japan for couple of years (before met my mom in Seoul) so he able to read, write, speak fluently in Japanese and we still have those Japanese-family tradition for no reason LOL, like we dun eat in ‘real’ dining table but using Japanese dining table (sit on the floor) etc etc.

    Too bad he didn’t taught me Japanese, except for the word, “once upon a time”
    My mom didn’t taught me Korean too coz she’s too busy learning Indonesian lang during her stay here..
    In the end my parent taught me english first so i’m bit late in studying Indonesian lang.
    I may have lousy grammar but i think i’m doin better than most Indonesian who speak english and i dun have wonky accent when speaking english.
    Nobody in my family speaks Chinese, and judging from my business it’ll be better for me to study Japanese than Mandarin.
    Most Japanese/Korean language i know is for survival only *including cursing somebody* XD

  9. Yah!!! That would be nice right? :) I visited Paris with a group of friends. We didn’t know about it or we would’ve posted something from there. As I got older, I prefer to travel with friends too hehe.

    Wow… that’s like… amazing :O was it due to business travelling?

    Yep… but it is interesting to hear different opinions about SG… cos being born and raised here, there are things that we are already so used to, we take it for granted heh… The international events for instance. I think we are so caught up by the daily grind, we don’t really pay attention to the happenings unless they affect us.

  10. Aiya so cute!! imagine if a friend send me one ^^
    Ah been to France before? with family?
    My dad been around the world (except Switzerland) during his younger days, so he kinda bored and prefer to be home-nested male after get married and have family.
    I seldom have vacation with family, always by myself or friend(s)

    Yea probably small country syndrome XD eat-shop-work.
    i’ve been fascinated by SG since 2001, i find it as a ideal place to live.
    There’s also possibility than i’ll ended up bored living in SG becoz have to live in flat/apt but so far i find it convenient to live in small and clean country.
    SG is also the place that never dies with so many international events.

  11. Yup hahaha XD otherwise my dad will have to wear wrinkled shirts to work.

    Hehehe I remember our electricity bills were crazy during winter cos of the heaters we switched on in order to keep warm.

    Arrgghh~ I can’t remember! I think I may still have the postcard somewhere. Oh a little tidbit from watching a travel program. If we visit the Effiel Tower, we should post a postcard or letter from there because the stamp chop would be that of the Effiel Tower! I so regret not knowing this before I visited the place last time :(

    What stamp set you like to get? No worries, just let me know ^_^)v

    Hahaha… you can also get fat living in SG XD Eating and shopping are probably the most common past times here, followed by movie watching. I guess there’re pros and cons of living here :) but I appreciate that SG is a relatively safe place. Hehe… I think maybe if you do live here for a longer period of time maybe it’ll just be like another city? Anyway, home is still the best place to be :3

  12. Haha so your mum have extra iron, right mate? friend in Melb said it’s damn cold but maybe it’s becoz he dun wear socks XD

    Do you noticed the stamp? Stamps from European country are very nice.
    SG have nice stamps too (saw on SG post website). If you come here can i ask favor to buy me certain stamp set from SG post?if you have paypal account i can pay in advance before you take visit to the P.O

    Can get fat if living in Taiwan. XD
    SG have night markets too, or am i wrong? I heard Orchard is 24/7 and SG is also one of top shopping destination (even for Indonesians), must be good living in a country like that.
    Couple of years ago i was thinking seriously of living in SG, now it’s a small possibility but maybe someday i can buy apartment or condo in SG (when i’m filthy rich) so i always have place to stay and go to SG anytime with no worries of accommodation.
    I dunno why but i think living in SG is fascinating..*envy*

  13. Ah~ icic… so the front loading helped ^^ I brought an iron there and in the end only used it once to help a friend iron a shirt for graduation lol~

    Yup… my friend said that the weather is very erratic there this year. Summer wasn’t hot, and winter not cold. Its quite disturbing in a way.

    She sent me a postcard before. There are 4 cartoon sheeps, each one in a different season and all the seasons are rainy and gloomy except snow in winter lol~

    I think China and HK probably have it. Yep the night markets in Taiwan has some of the best and cheap foods ^^ one stomach is not enough to try them all.

  14. Oh, that’s becoz Issey Miyake (Miyake or Miyagi?) great job then…
    maybe lots of Japanese hates ironing too.

    Nope, top lodaing will ruin your clothes sooner than front one..the best is front loading.
    the loading position have big effect in the way the machine works (washing and spinning), clothes are less-wrinkled if you using front-one. that’s why front loading washing machine is more expensive than the top one.

    That’s wise rather than have problems with deposit thing. the mass-cleaning idea came up becoz we have friends who cannot afford such things (live in Oz coz scholarship only) so we kinda try to find some mutual activity. the result is not bad and we try to have fun while doing it.
    (heard in news that it’s flood is Brissy)

    Yea, it will be hot living there. is living expenses in UK high? so it’s true that UK have constant dark grey skies. No wonder they always in the dire need of a hot cup of tea.

    Do they have pork burger in China or HK? a friend told me that Taiwan have many delicious cheap food.

  15. That’s true. Gotta thank Issey Miyagi for popularising the wrinkled fabric trend so many years back That’s the impression I got. ^^ But some clothes are not supposed to look wrinkled, so wrinkle-free fabrics are very useful indeed.

    The washing machine we had was front-loaded. Does top-loading machines produce less wrinkled laundry? :O

    That sounds fun too hahaha :D my friend suggested it cos previously she had a bad experience with a rental company and they made it difficult for her to get the deposit back. So she figured might as well just engage an appointed cleaner and get it over and done with the first time.

