Test: Who is your Seiyuu match? (Danna-hen – Husband side)

♥ Take a test to find out who your Seiyuu HUSBAND match is! ♥

The other test’s link is dead… so I went in search for a replacement test lol~ And the result….

My seiyuu hubby match according to that test is 吉野裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki.

Allelujah from Gundam 00 lol~ Honestly, I was hoping to get some other seiyuu uuuu… *coughSakupyoncough* ^^;;; gomen… Hiroyuki-san OTL Btw, both of them are the same age.

I have no idea about the vintage of this photo but he does look quite good with megane :P

声優旦那占い Seiyuu Husband Fortune Telling
占いの結果 Result
Ponytaleさんは吉野裕行 です!Ponytale’s result is Yoshino Hiroyuki!
* 吉野裕行さんのあなたは、面倒見のよいしっかり者です。姉御肌でよく働くので、周りからの評判も上々。面倒見がよすぎるせいか、時に人に利用されることもありますが、本人はそんなことには無頓着。利用されていることにも気づきません。人にあげた親切がまわりめぐって、やがてあなたを助けてくれるでしょう。^^;;; not sure what exactly this means. If I’m not wrong, it said something about him being a trustworthy/dependable person, etc…

* Ponytaleさんの開運下着は、毛糸のパンツです!=_= they said my lucky undergarment is anything made of wool… WTF. Can you even wear that as your underwear??? OTL

Anyway, this test is even easier. Just enter your:
1) Name (doesn’t affect the result)
2) Birthday (Year/Month/Day) and
3) Blood type.

Press the submit button and voila~ you get your seiyuu hubby match…

Take the test! And please share your result and post the generated results text of your match too! XD

In the (really ancient) pic: Seiyuu Sakurai Takahiro is declaring his love for miffy rabbit ~ omae ga suki dakara… lol~ I really like it, so… :P I used it again lol~

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70 thoughts on “Test: Who is your Seiyuu match? (Danna-hen – Husband side)”

  1. looks like this still works, here’s my result:

    みゆきさんは鈴村健一 です!

    ● 鈴村健一さんのあなたは、ものごとに積極的で、行動力のあるタイプです。人から頼られる事が多く、相談にのり世話を焼く親分肌な一面もあります。ただ、自分の意見の正しさを信じこんでいるので、他人の意見に耳を貸さないところがあります。人の話をよく聞いてみると、意外な活路が開けたりもするものですよ。

    ● みゆきさんの開運一人称は、「俺様」です!

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    hitachiin hikaru… not bad, not bad at all. XD

    1. In random order, it’s Kappei Yamaguchi (because my first 2 favorite anime was voiced by him), Junichi Suwabe (fans my flaming face), and Tachibana Shinnosuke (for his work in Tokimeki Memorial GS3). (≧▽≦)

  2. Lol I got Takahashi Hiroki-san! (・ω・) Though to be honest I actually really want either Sakupyon (KYAAAAA KANDA/CLOUD/KIRA/KUBINASHI/ETC~~~) or Morikubo-san (OMFG ASDLHJDFA MY LOVE SOUJI!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥)… (´д`)

    Could someone help me translate this please~? Arigatou!! (=´∇`=)

    フマヤさんは高橋広樹 です!

    ● 高橋広樹さんのあなたは、物事に対する探求心が旺盛。ひとつのことに凝り出すと、時間も忘れて没頭してしまいます。そうしてできた結果を自慢することない謙虚さも、一方では持っています。普段は物静かでも、勝負時になると人格が変わるところも。自分でも意外な行動を取って、周りをアッと驚かせることもあります。

    ● フマヤさんを密かに想っている異性は、2人います。

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    1. @jurimizushima: I want Sakupyon too lol~ XD

      – You are full of curiosity. If absorbed in one thing, you will be devoted wholeheartedly and even forget time. You’re also humble. You’re usually calm but will change in character it comes to winning/losing, for example during a match. He may also take unexpected action and may surprise others.
      – There are 2 two opposite sexes who are thinking of you in secret.

  3. I typed in my info, and got Junichi Suwabe as a result!

    Chandelderpさんは諏訪部順一 です!

