BLCD: Egoist no Junai (Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi)

Egoist no Junai
エゴイストの純愛 (28/10/2005)

Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi 遊佐浩二 x 神谷浩史
with Horiuchi Kenyuu 堀内賢雄, Ichijou Kazuya 一条和矢, Shibuya Shigeru 渋谷茂

Rating: Recommended for the smexy H-scenes, especially people who love noisy semes

Summary: [There are some spoilers but no ending-spoilers ^^]

This drama is based on a novel by Toono Haruhi 遠野春日 and made up of two continuous stories of the pairing.

“I want to reveal the beast underneath that innocent-looking face.”

Matsubae Daisuke (Yusa Kouji) is a managing director of a large corporation, Matsubae Group. A beautiful and innocent-looking Hanamoto Yukihiko (Kamiya Hiroshi), an artiste manager of Kaji Production catches his attention one day. When the man notices the 25-year-old’s loving gaze towards the older actor, Yasuike Shun (Horiuchi Kenyuu) who is under his management, he feels a strong displeasure at the sight. Matsubae is determined to tear away Yukihiko’s innocent face and reveal the beast within.

A week later, Matsubae’s secretary, Sayama Yoshitaka (Ichijou Kazuya) contacts Kaji Production and requests for Yukihiko. He explains that in order to get his actor, Yasuike, special recommendation for a coveted role in a drama the company is sponsoring, he needs to meet their company’s managing director Matsubae Daisuke.

Matsubae offers Yukihiko an indecent proposal to sleep with him and satisfy him in bed if he wants to help Yasuike. Although Yukihiko is shocked by the proposition, he accepts it even though he has never had sex with a man before. Yukihiko’s decision convinces Matsubae that he is in love with Yasuike as he is willing to go this far for him. Thereafter, Matsubae wants Yukihiko to continue sleeping with him whenever he demands for it to ensure his continued support for Yasuike’s recommendation.

Later on, a misunderstanding occurs between the two and sends Matsubae into a jealous rage. He gets back at Yukihiko by manipulating Yasuike and causes Yukihiko to lose his job. However, after the vengeful act, he feels guilty and regretful of his actions. He also realises he has fallen in love with Yukihiko but will Yukihiko forgive him? And what kind of relationship does Yukihito and Yasuike have? Continue reading “BLCD: Egoist no Junai (Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi)”

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