    Yeah its pretty cool but she hates the weather there tho’ cos it is always gloomy. You’ll be happy there cos you can watch live soccer matches right haha XD

    Pork is the top meat consumed in Taiwan ^^ yeah… it was. Sars reminded me of the bio-terror movie Outbreak.

  16. wrinkled clothing is the current trend, rite? maybe lot of people thinking the same coz ironing is time-wasting and not energy-saving ^^
    but wrinkled or not depends on your washing machine too..front or top loading makes different effect on your clothes.
    Of course i never wash underwear with washing machine, always by hand.

    Actually, we take turns in helping whenever a lease is out. we’re all be grateful if we can spare some $, the idea came up from me and cousin XD

    UK eh? whoa cool eh…

    Pork seems reasonable consider that Taiwan also have case of bird flu.
    Do you remember SARS outbreak years ago? scary.

  17. Ah~ for me I’m just lazy hehe but if I have to iron, I would. Anyway, before I buy a piece of clothing, I’ll usually do a wrinkle test by grabbing the fabric in my hand and see the result. If I need to wear it often and it doesn’t wrinkle up too badly, then I’ll consider getting it hahaha

    lol~ nah think positive. Your charm made them do it XD Mmm we hired the appointed cleaning service cos we wanted to be sure of no rejections and save the trouble hehe.

    Yea, same for me also… I was quite disappointed…

    Mmm permanently… 1 US, 1 Oz and 1 UK. All of them are married (All SG girls. 1 married a Caucasian US citizen and the other 2 to S’poreans) and doing pretty well. I don’t have close relatives who moved overseas :)

    Yesh~ pork burger lol~ I’ve not tried it the last time I visited tho. I only saw it on MTV Chinese which showed Taiwan TV ads occasionally. Looks quite yummy :9

  18. Ironing makes me go crazy becoz the heat.

    Oh yeah, the lease-thing…i did that too but it’s not a cleaning service from agency. i gathered all my friends to help me do massive cleaning. Slavery still exist these days XD

    When i was a kid, the future for me is in the year 2000 but now it’s 2008 and not many differences except the phenomena of global warming.
    I used to imagine that in 2000 there will be flying cars but none so far…

    Do you have a friend/relatives who move out from SG permanently?to Europe or US? how’s life down there for them?

    *idiotic smile plastered on Akiyama’s face* McD have pork on the menu? They dun have pork-thing in here (yea with Moslem as majority no way they sell pork)
    Wow, i never been to Taiwan so this fact is very much new for me. You ever try pork menu from McD?

  19. We only hired rental office-appointed cleaning service when our lease was up. We needed a certified “clean” so that we could get our deposit back hehe. I don’t mind folding clothes but I also don’t like ironing too, that’s why the clothes I brought to Oz did not need ironing at all XD They’ll probably look even better ironed but were also ok without it.

    Yup. Hopefully they do it properly. It’ll be a pity if they didn’t. The Jetsons concept would be so grand~ I wonder if it’ll happen in the future ^^

    Must have been hard for her… If there wasn’t language barrier… I guess if I have to move to a foreign country, it won’t be so bad. If not, the transition would probably be harder.

    Hehehe… you’ll be surprised! McDonald’s adapts to local culture! They don’t sell pork here (cos they want business from our Malay friends) but they do so in Taiwan. So I think they sell other types of meat instead of beef in India.

  20. Have to be grateful to that experience.^^ i noticed several friends there hired some sort of cleaning service.
    Still i really hate ironing and folding clothes, i’m really sucker at that.

    I don’t reject the idea of good public transportation and i always have hopes for Indo but so far the idea of good public service doesn’t get t the govt thick head.
    Sounds like railway tracks toy only this is real ones, right? Sheesh! wasting lots of money. I think same thing gonna happen to monorail plan in here. They should study from jetson’s movie XD

    That’s true. See it in my mom.
    It kinda different with SG which is a bit similar in geography, so if you marry a Japanese dude he probably didn’t wanna move out to SG because it’s as crowded as Japan.

    Whoa, i tot they dun drink the milk too. Misconception of all these years.
    I suppose they dun have mcDonald there…^^

  21. LOL~ I think that’s also the case for me cos I’m really pampered at home. ^^ I think the Oz experience also made me less dumb about household chores.

    I think you’re not being spoiled at all… being a girl does have a slight disadvantage I feel. I think your parents and hubby would rather you drive too. Hmm… hopefully they do a good job of it and not let the money go to waste. My friend told me that while visiting the place, he saw a half-built train track in Malaysia that was rotting away -monumentally- sheesh cos what seemed to have happened was they built tracks from both ends but they weren’t able to connect it cos the ends don’t meet. Miscalculation. Unbelievable right -_-”

    Hahahaha XD yeah… that’s true! Mmm I think if the man is willing to stay in the woman’s home country, its a good thing too ^^ so that the woman won’t be cut off from her emotional support from family and friends. I just feel that uprooting affects women a lot more than men.

    Hmm… actually Indians do drink cow’s milk (I just double-checked by googling it lol~) XD but they don’t eat beef cos that’ll mean having to kill the sacred cow keke.

  22. Yup, easy to get bored in Oz. At least i have good experience in being independent doing my own house chores like cooking, vacuuming, cleaning, washing etc
    by the time i got married i’m not so dumb anymore^^

    Whoa, i thought M’sia public transport is better than Indo. I’m not a spoiled person and i’d like to use Indo public transport too but situation makes me spoiled and choose to buy a car instead.
    Safety is important and if somebody can affor car or motorcycle they surely will buy it (cash or credit), that’s the situation in Indo, no wonder heavy traffic and road capacity are always problem.
    In 2004, Jakarta have some sort of busway (the bus called TransJakarta) but i heard it’s not making any profit and Jakarta is planning an MRT in monorail-shape but i think it’s a mega-project of wasting taxpayers money.

