BLCD: Slaver’s Series Vol. 4: Slaver’s Nude (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)

Title: Slaver’s Series Vol. 4: Slaver’s Nude スレイヴァーズ ヌード (2007/02/25)

Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro
森川智之 x 櫻井孝宏

Rating: Recommended for angst, uke-in-denial and people who like master-slave relationships.

Detailed summary: (Spoilers galore~ by request)
Christmas is around the corner. Kurahashi Shuuichi 倉橋柊一 (Sakurai Takahiro) and Saeki Takanari 冴木鷹成 (Morikawa Toshiyuki) returns to work after securing the important Stanley Corporation account for Kurahashi Company.

Saeki informs Shuuichi that police investigation about the incident with Yamawaki Shigeru (Narita Ken) has not concluded yet. Although the incident has happened six month ago, he was requested to assist in the police’s reinvestigation. (See Slaver’s Kiss for more information) He will be attending a police meeting the next day with their lawyer, Wakamiya (Horiuchi Kenyuu).

At that time, Shuuichi did not press charges against Yamawaki personally on Saeki’s advice. In the end, Yamawaki was only accused of forging documents and illegal possession of firearms. Saeki explains that although there is a possibility of Yamawaki getting a heavier sentence after the reinvestigation, Yamawaki may try to argue it was for self-defense and in return, Saeki may be charged for illegal entry, damage of private property and causing personal hurt. Continue reading “BLCD: Slaver’s Series Vol. 4: Slaver’s Nude (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)”

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