Goods: Indiana Jones Kotobukiya one coin figure box set

Have you watched the new Indy movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Well, I haven’t lol~ but I will cos I love the Indiana Jones series. I’ve already placed an order for the cute chibis from Kotobukiya.

Anyway, the complete box set contains 10 figures, including the new character from the movie and 2 secret chibis. Well, my guess is the new character is Indy’s young sidekick and one of the secret is Cate Blanchett’s character.

They are designed by the same designer who did the Togainu and Lamento chibis. XD CUTE CUTE CUTE!

I’ll update again when I receive them. Expected to arrive sometime in June… woohoo~

Update! 4 July 2008 The chibis arrived! ^^ Continue reading “Goods: Indiana Jones Kotobukiya one coin figure box set”

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