BLCD: Kodomo no Hitomi (Narita Ken x Kamiya Hiroshi)

Title: Kodomo no Hitomi こどもの瞳 (Eyes of a child) (28/11/2008 )

Narita Ken x Kamiya Hiroshi
成田剣 x 神谷浩史

Kashiwabara Misaki 柏原 岬 : Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史
Kashiwabara Hitoshi 柏原 仁 : Narita Ken 成田 剣
Kashiwabara Jyoutarou 柏原城太郎 : Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野裕行

Warnings: Incest

Kashiwabara Misaki (Kamiya Hiroshi) lives a poor but simple life with his young son, Jyoutarou (Yoshino Hiroyuki), after losing his wife, Megumi to an incurable illness. One day, Misaki meets his elder brother, Kashiwabara Hitoshi (Narita Ken) whom he has been enstranged from for many years. They lost their parents at a young age and the brothers used to be very close as children. When Misaki was 6 years old, Hitoshi was taken away and brought up separately by their hard-hearted grandfather. Eager to have his own family, Misaki got married at 18 and has a son. Two years ago, his wife became ill. In desperation, Misaki turned to Hitoshi for help as he could not afford the medical bills. However, Misaki was coldly refused by the man, now the president of a large corporation. Misaki has fond memories of his elder brother as a child and he was devastated by the rejection. Continue reading “BLCD: Kodomo no Hitomi (Narita Ken x Kamiya Hiroshi)”

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