Goods: Billie Jean… OWW!

Michael JacksonAnd my wallet sings… Not my lover… OHH!

Michael Jackson is next in line to be immortalised in plastic! Erm… non-fans will probably read something else into that ^^” but anyway… Woo~ the joy, the joy! XD

Everything about this period where he was into shiny white sequined gloves and socks and doing the moonwalk feels very nostalgic. Gaaah… I seriously loved Michael Jackson then! Sigh~ He was like unbelievably a.w.e.s.o.m.e. up to Dangerous/HIStory. *squeals* and after that… SIGHs~ :-\

Okie, so this figure is expected to be released next year February at a damage of 18,858 (w/o tax). But since it is going to be produced by Hot Toys, we can expect additional parts like hands and such. From observation, Hot Toys are generally a lot more “generous” when it comes to accessories.

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