    ● 諏訪部順一さんのあなたは、どんな人にも可愛がられる、愛嬌のあるタイプです。いわゆる癒し系として知らず知らずのうちにみんなの心を和ませる貴重な存在。何気ない行動で物事をスムーズに進める機会が多いはず。恋愛運は甘え上手のあなた次第でどんな相手ともうまくいくでしょう。全般的に運は良いのですが、あまり調子に乗っていると、いつかしっぺ返しがあるかも。人への思いやりを忘れないことが大切です。

    ● Chandelderpさんのラッキーシューズは、長靴です!

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    After doing a bit of digging, I find out that he voices HOLY SHIT

    GRIMMJOW [of Bleach]
    GREED [of Fullmetal Alchemist]
    UNDERTAKER [Kuroshitsuji]
    AND OH MY GOSH CESARE BORGIA [Japanese version of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood]

    I can totes die happy.

  4. I got SAKUPYON~~~~~ >//////< -DIES OF HAPPINESS-


    ● Kazu Chamaさんのラッキーシューズは、スリッパです!

  5. I… was just looking for drama CD’s that has Sakurai in it then I got this (look below). I want to sob forever omg

    Louiseさんは櫻井孝宏 です!
    ● 櫻井孝宏さんのあなたは、サッパリとした気持ちのいい性格。豪快なところがあり、仲間からも頼りにされる兄貴的存在です。とはいえ、イイ気になって調子に乗るのは厳禁。あまり突っ走ってしまうと、みんながついて来れなくなってしまいます。冷静沈着な状況判断力。それさえしっかりと持っていれば、たいていのことはうまくいくでしょう。

  6. Got Ishida Akira! For some reason, no matter which part of my name i use and what bloodtype i put in, i always end up with him. Maybe its the Birthdate? I kept that constant. Btw, i have no idea what it says and google doesnt make sense! -_- Oh, and i love your blogs! Interesting stuff. :)

    Charleenさんは石田彰 です!

    ● 石田彰さんのあなたは、向上心が強く、いつも上を目指して頑張るタイプです。常に先を見て行動する姿は皆のお手本となるでしょう。また、目立つせいか自然に情報が集まってくるので重宝がられる面も多いでしょう。勢いに乗っている時は、とかく足下がおろそかになりがちですので、少し引いて、全体を見渡す事が大切です。

    ● Charleenさんの開運一人称は、「ミー」です!

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    1. @simplyme1109: Its definitely the birthdate then :D
      It’s similar to another commenter below
      It says that you have strong aspiration, and you always your best to strive for the top. You have foresight and work towards becoming a role model for others. The next bit I’m not that sure but it seems to say that you’re good at gathering information. And because you do things with enthusiasm and vigor, sometimes you may neglect the certain things. It is important to step back and look at the overall picture.
      Being called “Mii” makes you lucky today (I think ^^;;)
      The above describes your fortune/luck today!

    1. e~to….no character that i like…demo,i do like his voice actually (except the characters he voiced)~~

      ahhh~i envy with my friend….she got fukuyama jun

  7. Got Ishida Akira!
    Here’s the result.
    I’m not 100% sure of what it says though…
    Since I’m not really good at Japanese words (reading)… =3=

    名なしさんは石田彰 です!

    ● 石田彰さんのあなたは、向上心が強く、いつも上を目指して頑張るタイプです。常に先を見て行動する姿は皆のお手本となるでしょう。また、目立つせいか自然に情報が集まってくるので重宝がられる面も多いでしょう。勢いに乗っている時は、とかく足下がおろそかになりがちですので、少し引いて、全体を見渡す事が大切です。

    ● 名なしさんの隠れた趣味は、こっくりさんです!

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    1. @Shin: It says that you have strong aspiration, and you always your best to strive for the top. You have foresight and work towards becoming a role model for others. The next bit I’m not that sure but it seems to say that you’re good at gathering information. And because you do things with enthusiasm and vigor, sometimes you may neglect the certain things. It is important to step back and look at the overall picture.
      Your secret hobby is Mr. Kokkuri! (I have no idea what this is)
      The above describes your fortune/luck today!

    2. Ahh… So it’s right… :3
      It’s just I’m not sure the kokkuri part.
      It really is kokkuri… =.=
      I hope not the “ritual” kokkuri though…
      The kokkuri I know is the ritual to summon spirits to answer our question…
      But it would be awesome if I could do that. XD

  8. I got Takahiro Sakurai! xD

    サラさんは櫻井孝宏 です!

