BL Anime: Viewfinder and YEBISU Celebrities?!?

YEBISU CelebritiesUpdate 24 July 2010:

YEBISU Celebrities finally released. Enjoy the pretty but still pictures with minimal movement. Think moving mouths and panning slides. It is still a lot better than I thought it would be.

The visuals for the H-scene are HOT. If you read the manga, you can more or less know what’s going to happen. Pity that no actual animation of the smexy action was involved ^^;;;

We all want our man-smex to be animated properly, don’t we? Lol~

As for the seiyuu, just as I predicted, Horie Kazuma’s uke was terrible. Moe-point zero. So don’t expect too much in the voiced smex department.

Updated confirmed cast

Daijou Takashi 大城崇: Kosugi Juurouta 小杉十郎太 and a different seiyuu is cast for Fujinami Haruka 藤波はるか: Horie Kazuma 堀江一眞

Other casts are the same as the drama CD cast including Canna Nobutoshi and Chiba Susumu.

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