CD: SLEEP x2 (Fukuyama Jun, Cineria)

This is a situation CD with the sole purpose of helping you fall asleep and at the same time enjoy the simulated experience of having your favourite seiyuu sleeping right next to you. To further sweeten the deal, the doujin cd producer, Cineria サイネリア also threw in one morning call track at the end for you to wake up to his voice as well.

The first CD in this series features Fukuyama Jun 福山 潤 who was the reason I bought it :D

Title: SLEEPx2
Price: 1,575 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 25 May 2012
Seiyuu: Fukuyama Jun 福山 潤
Scenario: 蒼井こんぶ
Official site:
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Description: This CD is meant for listening before sleeping. It does not say sweet nothings to the listener. Please listen to the CD after you had a long warm bath and while you are relaxed in your bed. Please take note: If you listen to the CD while in the train or car, there is a risk of oversleeping or falling asleep at the wheel.

There is also a “warning label”. This CD is meant for listening before sleeping, if you’re expecting the concept of a drama cd, you may feel unsatisfied with the CD. Please take note before you purchase. Continue reading “CD: SLEEP x2 (Fukuyama Jun, Cineria)”

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