    I never knew of that situation but usually women follow men, at least that’s what happen in Asian culture.
    But some of Japanese men i know (friends of husband) have Indo wives and they prefer to live in Indo.
    So better to make sure before marrying the Japanese/Korean dude XD

    My guess is also the indians thou in India they probably use goat milk becoz cow is a sacred animal in Hindu-belief.

  23. Yah it was nice to stay near a shopping centre. Sometimes when we were cooking and realised we were short of certain ingredients, we would just cross the road and pop into the supermarket for it. Hehehe ^^ Grocery shopping was probably one of our fav past times there. We became very domesticated and boring lol~ cos there was nothing much else we could spend on.

    Ah~ the transport situation sounds like M’sia. I don’t like it there either x_x their connection routes also seem quite haphazard and not planned properly. Being so used to the transport here, it is a bit scary to experience it. I find that I have to be very alert there for any potential dangers. Even my M’sia friends tell us to be alert when we were travelling together without a car there cos they know we’re can be like innocent lambs for slaughter lol~ Stressful ah.

    Hmm… icic does a guy marrying a Japanese or Korean woman get citizenship immediately too? Just curious kekeke…

    My guess is Indians cos most of the time, its the Indians stallholders who are the ones preparing the yummy Teh Tarik here XD Yea… just a guess and fresh is always better! (except eggs for hard boiled purposes lol~)

  24. Sounds you have convenient place to stay^^. Yea, we have to pay higher rent that’s why me and my Indo cousin are very careful in spending our monthly allowance.
    But the fact that Oz have slow trend also helps a lot^^

    Yea, people from small country have better ideas in maximizing space for their stuffs.
    That’s why they tend to pay attention to enviromental issue than us because things are limited.
    In fact i’m quite jealous becoz SG have good public transportation just like Japan. You actually can survive without having cars for the rest of your live but not in Indo.
    If you dun have any vehicle, you have to take public transportation which sometimes unsafe or uncomfortable.
    That’s why i have car, not because i’m filthy rich (not yet ^_^) but it’s safer and i can go anytime without worrying the hour.

    Really? I cannot speak for Japan but my mom said something similar about Korea. The easiest way for a female to have Japan citizenship is to marry a japanese man.

    I really dunno Hahaha i should look for facts about Teh Tarik on internet. But Teh Tarik must be available too in SG. Instant Teh Tarik oso available in supermarket thou not as good as the fresh one.

  25. No, I also stayed about 60 mins or more away, depending on the traffic situation ^^” so I skip classes quite often lol~ the rental is cheaper in the suburbs and we happened to stay near a big shopping centre with a supermarket, so we were quite happy XD

    Ah~ I never thought of it that way :) come to think of it, cos of the limited space at home, I’ve become quite good at stashing and hiding stuff away. Every year when it comes to spring cleaning and I have to go through them again, I’ll amaze myself at how much stuff I actually have that I don’t see or need ^^” That’s when a portion filters into the trash and the others may be stored up again cos of sentimental value. With the new figure collecting hobby I just picked up… gaaa… I don’t want to think… ^^”

    Icic… that’s true. The article/tv program (can’t remember) I read was that the immigrant was a Japanese PR for the longest time 10~20 years? But he was never offered citizenship although he would love to be one.

    Mmm… ic~ Hehehe… Teh Tarik~ bagus! Did the Malays invent the Teh Tarik or the Indians did? Yea, Bread Talk is still around XD Not as hyped up as before but still doing brisk business. Bread is a staple food after all ^^

  26. Do you live near the city? at first i was staying with my indo-cousin as roommate in a place 40 minutes away from city. Later on we find difficulty in getting up early so we decided to move out closer to the city.

    Eh seriously, i tot since you come from small country you tend not-to-take things for granted. Most people like you living in a flat instead of house while Indo people like me have house instead of flat/apartment, i figure out that people like you are better in saving space or making space for your stuffs.
    For example you figure out the 3M-method, something which i didn’t think about because i can buy display case and put it somewhere in the corner of the room.

    I never heard anything about difficulty of being Japanese citizen..but maybe it is difficult becoz Japan oredi crowded and they won’t take anyone unless really skillful or special.

    Haha same as me, i am claustrophobic becoz i hate elevators.^^
    Indo have similar roots with Malaysia (in culture, language, moral values and tradition) but we’re also very different. Malaysia, i think, is more advanced than Indonesia. Malaysian Teh Tarik is also the best ^^

    Eh does SG still have err that Bread Talk?

  27. Yea, since we don’t drink or club, there’s nothing much to do in the evenings, unless we hang out at cafes. All other shops close around 5~6 pm except those in the city. Yup… trends wise, they’re definitely much slower than Asia. I also didn’t spend much except for buying design magazines.

    Hehehe… I think unless we’re able to find good paying jobs there, it is just not practical to live there for long term? I wonder how their welfare is like. I heard that it is very difficult to become a Japanese PR or citizen. Not that I’m looking at that as an option but its interesting to know XD While travelling there I like their efficiency but I find Tokyo too crowded… x_x ever since staying in aussie, I find that I have a aversion to crowds and become slightly claustrophobic. If I have a choice, I rather be in wide open spaces now. Is Indo is similar to M’sia? Oh.. I also realised that growing up in a small country, we also tend to take a lot of things for granted :D and possibly smaller minded too ^^ I’m fortunate to be able to experience a different lifestyle in aussie.

