BLCD: Netsujou no Ori de Nemure (Yasumoto Hiroki x Hatano Wataru)

Title: Netsujou no Ori de Nemure 熱情の檻で眠れ
(Sleep in the Cage of Passion) (27/08/2008)

Yasumoto Hiroki x Hatano Wataru
安元洋貴 x 羽多野渉

Ibuki Kaname 伊吹 要 : Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉
Oumaru Souichirou 王丸総一郎 : Yasumoto Hiroki 安元洋貴
Morinaga Haruhiko 森永晴彦: Itou Kentarou 伊藤健太郎

Rating: Recommended. This is audio porn lol~

Based on a novel by Honjoh Saki 本庄咲貴 and illustrated by Minase Masara 水名瀬雅良.

Ibuki Kaname (Hatano Wataru) inherits a huge amount of debt due to his dead father’s bankruptcy. One day while hiding from his pursuers, a man alights from a car, approaches him and makes him an indecent proposal. They’re willing to take care of his debt if he agrees to make money with his looks and body. Desperate and tired of running away, he agrees and follows him. They drive him to a mansion and he meets Oumaru Souichirou (Yasumoto Hiroki), the head of a powerful corporation, Oumaru Group. The man orders him to strip naked. Unaware that he has agreed to a contract to become a male prostitute for men, he tries to defy Oumaru but is imprisoned, drugged and subsequently raped. Kaname’s fiery and defiant attitude captures Oumaru’s attention and he becomes a prostitute for his exclusive use. Continue reading “BLCD: Netsujou no Ori de Nemure (Yasumoto Hiroki x Hatano Wataru)”

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