Test: Which Saiyuki Guy Is Your Baby’s Daddy?

Which Saiyuki Guy Is Your Baby’s Daddy? w/ love story and LONG RESULTS!

You got Hakkai

It was on the anniversary of Kanan’s death and Hakkai was acting really depressed. Because you were secretly in love with Hakkai, you comforted him and one thing lead to another and you know what happened….. Now you were in the back of the jeep wondering how you were going to tell him that you were expecting….

“-right ____?” Goku asked, which snapped you out of your daze.

“Huh? Did you say something Goku?”

“UGH!_______ You’ve been so spaced out lately!! What the hell’s the matter!?” Goku whined, he was usually very casual with you because you two were very close.

“Dah! Dun worry about Goku! You’ll find out soon enough!” You waved your hand in front of his face, “Besides, it’s nothing anyway!”

” What will I find out so-” He didn’t finish the sentence because a hoard of demon soon surrounded the car.

“Well, Goku, I’ll just have to tell you later won’t I?”

Goku grinned, “Heh, Don’t forget!”

And with that everyone jumped into battle. You of course were being extra careful and stayed in the jeep, you usually didn’t fight anyway, you were much more of a tranquil person, although when it came to it, you could hold your own.

When the fight was almost over and you saw that Hakkai had just one more to you breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly things moved to fast for you to catch, all you heard was Hakkai’s voice yelling “_______ WATCH OUT!” and then everything went black….

You slowly opened your eyes to reveal an all white room. “Wha-? Where am I? What’s going o-?” You sat up from where you were laying.

“Relax _________, you’re in the hospital. You were attacked by a demon and we had to take you here….it was pretty bad..” Hakkai said, he was sitting in the chair beside your bed.

“Oh….OH! Am I ….ok…?”

” You’re fine…every last part of you…you’ll just need some time to heal…”

“Alright…” You said, that hadn’t been what you were talking about, of course, since you hadn’t told Hakkai yet, he wouldn’t know what you were talking about.

There was a silence in the room. Ever since that night you spent together, everything was akward between the two of you, you still loved Hakkai but you felt as if you had taken advantage of him, and you were sure he felt guilty as well because he never looked you in the eyes anymore.

You were about to say something when Hakkai spoke up. “So….when were you planning on telling me?”


“You’re pregnant, the doctors told us that the baby barely made it…”

“Oh…I’m sorry Hakkai, I was going to tell you…I just didn’t know how..”

Hakkai sighed, “Well…I’m glad you’re both alright. I was really worried.”

“You were worried about me?” You asked Hakkai.

“Of course! I….I wouldn’t know what to do if you had died…”

You looked down, “Is that because I’m pregnant with your child….?”

Hakkai looked flustered, you hated yourself for thinking this but you thought it was really cute.

“NO! Sure I was worried about the baby once I found out but….before I knew about it…I was really scared that you would die so….”

This time it was your time to blush.” Oh…I see..”

“I’m just glad you’re alright.” He smiled a charming smile of his.

“So the doctors told me the gender…..”

You looked shocked. “DAH! Don’t tell me! I want it to be a suprised!”

“Well…I was sure suprised that I was going to be a father….”

“I’m sorry” You said quietly.

“Well….since you kept it a secret, I get to name her….”

“That’s fine……” You said and then what he said hit you, “WAIT! IT’S A GIRL!?”

Hakkai laughed, “Yes she most certainly is… so how about Haruhi?”

“Haruhi….that’s a perfect name…”


3 years later…

You had your baby girl and Hakkai was absolutely in love with her. She got his dark hair but your eyes and every little boy wanted to play with her, though Hakkai made sure to scare them away. She brought you two together and you soon got married, having 2 more children later in life. You can use your imagination for them…^_^


Awwww~ so sweet :P

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