    I have an older brother ( ^_^)v he kinda cleared a path for me to go since he went first and came back in one piece lol~ and yeah my parents are very fair XD

  28. Haha so Brissy atmosphere is ideal for studying eh? same goes for Melb.
    For shoppers like me i find that i can save money during my stay in Melb because things at store display window can last up to 6 months Ha Ha Ha

    Hmm, it’s pretty hard to give description is SGD or USD, back then i’m using my parent’s money XD but i think my one month living expense in Tokyo can stretch out for one month in Indo but living like royalty.
    My Korean cousin said that she spent her summer in Tokyo and when she return to Seoul she was so broke.^^ and had to eat instant noodles for straight two weeks.
    Perhaps you can adapt easily to Japan lifestyle better than me, SG have lots of similarity with Japan, like small country, well-transportation, clean places, lots of flats, etc while i’m coming from a messy country^^

    Ah yea protective parent. How do you convinced them for letting you go to Oz? are you an only child?
    I’m the oldest with two brothers.

  29. Mmm… no trouble in general. As for racism, Brissy had a racist party headed by Pauline Hanson but the aussies I met there were quite friendly.

    Ah~ took me a while to get used to the pace of life there. It was really slow and nothing much to do in the evenings compared to SG. My friends and I didn’t club at all, so it was actually good cos we were usually stuck at home doing homework lol~ We explored the place, did all the touristy things, visited sunday markets, went for picnics and occasionally hit the beach when we could find a driver lol~. It was nice and relaxing ^^ but that didn’t happen often enough cos my course was quite intensive.

    It’s wonderful that you can get to experience living in these countries ^^ I was told that comparatively, Osaka people are more relaxed and friendly. What do you think? In general how much is the monthly expenses to live in Tokyo?

    Yeah… I’m still learning to. I worked a few years before deciding to go to OZ. I didn’t have enough $ My parents supported me although they were not so keen on me going overseas. They’re very protective.

  30. Do you have trouble during your stay in Brissy?

    Well i have no prob adapting in Melb, in fact the life is not so hectic as in SG.
    I’m thinking that OZ is a bit slow in their own way, except Sydney.
    SG is a fast paced country for me, bit like Japan, Korea, HK but SG still have that Malayan culture which makes them go lah sometimes.^^
    As for Japan, i try to live in Japan but the burden of living expenses is killing me so i give up and move back home. I feel Tokyo-people are very individualistic and competitive also i would rather have Japan as a travel/shopping destination rather than home.
    I learned that coming from multi-cultural family makes me able to take chances of going abroad and learn many ways of life.

    I think trying to fulfill people’s expectation too much will make you neglect your own happiness. Glad you got thru with it…^^
    Does your parent send you to Oz or your own initiative?

  31. Hmm… generally I was happy I guess. I’m was also considered quite shy and quiet (well partly cos I couldn’t speak and express myself in English well, so my teacher had no idea lol~) I think the environment I grew up in more or less had some effect on me but I think at that time I had slightly low self-esteem, nice (very wallflower type ^^”), harmless and naive (which led me to disappointments later in life). Yea, the major angst occurred during my late teens. Fortunately we’re not vengeful by nature. Otherwise it’ll be very tiring to carry that burden. It is not easy to forgive but we should try :)

    After my exposure in aus, I’ve become more carefree, and live for today and myself. Before that, I had been trying to fulfill society / other people’s expectations of me and what I thought I should do, rather than what I really want to do. Hmm, however reality bites so I’m trying to strike some kind of balance between $ and fulfillment.

  32. Yes children can be very cruel and frankly i dun have memories of childhood friend or friendship.
    I’m just thinking that i hate racism, that’s all.

    Do you think your childhood affected you much these days? or you tend to be carefree person and able to focus on today and future?
    I’m not a vengeful person but i’m not exactly forgiving either.^^

  33. Yea, and I was also mindful of what I said when among friends who we knew were gay in case I blurted something often taken for granted but insensitive. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all but I’m also guilty of having my own prejudices towards gay people.

    Children can be very cruel things :( I hope you still made friends then? I can still remember the strong feeling of wanting to fit-in when I was a kid.

    Yea, film fests tend to have many controversial content so the censors here definitely would filter them. One of our local film makers faced so much censorship that he screened one of his films in Cannes rather than go through with all the cuts here. It is kind of sad.

  34. Yes you do have a point, even in country like US, gays are still underestimated.
    Make an exception to Elton John and late-Gianni Versace but both are not from US so heck^^

    I’m not sure if i have sympathy for gay but perhaps the feeling of ‘not always welcomed’ is something that i understand very well.
    I’m not well adapted during my childhood because both parent are foreigner so i don’t belong a specific class such as Indonesians or Chinese.
    It’s a bit tough and makes me a bit loner.
    I don’t find gay-pretend is something funny, one way or another it’s offensive.

    i read something about Singapore Film Festival, i heard censor board plays hard in tht fest as well.
    I heard of movie about a homosexual living in moslem society and the movie got banned.

  35. Hmm… gay is not illegal unless you get caught having (1) @nal sex/oral sex or (2) having a go in public places… (the 2nd offense apply to hetero couples too)

    However, homosexuality is not encouraged. That’s why anything (especially visual media) that portrays homosexuality in a positive light will always be banned or censored. So if it has a bad ending, it’ll have a better chance to be allowed here. lol~ Also if it features sex scenes, it’ll be banned or censored too. Recently, an old 1997(?) Hollywoord movie about Oscar Wilde is finally allowed to be screened here under the R21 rating. As for books, I think not as strict.

