Goods: Artbooks and Shiki!


Shiki just arrived! XD Still in his box. Got him from the PlayAsia sale recently (Related post)

New stash of 4 artbooks arrived yesterday too…

  1. 闇の末裔 キャラクターブック (松下容子) 1,000 Yen
    Yami no Matsuei Character Book (Matsushita Yoko)
  2. ファインダーの標的 キャラクターズブック (やまねあやの) 2,300 Yen
    Finder no Hyouteki Characters Book (Yamane Ayano)
  3. カズキヨネ画集 -斬華- (カズキヨネ) 2,800 Yen
    Kazuki Yone Illustrations -Zanka- (Kazuki Yone) Hiiro no Kakera, etc
  4. メイド★はじめました -ご主人様のお世話いたします- (公式ビジュアルファンブック) 2,500 Yen
    Maid Hajimemashita (Official Visual Fan Book)

Couldn’t contain the excitement. Better pix of Shiki to come later. Busy ^^

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