BL Game: Lucky Dog 1 (Tennenouji)

Lucky Dog 1 (ラッキードッグ1) A new 18+ BL game created by Yura‘s doujin circle Tennenouji was released recently on 10 June 2009. With a damage of 4,935 Yen (w/tax), Comi-comi shipped it out real quick and it comes with a Tokuten/Special mini drama CD (Bakshi x Gian), so I got my hands on it early last week. Alas… I have yet to install the game… so much work to do and if I have it installed, the temptation to play the game would be too great *_*

What is the story about? Well… there’s something about four main guys of the mafia being captured and thrown into prison one after another… and something about the hero (who is also a prisoner. He should be the main uke but he gets to top other characters, it seems) given a chance of a lifetime. Being the “Lucky Dog”, if he manages to break out of prison with the other four prisoners successfully, he gets to become the mafia boss. Not too sure hahaha… talk about impulse buys ^^;;;

Lucky Dog’s promotional video is very well edited. Looks like a fun ride (or escape hehe). Have a quick peek at it here: Continue reading “BL Game: Lucky Dog 1 (Tennenouji)”

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