    Yep, I’ve read about serious gay couples tying the knot in Holland. It is mostly for their own proclamation to each other since it is not recognised if they are not citizens of Holland. K and I did something like that too XD

    I think it is the same in many countries cos the topic of homosexuality is sensitive, so people try to make light of it by making jokes out of it. I notice that straight guys like to disturb each other by doing the gay-pretend jokes when there are girls around. Fan service? ^^” So strange. For a BL fan, I actually don’t enjoy it either.

  36. Whoa….

    eh is gay legal in SG? i mean i’ve never heard of gay marriage before but those serious seme x uke usually went to Holland or what for a legal marriage?

    I must say we’re not quite civilized in here ^^ Gay are those who work in a beauty salon and gay also the one who singing during red light.
    The image of gay is a person you can make fun is also strong, thanks to TV shows showing real man wearing girl-costume and being harassed as part of the jokes.
    Also suddenly we have many gay-pretend, i don’t know what for but it’s seriously annoying.

  37. HAHAHA… ok la, most people here have an internal lian or beng persona which is being suppressed. I think myself included XD

    I used to know and work with some gay friends but we’re not close now. I also know close friends who are very close to their gay friends. The guys are just like another girlfriend, but not necessarily just the feminine types. But generally… the uke types are really a lot more drama-mama/bitchy/emotional than the seme types ^^” The stereotypes are really quite true.

  38. In SG-term the perfect way to describe my in-laws is ah beng and ah lian.
    Is it hat bad? Hahahaha

    Do you have gay friend?i don’t. not because i’m an anti but nobody in my circle is gay.

  39. That’s wonderful ^^ I think it is amazing when people find their match. It is like out of so many people out there, there’s something shared between two people and to have mutual feelings for each other… not easy to get there. Maybe I’m too rational now. I think it does take a little bit of impulse for both sides to plunge into a relationship :) Timing is important too.

    The thing I notice about men in general is that, unless they have an interest (usually romantic) in you, they wouldn’t spend as much time and shower as much attention on you. Well, gay men are an exception of course LOL~ And even when things start out platonic, the very fact that we’re of the opposite sex, there’s always a potential for one to develop deeper feelings for the other. That’s why I don’t believe in true platonic guy-girl friendships.

    Well, pray for his happiness, so that you’ll also be happy too :D

  40. That’s understandable, i mean i (was) thinking like that too but it sorta happening to me in an incredible speed and i realize i really can go on with this guy forever in a marriage.
    But then different situation and condition apply to you and solution can only come up from yourself.
    I feel the same way as you, i hate dramas or tensions that cause by the drama.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, maybe you just wanna to lay back and let fate decide the right time and place for you.
    Just enjoy your current situation..just believe when the right time comes you will get over your commitment phobia.
    Hey, the perfect one will sweep you off your feet plus your doubts and worries too.^^

    i also the one who doesn’t believe in platonic relationship between guy and girl.
    sounds fake or…can’t find the word. but doesn’t feel good to be in that kinda relationship or to accidentally lead somebody to wrong impression.

    yea happier but if he continue to be kaypoh then girls surely will run from him.

  41. Hahaha… I don’t cut my hair there but I’ve heard about their pricing hehe… mmm yeah I was kinda crushed cos I was so sure the ex was THE ONE lol~ but I guess not *shrug* Now I’m just too happy being single and pampering myself. XD Life is so much easier to deal with minus the drama cos it was just too tiring. I’m weak, so I run away from it. But sometimes I tell myself I still got to keep my options open for the right one if he does come along :) If not, I’ll just stay as I am.

    I believe I can be considered to be very loyal to my partner when I’m committed but the thing is, I can become fond of people, guys and girls alike, quite easily and it makes me wonder what is it that will make me want to stay with one person forever. I believe in the marriage is for life ideal and if I’m not even sure of myself, I don’t think I have the right to give someone the wrong impression and lead him on. Also, I don’t believe in purely platonic guy-girl relationships, so I don’t like to give guys too much attention in case they get the wrong idea. Maybe I should just relax a bit more and not think so much or is this the result of being commitment phobic ^^”

    Icic.. can’t be avoided since he is family but don’t feel bad either cos like you said, he -IS- an adult. Just hope that he can find other things to focus his attention on :) He probably will be happier if he was married? *scratch head*

  42. To be exact TONI&GUY is expensive.

    I can understand your reason, it’s no good forcing yourself to make a commitment if you haven’t ready or feel a bit phobic about it. Again and again the most important thing is you’re comfortable with yourself and they way your handling your current relationship.
    Just remember, there will be times tht you will have to face the fact of ‘making commitment’.
    As for guys, younger or older i’m sure both have advantages and disadvantages but that’s the way it is. I think guys are pretty cautious of dating older women, perhaps they afraid tht the older female will rush them into something, such as strong-serious commitment but seems like you don’t have problem with tht, you must one helluva girl^^

    Deep inside i feel sorry for my bro in-law, he’s a lonely person (due to the fact he isn’t married yet) and because he didn’t finish primary school he cannot find better job other than shop assistant.
    I’m not personality analyst but it’s clear that his being kaypoh to cover his flaws.
    rather than feel annoyed i should’ve try to understand his condition but sometimes it’s just hard to be compassionate when you’re being annoyed.

  43. Hehehe… don’t know where he got that idea from lol~ Yeah I couldn’t help it… I tried to tolerate it but… nah… :) I forsee that as a potential problem if we stay together in the future since he wouldn’t change. But yea, that was just one of the issues, not the only reason why we broke up.

