BL Anime: Haru wo Daiteita Embracing Love

Title: Haru wo Daiteita Embracing Love 春をだいていた
Release Date: 2004

Quick Summary

Based on the long-running BL manga series by Nitta Youka 新田佑克.

Released in 2005 in DVD format, the anime is about Iwaki Kyousuke (Morikawa Toshiyuki) an adult video actor who is trying to break away from his AV past before his star wanes. When an opportunity to cross over to mainstream showbiz arrives, he takes the plunge and auditions for a film to be directed by a famous novelist, Sawa Nagisa (Inoue Kazuhiko) . He meets a younger and bolder rival in the form of another AV actor, Katou Youji (Miki Shinichirou). Although Iwaki wins the the role in the first audition, the rivals are subsequently paired up as lovers in another production. As the two have more interactions with each other, Katou finds himself falling for Iwaki both on and off screen. Although they have a few physical encounters, Iwaki holds Katou back due to his pride and his lack of confidence in the relationship… Will Katou’s persistence bear fruit?

In the second part of the story, Katou starts work with acclaimed actor Kikuchi Katsuya (Narita Ken) on a new production. Disgraced and forced to leave Japan due to a scandal about his homosexuality a few years ago, Kikuchi returns with a grudge and a hidden agenda. What scheme does he have in store for Katou and Iwaki?

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BLCD: Cherry Boy Sakusen Series (Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Kenichi)

Title:Vol. 1 – Cherry Boy Sakusen – Muriyari Hatsujouki チェリーボーイ作戦~むりやり発情期~ (15/01/2004)

Story 1 Pairing 1:
Yoshino Hiroyuki x Suzumura Kenichi 吉野裕行 x 鈴村健一
Story 1 Pairing 2:
Fukuyama Jun x Suzumura Kenichi 福山潤 x 鈴村健一
Story 2 Pairing:
Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Kenichi 櫻井孝宏 x 鈴村健一
w/ Nakamura Yuuichi 中村悠一

Rating: Recommended (For H scenes and Tokuten)

Quick Summary & Comments
Okie the smex is pretty good~ and the sound effects are natural and nosebleed material ^^” The whole drama is about horny boys wanting to get it on, so you get to hear them smex in all sort of ways in every track. Stories-wise is ok. Straight-forward and simple.

Story 1 is about mainly our uke, Akira’s (Suzuken) sexploits with Yuya (Yoshino Hiroyuki) and Takeshi (Junjun). I read that this is Junjun’s first seme role! He did a great job :3

Story 2 is a short story from Yasashikute Toge ga Aru Series 優しくて棘があるSWEET~蜜月は調教からはじまる~ about a young master-servant relationship, Chiro (Sakupyon) and Ryo (Suzuken). Suzuken is very cute and Sakupyon is a very sexy seme x3. I love his whispering voice *hyper-ventilating* and the H between the two is fantastic.

The 3rd story is a “special” and you get to hear a couple of cute uke voices. If I’m not wrong (according to sources found on the web) Nakamura Yuuichi-san performed his first uke voice here :9

The main attraction is the Tokuten cos all the seiyuus’ seme-uke self-H in the Tokuten Track “Hitori de Uke Seme Yattemiru” ひとりで受け攻めやってみる (自攻自受) is super-hilarious! Don’t miss it!

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