Test: What is your love tendency?

My result!

I dunno what to say………………

Cos I keyed in my real name!!! *dies*

Want to take the test? Click here!

Okie… I took the test again. The previous result was for my name in Kanji ^^”

My English name shows something else lol~

The 5th dimension?!? Angry and hell- bent on destruction *dies again*

And then I keyed in Ponytale and the result made me shake my head and sigh… lol~

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34 thoughts on “Test: What is your love tendency?”

  1. ok the only thing im not clear on is that
    are the results about how you are in love?
    what kind of person you want?
    what kind of person you will get?
    or what are the results suppose to be about @w@

    and yeah, its a game, i wont take it seriously xD

    1. @Shirokaze: It isn’t supposed to be a detailed quiz lol~ probably just intentionally vague so you can come up with your own interpretation and have a good laugh XD

  2. i’v tried it with all the combinations i could think of xD
    romaji, katakana, hiragana, one name, two names
    but im more curious about this one
    what what
    does it say that i like maso man or that i am one? xDDDD
    lol that i got 3 of those cards in this combination:

    this one has fijoshi in it =D

    so where can i look what each card means 3.3
    <- wants to try with friends too xD

    1. @Shirokaze: M男 = Masochist Guy lol~ 邪心 = Evil 四次元 = 4th dimension

      打算 = Self-centered and 3 Masochist Guys!

      妄想 = delusion 腐女子 = BL fangirl 微調整 = fine tuning

      I used a dictionary to check the meanings XD

  3. @Mito

    Daijoubukara, its not like we think of you that way 8D, though I can sympathize with you there mr Card Sa- *SHOT SHOT SHOT*

    1. @Cienny: strange this one :D I’ll have to get back to you on that.

      Okie here goes: 非常識。二股。説教。保険金。
      Lack of common sense. Forked. Preach. Insurance.

      ^^;; what would you make of that?

  4. @K.K and Ponytale : WHUTTTT~!!! I’M NO MASOCHIST!!! TT.TT AND WHY I’M ARROGANT?? AND CRIMINAL IN MAKING? well uhh… I never think that I really that CRUEL? even my friend says that I look like Voldemort JR? *sulks and cries in the corner*

  5. @Ponytale

    LOL yeah… I was suprise.. How did the quiz know!! not only that.. I also scored 200% seme on the other seme /uke quiz xD

  6. Not his kanji name, i wanna know the result from his western name.
    Said he just legally applied to have a western name, like errr…Joe Odagiri. (example)
    He told me love tendency on his future western name is like ‘hell on pancake’
    Gotta bribe him so he can tell me his ‘west-name’ XD

  7. HAHAHAHA… you try key in his Kanji name and see la~ Maybe more accurate cos it is a Japanese quiz?

    I was searching for some seiyuu info and found it at a girl’s blog. The results and comments she posted were quite funny so I tried it hehehe… I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my result and decided to share it. XD.

  8. My cousin won’t tell me his result. *ack*
    Just a simple words of, “arrrrraa…”

    How can you stumble upon this quiz? XD

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