    I do kind of like dating younger guys cos they’re very fun to be with and I don’t feel any pressure from them to commit. I’ve been commitment phobic for quite some time and don’t really want to be involved with anybody. The previous relationship shattered most of my idealistic notions about love. A bit sad. -_-) On another note, I find the stability offered by older men very comforting and reassuring so I like this feeling too. I also see that in one of my friends who married a much older guy (6~7 years I thnk) I think they have a great relationship because he is like very understanding and supportive. He would help with babysitting when she meets us girls for dinner and stuff XD And yea, my friend is also relatively more mature than us haha

    Mmm you have a good point. He is old enough to be responsible for himself… he is just too bored. No way to avoid him? ^^” you don’t say… TONI&GUY is highly acclaimed ok… lol~

  44. Wakakaakaka…it’s really unique.
    I don’t think you can’t get rid of tobacco smell easily, not even with expensive perfume. It;s just stay there unless your bf maniacally brushes his teeth after smoking.
    Well maybe that’s just the price of love (dun mean to discourage you), you just have to bear and compromise with it.
    He should understand too tht not anybody can say ‘yes’ or ‘oh okay’ with smoking or second-hand smoke.

    Ah 2 years is not really a big gap, mine is 10 years older hahaha..anyway the “he-is-younger” factor probably makes you more cheerful becoz i’m married to a really older guy so i tend to be mooore serious (at least my friends said so)
    I do really think age is nothing but a number, perfect example Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

    I actually don’t care if he’s happy or not. The man is a grown-up so his happiness and decisions are not my responsibility and i think he doesn’t have a right to be kaypoh just because his little brother is my husband.

    maybe it’ll be better if he’s gay, he can have a career at TONI&GUY. LOL

  45. When we were going out, he would try to smoke such that I won’t get caught in the direction of the smoke, so we change “sides” depending on wind direction… hahaha… so amusing now that I look back. But I still don’t like it cos the smell of smoke tends to linger on the body. Although he used perfume, it could still be quite smelly. My sense of smell is not very sharp compared to most people but the smoke really bothered me. I’m also concerned with the effects of smoke on kids too. And well… it was also not very nice to kiss a heavy smoker ^^” As for quitting, he was either too stubborn or too addicted to do so. *shrug* Erm, he was 2 years younger than me so maybe not as mature hehe but I liked him a hell lot. :) I know that I’ve moved on. Well, I like to think so ^^ but not sure whether it is bad timing with other guys or I’m too happy with the freedom of being single or what cos I’ve not been in a serious relationship since. I do love to have a guy to sweep me off my feet one day but… I’m pessimistic. So I’ll just be happy the way I am and If it happens it happens ^^

    Yep, me too… catching up with friends over a good meal definitely feels more appealing to me now :D

    Hmm, does your bro-in-law seem like he is happy living this way?

    *fufufu* he’ll probably go x_x at BL

  46. *sigh* it’s boys nature to give reasons and it’s women’s nature to ask for explanation instead of just reason.

    If your current relationship is going to the next level/marriage maybe things really should be compromised. I mean, you’re going to share a flat/apt with him and if you cannot stand the second-hand smoke maybe you can ask him to smoke only in the balcony or outside the front door. Further thought is needed especially later if the marriage involves a child.
    As for now, just enjoy your relationship and switch his cigs to chocolates-cig sometimes Ha Ha.
    I’m stubborn too but my hubby is 10 years older so he pretty much understandable (thinking tht i’m still a baby perhaps?No!!!)
    Is your bf a lot older than you? or same age?

    Yea, same as me, we prefer have frappucinos or snack or eating out (trying new restaurant sometimes) i like dancing too but since nobody in my circle go clubbing i’m sorta lost interest too and dun feel the urge to go to the club.
    Clubbing is not cheap, alcohol is not cheap too^^

    Hmmph, he really got nothing to do and no hobbies either becoz he’s actually a man with a simple thought ‘eat for today, live for today.’
    it’s total bore talking to him and seeing him treating my hubby not as an adult but as his itty bitty little brother.
    My dad’s making a bold statement in front of me saying,”tht man’s dumb.” i nodded in agreement.
    Maybe i should kidnap then strap him into chair and force him to watch BL.^^ *revenge!*

  47. Uwah… *blushes at the thought* I don’t know XD

    Yep, the smoking ban in enclosed areas started late last year I think. I hate the smell of cig smoke on my clothes too. And I also couldn’t help thinking about how I was killing myself, breathing in all the second-hand smoke when I was dancing… But people are strange… I used to miss this smell after I broke up with my smoker ex-bf ^^”

    I like dancing X3 but I don’t go clubbing anymore. My close friends don’t do that either. We would rather go catch up over a nice dinner and coffee nowadays. Its nice you and hubby share similar interests. Watching and appreciating Japanese cultural performances together sounds pretty happening :D

    Yeah, you have a point. It really depends on how much you want to compromise… I didn’t want to and neither did he. Of course the smoking was just one of the many issues we had lol~ But once he said to me, “You already know that I am a smoker when we got together mah… ” And I was like… its true… but… (T-T) sigh~ if I cannot tolerate it then, I can’t imagine having to do that for the rest of my life. Marriage is a further step in saying that I can live with it and I definitely can’t expect any changes in him after that if he didn’t want to quit smoking before, right? But yeah, he was a nice and dependable guy but I was also quite stubborn :)

    Hehehe… your bro-in-law has nothing better to do… ask him to find some other hobby XD Leave akiyama and hubby alone!