    ● 櫻井孝宏さんのあなたは、サッパリとした気持ちのいい性格。豪快なところがあり、仲間からも頼りにされる兄貴的存在です。とはいえ、イイ気になって調子に乗るのは厳禁。あまり突っ走ってしまうと、みんながついて来れなくなってしまいます。冷静沈着な状況判断力。それさえしっかりと持っていれば、たいていのことはうまくいくでしょう。

    ● サラさんの恋愛運最高デーは、1月10日です!

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    Again I am barely able to understand but I’m happy so yea xD

    1. @Kisa: Sakupyon!!! You’re so lucky!!! It’s saying that you’re quite a nice person with lovely and good personality! Like a big brother type who is dependable. You’re clear headed and perceptive. The most lucky day for love is 10th of January!

  9. I don’t understand much but… I GOT FUKUJUN!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LELOUCH!!! /SHOT

    My Linhさんは福山潤です!
    福山潤さんのあなたは、自分をあまり飾らず、ありのままの姿を表現するタイプ。 嫌いなものは嫌いだし、怒りたいときは怒る。 打算的に行動することが出来ない、いわゆる世渡り下手。 しかし逆にそういった態度が大物っぽくもあります。 軽い流行に乗るのが好きではなく、しっかりと自分の好みを持っています。表現力を求められる芸術的な分野で力を発揮できます。

    My Linhさんのモテ度は、18点です!


  10. @ponytale Yes, I did enjoy the results. lol And Google Chrome makes the funniest translations ever for the descriptions of myself. It’s great for a laugh! I mean what is “transsexual man lids” for the lucky undergarments? XDD
    (Haha, I really need to get off my lazy tail and start learning Japanese… I love translating various articles and whatnot into English. So I should give it a try and learn Japanese just because I love it soo much.)

    1. @dollsoulkirie: lol that’s such a weird translation! Do you have the actual text? I’m curious how it looks like.

      Oo translation is quite a lot of work isn’t it?

  11. Just took this quiz, since I kinda just found it today.. But I can’t read any Japanese.. so I had to depend on Google to find wikis based of the characters for the names. XD

    I don’t really remember my blood type (I think I’m an AB), so I went with the last option and got Kishio Daisuke. Actually, outside of Durarara!! and Vampire Knight, I don’t really know of him (besides Dynasty Warriors 7 because of the free DLC of the Japanese audio). XD I’ve kinda been outta the anime and video games loop for awhile. So while I reading his list from ANN, I was like.. “Okies, I know that series.. oh, so he did him?”

    But I went back and did the quiz as an AB (since I THINK I’m an AB), and got Fukuyama Jun, lol who I know more than Kishio. XD

    >.> Then went back and did A, B, and O. (As a just in case…)
    A – Okiayu Ryotaro
    B – Hoshi Souichiro
    O – Takahashi Hiroki
    lol, I’m only familiar with Okiayu’s name.. the other two, I’m not sure of. So I have to go back and check their lists on ANN to see if I know their voices from something I might’ve seen.

    1. @dollssoulkirie: Lol~ happy with your results? XDD They’re all pretty good!

      Your results are of established seiyuus who have done many years of works ^^ I’m sure you’ll find that you have probably watched some of the works they’ve done before hehe.

  12. @ponytale : UGH… why they describe it in such a RIGHTFULL WAY! okay I admit it! I can’t control my face! >.< I'm not a poker face and very sensitive!! *scream*

  13. eh? I get JUN-JUN? O.O what does this says!! >.<

    1. @Mito: Lucky girl! XDD

      The description is about you. You are a type who does not hide who you are and express your views truthfully and frankly. When you hate or are angry about something you show it. Not sure some of the description but it says you’ll excel in an artistic field where strong self expression is needed.

