BL Anime: Ai no Kusabi 間の楔 (Shiozawa Kaneto x Seki Toshihiko)

You can’t call yourself a BL fan if you’ve not watched this anime cult classic, Ai no Kusabi 間の楔 based on a novel by Rieko Yoshihara 吉原理恵子.

Hmm sounds a bit harsh since I’ve not read the original novels yet ^^” Anyway…

Ai no Kusabi is one of the -MUST WATCH- Yaoi/BL animes in my opinion. Contrary to so many readily available BL resources on the internet nowadays, anything BL outside of Japan was extremely rare years ago in the 80s~90s. During those “desperate” times, there were only a few low quality short video and sound clips online to satiate the most deprived overseas BL fan. The sheer difficulty of obtaining a copy or even watching the full video was unimaginable now. Also, Ai no Kusabi introduced me to the intriguing world of S/M and Master/Slave BL relationships when I was still an innocent… where my exposure was only to Shounen-ai influences in Shoujo mangas LOL~ Thus, Ai no Kusabi holds a special place in my heart along with other classics such as the first Yaoi manga I read, Zetsuai 絶愛 1989 by Ozaki Minami 尾崎南 (well, that’s for another post ^^).

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