  48. I bet you feel different if your masseur is Katou or Iwaki..or perhaps you’ll be more ticklish? XDD

    Smoking banner from nightspots? whoa, so anybody cannot smoke in MOS, Embassy or Zouk? Must be nice. I hate clubbing in smoking the time i got out of the club me and my clothes are so smelly. Yuuuucchhhh
    Yea, i don’t go clubbing anymore (husband dun like it) and we both changed our orientation to watching Japanese cultural performance (tsugaru shamisen, kabuki, enka, etc) or listening to contemporary jazz music from Japan.
    Let’s just say i lost the passion for clubbing (in here, but maybe not in SG^^)

    Well your situation happened to lots of girls, in the end the most important thing is tht you both comfortable with each other. of course you can struck a deal or agreement with him such as limiting his cigs quota/day or don’t allow him to smoke while dating with you. Well, as long as he have a good job and didn’t beg you money for buying cigs then he’s okay.
    Anyway, my brother in-law (which is abt 42 y.o) is not smoking but really kaypoh, sometimes i think if he’s smoking he would keep himself busy and not wanting to bug my family life.

    Yeah, hard to choose between K and I.

    next episode comin’ up

  49. Cannot loh… I feel a bit sad for myself for being unable to enjoy massage spa *sigh*

    My family doesn’t smoke… yea usually people smoke because they need to release stress. One of my criteria for boyfriend was he cannot be a smoker but I ended up dating one cos I really really liked him and he said he would quit. But he didn’t. -_-” Didn’t work out in the end. Social smokers maybe also enjoy smoking? Peer pressure also could be a reason. Recently smoking is banned in nightspots here but I don’t go clubbing anymore. I think I would have enjoyed dancing in a smoke-free environment :3

    Nyaa~ I want both… lol~ XD so greedy hor~

    *eagerly awaits next episode*

  50. Hahaha so in the end your body cannot take the massage service leh?

    I don’t smoke thou my mom and dad both smoker, me and younger brother oredi seen mom and dad smoking for years and decided we’re fed up with it.
    I’m not blaming my mom, she start smoking couple of years after my brother’s born so no complications with his birth. I also must admit tht smoking can be some sort of emotional outlet for some people.
    What i don’t approve is social smoker, which makes it silly…why you have to smoke becoz everybody else does? At least my mom and dad are decent enough to smoke only at home and in the terrace.

    Katou or Iwaki (your choice) sit on the bar and order a martini. He smiled at you and his playful eyes danced upon your face as you blushed.
    You looked away from him, making his order and pretend that he is nothing but the regulars,still you cannot stop your heart from thumping. The funny feeling of butterfly in your stomach convinced you that somehow his eyes still set on you.
    “OMG, get a grip on yourself girl..” you snapped yourself because your leg is trembling and you work depends on your skill and concentration.
    “Here you go sir..” you put the elegant martini glass on the table in front of him, better to tend other customers because this particular beautiful guy is making you more nervous by every minute.
    With an incredible swiftness than you never imagine he took his martini glass, brushing your hand and if you don’t bit your lip you probably fainted there.
    You don’t want to create a scene because the pressure coming from this guy can seriously make you drop on your knees.
    “Hey, are you sick or something?” your partner asks. “you look pale.”
    “, don’t have enough sleep last night.” you made a quick lie to your worried partner.
    Thou you sure that he cannot heard you, his sudden smile at you makes you feel like he actually can hear you.
    “Oh no, he’s not smiling, he’s laughing at me.”

    to be continued.

    PS: Long comments XD

  51. I only tried the massage spa once… uwah, I was so tense cos I was trying to endure the tickles as the masseur worked on my body. She saw my pathetic attempts and we laughed together :P In the end I didn’t get much of my body massaged. Seriously waste of $ The hot bath after that was nice tho ^^ I’m not a very girly girl but I’ve tried mani-pedi and quite enjoyed it but only in the right hands. A manicurist once scraped some skin off the front of my thumb with her overly enthusiastic nail filing… ouch* Anyway, I don’t go for it nowadays.

    Yea alcohol and cigs are expensive. I’m glad I don’t smoke either. A Malboro/Salem 10-cig pack cost at least $10 here. That was last year I helped a friend buy… not sure the price now. Definitely more expensive.

    Wow… you think BIG! That’s awesome. It’ll be good for your business expansion plans ;) Mmm coffee/tea shop would be cool! Why not have both XD I like the cocktail bartender job cos the cocktails look so pretty… I’ve not even tried any cocktails before at the time when I wanted to be one. Oh a Tom Cruise movie called Cocktail also had an influence on me then. Hahaha… I definitely wouldn’t mind having a yummy BL guy coming on to me but… (T_T) he wouldn’t be interested in me as a girl then… gaaa what a contradiction. lol~

    Yup yup… it was a good experience… but you’ll have to be the rugged type too cos it won’t be a comfortable journey.

  52. Muahaha…i’m very ticklish too and going to spa would be wasting money for ‘no-massage-me’ girl like me.
    I dun even do manicure-pedicure at beauty center, i bought the gadgets or whatever and do it myself, from scrubbing to french manicure.

    Not juz alcohol, cigs is also expensive, rite? i’m not smoking thou, my SG cousin did..

    I think we all have “growing-up” dream job, mine is world domination such as McDonalds. Hahaha actually i want to have my own coffee-shop…or maybe tea-shop.
    Cocktail bartender is good, especially if you got lots of long as nobody harassing you except some yummy BL guy hahaha

    ooo…you’re friend is lucky, and maybe the fact tht Mongolia isn’t packed with tourists what makes the country has beautiful or exotic.

  53. Mmm I guess our choices dun change so much within a short period hehe…

    ah~ I’ll do a post when I can find that site about perfect hard boiled eggs again. I applied the instructions and they worked! That was years ago lol~ cos I don’t cook much nowadays since mum does it ^^” yea I am a pampered girl.