  14. i got Junichi Suwabe :L
    sadly, i dont know many of his works. the one im most familiar with is Fuuma from X.
    which makes him kinda scary o.O


    1. @Shirokaze: He has one of the smoothest and most suave voices ;) Have you watched the BL anime Ikoku Irokoi Romantan? And his countless BLCDs woo~ ^^)b

  15. I got Suzuken~ XD


    Apparently the paragraph is describing your personality rather than the seiyuu’s. Seems I am the type that people come to for advices and is always motivated and proactive. (Well I am procrastinating here when I should be working on my essays so take the results with a pinch of salt ;P)

    1. @momogoldfish: lol~ wow thanks for clarifying! I thought it was about the seiyuu all these while lol XD And I read my result again and well the description of me as a dependable person lol~ I don’t know. It’s something for others to judge XP So you’re right, we should always take these tests with a pinch of salt lol lol~

      And essays OTL… I feel your pain. I would be demotivated too if I had to do them now ^^;;

  16. @Ponytale

    haha yes I am lucky 8D! *shot*

    sadly my favorite seiyuu is the already married man Yusa Kouji ;~;
    xD!!!!! oh well.

  17. @Ponytale
    I wanted it to be Toriumi cuz he plays Saitou from Hakuouki xD I love Saitou! and Sebastian for OnoD >.< having Sebastian's voice calling your name is like heaven/hell lol xD

  18. haha I dun know my blood type so I tried for all of them xDDD

    IF I Was

    Bloodtype A: Sakurai Takahiro
    Bloodtype B: Yoshino Hiroyuki
    Bloodtype O: Takahashi Naozumi
    Bloodtype AB: Suwabe Junichi
    Dunno Blood: toriumi Kousuke


  19. I’ve got Takahashi Naozumi…don’t really know who that is, but his voice isn’t so bad =w=

    ● 高橋直純さんのあなたは、生真面目で勤勉家。古い考えを大切にしつつ、芸術的センスも併せ持っています。お人好しで、人の言うことをそのまま信じて、だまされることもありますが、基本的に根に持つことはありません。いくら努力家でも身を削りすぎて体を壊してしまっては元も子もありません。たまに気を抜いて寄り道してみると、思いがけないイイコトがあるかも。

    ● カイさんの開運ポーズは、逆立ちです!

    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    wish I’ve gotten Ono Daisuke or Toriumi Kousuke O^O

    1. @Kai: yeah he doesn’t do BL so I’m also not very familiar with him either ^^;; I did a quick check and turns out he is one of the voices in Harutoki.
      The description says he’ll be hardworking and sincere, good guy hubby who doesn’t hold grudges :3

      I think it’ll be nice to get OnoD and Torikou too XD

  20. Ayaさんは櫻井孝宏 です!
    ● 櫻井孝宏さんのあなたは、サッパリとした気持ちのいい性格。豪快なところがあり、仲間からも頼りにされる兄貴的存在です。とはいえ、イイ気になって調子に乗るのは厳禁。あまり突っ走ってしまうと、みんながついて来れなくなってしまいます。冷静沈着な状況判断力。それさえしっかりと持っていれば、たいていのことはうまくいくでしょう。
    ● Ayaさんの隠れた趣味は、SMです!
    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!


  21. Jun Fukuyama~! (I’m fairly sure anyways) <3 <3 <3 Rin, Lelouch, and Grell, and many more~ (Mind blown from joy~~) Off to listen to some related Drama CDs then!

  22. Every time he speaks I just keep on thinking he needs to clear his throat. Drives me nuts. I can’t believe he also voiced Kira Yamato.

    You know what, I still haven’t finished S1 either. It’s hard to get through. I think my love for SB has more to do with the concept in general and the characters of Date Masamune (so gorgeous and perfectly voiced by Kazuya Nakai) and Kojuro. So um, yeah, it’s all about the yaoi potential. (^-^)

    1. @Razberry: Hmm I think he tried to sound different since SB’s Yukimura is such a Genki muscle headed loyal dork :D but he is still kinda cute being who he is.

      Let’s Party~~~~ I love Nakai Kazuya’s Date Masamune! Totally fell in love with his voice and the badass looking character design. It’s hilarious how they poke fun at him in Gintama in one of the episodes, since he also voices Hijikata. Indeed… the yaoi potential is ripe in this series/game and most of the characters are one bishi after another XDD and they look great fighting lol~ Many BL doujinshi of SB characters are very beautiful too X3

  23. You got a total cutie! That’s a really good picture of him, and actually, even his profile pic on ANN is damn yummy (most of those are quite BAD). I’m jealous! I got Souichiro Hoshi, which I must say, bleah. As much as I love Sengoku Basara, the way he voices Yukimura really grates on my nerves. The funny thing is I was just complaining about him the other day, so I guess this is karmic payback. (*__*)

    1. @Razberry: hahaah XDD you cracked me up! Well, I had a hard time getting used to his Yukimura when I watched Season 1. I thought his character was quite idiotic lol~ But after a few more episodes it was ok :P but I haven’t got round to Season 2 yet tho’ :P need more time!

