BLCD: Kuchibiru de Kowasareru (Kamiya Hiroshi x Nojima Kenji)

Kuchibiru de Kowasareru
Title: Kuchibiru de Kowasareru 唇で壊される。 (25/08/2009)

Kamiya Hiroshi x Nojima Kenji 神谷浩史 x 野島健児

Rating: Recommended

Quick Summary: [There are some spoilers but no ending-spoilers ^^]
When university student, Canna Yuzuki (Nojima Kenji) and Oka Tomochika’s (Kamiya Hiroshi) eyes met, it was love at first sight.

Chika caught Yuzuki’s eye at a night club and the two had a brush with each other when he accidentally burnt Yuzuki with his cigarette. Chika apologises and kisses the burnt area on Yuzuki’s shoulder. Yuzuki is shocked by the unexpected gesture but pretends to be unfazed. As fate would have it, Yuzuki’s best friend, Igarashi Ryouya happens to be Chika’s acquaintance. Yuzuki thought that it is the last he would see of him after they parted ways, but the two meet again at the bar where Ryouya works at and the night ended with Yuzuki following Chika home.

Although Yuzuki is incredibly drawn to Chika, he tries to tread carefully, holding back his intense attraction to the younger man. He was badly hurt by his first love three years ago. It was an older man, Tsukasa who taught him that love is a game and the moment either party puts his real feelings into it, it becomes boring and the game ends. Since then, Yuzuki has learnt to play love games with all his pursuers and has never gone deeper with anyone of them physically or mentally. But this time, Yuzuki seems to have met his match in Chika… Continue reading “BLCD: Kuchibiru de Kowasareru (Kamiya Hiroshi x Nojima Kenji)”

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