    My friend did some volunteer work in Mongolia many years ago. The volunteer group was there to build a school for the children in one of the villages. It was an interesting experience for her. She said the scenery was amazing cos it had vast unoccupied lands and space. During the night, the sky was filled with so many stars and really beautiful. I’m not sure if it is a good holiday destination now but at that time, it wasn’t as developed and you get to see the country in its most natural state.

    Margarita is yummy… a lovely sweet cocktail ^^ Daiquiri is nice too. I can’t remember the taste of tequilla ^^” I’m not much of a drinker (cos alcohol is expensive here haha) Btw, one of my “growing-up” dream jobs was to be a cocktail bartender lol~ thanks to a manga… can’t remember which one…

    I don’t have a tub either but it seems that for bath salts, what we’re supposed to do is to drop one or two cubes into the tub as the water is filling up. When it is done, you’ll have a nice bubble bath waiting for ya. Salt bath leh… If I’m not wrong, I think is a type of spa treatment where they massage these specially formulated sea salts (and whatever other ingredients, aromatherapy, herbs and what not) onto our bodies… after the massage is done, then dip into a hot bath. I am extremely ticklish so a trip to the spa for body massage wouldn’t exactly relax me lol~ but if it is just a dip in the hot bath would be nice ^^

  54. I have the same result too…

    Very dedicated, what dd ya find on the net abt boiling eggs? frankly, i think the same as you do..fresh eggs is juz the best.

    Yup..cruel, i’ve oso heard abt the ant-thingy. tht’s why i avoid war movies except BHD.
    sadistic scene hardly stimulates my nerves, yuccch

    Sounds very ‘alien’ when speaking abt Mongol, do you think Mongolia is one of spots for holiday destination? so far all i know abt Mongol is their capital (Ulan Bator) and Gengis Khan history

    I never drink Margarita but i remember tequila also served with those crystalline salts and not just salty but a bit taste of sweetness too (you’re right)
    well i drink tequila double so i dun really remember, just gulped downed the drink in one gulp. *hiccup*

    what abt salt bath? they’re not actually salt, rite? i don’t have bath tub so i don’t use bath salt. Not many knowledge abt tht.

  55. *fufufu* I did the test again recently. Still the same result lol~ Maybe you can try again?

    Me too.. I was quite perplexed about never getting the perfect hard boiled egg and did some research online. That was what I found out and to think that we all thought that only fresh is best haha :D

    That’s cruel!!! x_X I’ve also heard of stories where sugar is used to torture people too… something like coat the victim in honey then unleash the ants or something. Gross…

    Icic… one day must go to Mongolia to try? hahaha.. probably the skill of the cook, spices, ingredients, cooking utensils etc used are not the same so it produces a different taste…

    That’s why I used margarita salt in the story XD kekeke… I think there’s a difference in taste right? ^^” but I’m not very sure actually just remember that there was a sweetness to it.

  56. Haha i remember tht, while i’m stuck as romantic seme hic hic hic

    Whoa, i’ll confess i never boiled an egg perfectly, it’s either to soft or too hard.

    Salt can be hurtful, there was this horrid war movie and the hostage was tied to a post, slashed then the bloody wounds sprinkled with salt.
    (trust me it ain’t porn or BL)

    I’m not sure if i can find delicious Mongolian roast beef, it’s very specific food and some who claimed Mongolian roast beef in here is nothing but meat similar to ordinary roast beef or even teriyaki look alike.

    Salt can taste a bit sweet but i’m not sure i could lick somebody after swimming in the ocean. LOL

  57. xD Glad you enjoyed it. I’m supposed to be an Opportunistic Seme with my Clueless Uke after all LOL~


    Oh yea, an additional egg tip… if the egg is too fresh (lol~) It won’t make a very good hard-boiled egg. Cos too fresh, it tends to be a little soggy. BUT if the purpose is for soft-boiled eggs, then we’re good to go ^^ So Tip 7 can be used as a gauge keke. If the egg is on the 2nd thirds in the glass (say middle), should be still ok. But if at the top, it is probably better to discard.

    Its strange but actually salt can taste quite “sweet” too right? And it really makes the mouth water. So our uke will become a slobbery mess x3 Sugar… candy underwear lol~

    Mmm… altho I can’t remember eating the Mongolian roast beef, I’ve also heard of its reputation as well ^^

    I remember watching the old Japanese serials set in old Japan period and the people would throw salt at the doorway when a hated / unwelcomed character walked out of the house and shout “Don’t you DARE come back! You pest!” kekeke

  58. Oh my…you have talent for directing a BL scene ^^LOL

    I’m going to try tip no.7

    This is very useful post…i wish there’s also tips with sugar.
    Our Seme – Uke will probably prefer sugar too.

    Mongolians have peculiar taste but i’ve heard they’re good at cooking meat, tht’s why Mongolian beef is famous.
    In Japan, salt is use for purifying, before sumo wrestlers went in action the arena is sprinkled with salt.

  59. Tips I’ve tried or have seen in action before:
    5, 7 (it also works without salt), 8, 25, 31 (I think salt in tea is acquired taste…Mongolians do drink their tea with salt instead of sugar ^^ ) 36 and 47…

    oh my~ how you set fire to my pervy imagination ^^

    Seme: Care for some margarita?
    Uke: uh… sure! *looks around* Where is it?
    Seme: Ha~ *licks lips* YOU are the margarita. *Holds uke down, ties him up, sprinkles margarita salt on his *beep* on top and *beep* at the bottom and starts licking it off the writhing body*
    Uke: Iyaaaaaa~ dame~ hanase…aaaa….. X3

  60. no. 6, 25 and 26 done by my mother. I’m a witness since childhood.

    no. 30, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55 are interesting.

    It’s non-BL post but when BL guys read this they might use salt for other things not mentioned above *pervert grin*

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