  24. Tasuki’s result is Suzumura Keniti I!

    Suzumura Keniti’s you, the positive things, some type of action. Often happens that people rely on, some kind of glue to bother consulting boss. But today I believe that the correctness of their opinions, but you listen to the opinions of others. When I listened carefully to what people say, it is surprising to even open the way out.

    Tasuki’s underwear’s name, shell (clam) is!

    At least you all have underwear! ;o)

  25. awesome test you have there! I’ve got Kishio Daisuke! :DDD

    ● 岸尾大輔さんのあなたは、指先が器用な天才肌。たいていの事は平均以上にこなせますが、その器用さが、繊細な印象を与えることも…。普段はクールなほど落ち着いていますが、いったんはじけると暴走しがち。ついつい悪のりして、後になって後悔することも結構あります。才能に頼りすぎず、実直な努力ができれば、新しい展望が開けるでしょう。

    ● マリサさんの開運下着は、毛糸のパンツです!

    And we have the same lucky undies. hahaha! totally cracked me up there. XD

    1. @imacatlover: LOL~LOL~ rope undies *_* Now how sexy can you get LOL~LOL but that’s if it doesn’t burn ouch~ OTL I wonder where they got the idea ^^;;;

      Suwabe Junichi looks girly??? Which pic of him did you see :O cos he looks all man to me lol~ Anyway, Suwabe Junichi has a very sexy voice! He is often cast as characters who are suave and a ladies man lol~ XD Remember when Undertaker reveals his true self? He is like the most handsome guy in the underworld who Grell also falls over for. He is also Frau in 07-Ghost, the Italian seme, Alberto in Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, etc

      The prediction is like saying that Suwabe Junichi is a charming husband who will cherish you. He has a healing touch (?) and values harmony. With him, things can progress smoothly even without putting in a lot of effort… etc. (anyone who knows better and sees this, please correct me if I’m wrong XD)

      @gen: Uwa… *mega envy* X3 me wants Sakupyon too…

      Hmm, maybe there’s a mix of what they already know about the seiyuu and prediction based on individual birth date + blood type. I remember reading a book that predicts personalities based on the exact month and date a person is born in :D

      @moo: wahaha :D Kishio Daisuke! He is a cute one too <3

      Me too.. I was like ptffff! Wool panties lol~lol~ Do they exist??? Can't imagine wearing wool panties and flashing myself in front of my danna-sama XDD

  26. 占いの結果
    Genevieve Seahさんは櫻井孝宏 です!
    ● 櫻井孝宏さんのあなたは、サッパリとした気持ちのいい性格。豪快なところがあり、仲間からも頼りにされる兄貴的存在です。とはいえ、イイ気になって調子に乗るのは厳禁。あまり突っ走ってしまうと、みんながついて来れなくなってしまいます。冷静沈着な状況判断力。それさえしっかりと持っていれば、たいていのことはうまくいくでしょう。
    ● Genevieve Seahさんの開運下着は、さらしです!
    ● そんなあなたの本日の運勢はこちらです!

    I got sakupyon!!!!! YESHYESHYESH!!!!! I wonder how they are able to figure out what kind of personalities these seiyuus have….

  27. Pffff— p___p I got 諏訪部順一 (Junichi Suwabe) and lol, the only character that he voices, and I really know is…

    …Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji….

    *curls in fetal position* orz|||

    And lol, be glad you have a underwear made out of wool. Apparently, mines made out of a rope? .__.;; I’d much prefer wool… unless, it’s itchy!? xDD

    Also, mine is telling me this:




    Google translate tells me something along the lines, like: I’m overall a lucky person, I really shouldn’t forget to be kind to people and I can heal people…? Ok…

    The Seiyuu looks a little bit girly if you ask me, but he looks like a sweet guy anyway, so I guess that’s what most important in the end xD;; Maybe I’ll ask him to do his Undertaker laugh for me, every once in a while x3

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