BL Anime: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi 世界一初恋 (Konishi Katsuyuki x Kondo Takashi)

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi 世界一初恋 by Junjou Romantica 純情ロマンチカ mangaka Nakamura Shungiku 中村春菊 was aired in Japan on 8 April 2011.

Update: Well generally speaking, Sekai Ichi anime didn’t disappoint. I’ve watched the OVA and like to say that it reminded me of everything I loved about Junjou Romantica <3

From the looks of it, the art style of the manga/anime definitely looks very Junjou-ish. The main characters Onodera Ritsu and Takano Masamune also look like a younger Miyagi x older Shinobu from Junjou Terrorist.

By the way, the story is set at the same publishing company in Junjou Romantica, so we’ll get to see a familiar face or two from the manga, such as Isaka Ryuuichiro.

They’re also keeping the original cast from the drama CDs which is great. Generally, I find that in terms of the entertaining and comedic factor, Junjou Romantica is a lot funnier. I’ve read comments however that this series is a lot more believable and down-to-earth. What do you think?

As a sneak peak and commemorative gesture for the upcoming anime, a 20-minute anime DVD will be bundled with the manga that will be released in March 2011. I hope it has different content from the actual TV broadcast :)

Title: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Vol. 5 Ritsu Onodera no Baai

Price: 3800yen
Release date: 23 March 2011/ Season 2 October 2011 / Movie: 2014
Limited edition includes a bonus DVD (20 minutes) and a special box.

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BLCD: Sentimental Garden Lover (Kondou Takashi x Kamiya Hiroshi)

Title: Sentimental Garden Lover センチメンタルガーデンラバー (26/09/2008)

Horie Kazuma x Kamiya Hiroshi 堀江一眞 x 神谷浩史
Kondou Takashi x Kamiya Hiroshi 近藤隆 x 神谷浩史
Nakamura Yuuichi x Kishio Daisuke 中村悠一 x 岸尾だいすけ
w/ Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介

Rating: Highly recommended (a must for cat lovers! Nyaa~ =^^= )

Quick Summary:
“Dear God, I wish for arms wide enough to hug him and the body and strength to protect him!”

Fuji (Kondou Takashi) is a stray cat. He loves a kind and gentle man, Hiro (Kamiya Hiroshi) who named him and feeds him everyday. Fuji notices that Hiro is in an on-and-off abusive relationship with a man (Horie Kazuma) and even witnesses the man using violence on Hiro. Although Fuji tried to stop the man, he could not do anything for Hiro because he is only a cat. One day, Fuji sees the bruises on Hiro again and he prays earnestly for the ability to protect his beloved Hiro. Amazingly, Fuji gets his wish!

Shima (Kishio Daisuke) is a cute but proud little kitten who comes by Hiro’s house occasionally for food. Like Fuji, Hiro was the one who gave him his name. One day, he decides to leave the place. Hungry and tired, he faints and accidentally falls into Taki’s (Nakamura Yuuichi) opened bag. When he wakes up hungry and smelly, Taki makes fun of him but treats him kindly, feeding him milk and washing him. The next day, Taki leaves the window open while he goes to work. Taki’s ex-lover (Tachibana Shinnosuke) visits, hoping to apologise to him for ending their relationship. Coincidentally, his name is also Shima…

Based on a manga by Ogura Muku 小椋ムク Continue reading “BLCD: Sentimental Garden Lover (Kondou Takashi x Kamiya Hiroshi)”

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