BLCD: The Dark Blue (Shiozawa Kaneto)

The Dark Blue CoverTitle:
The Dark Blue ザ・ダーク・ブルー (26/01/2005)

Pairing 1:
Genda Tesshou x Shiozawa Kaneto
玄田哲章 x 塩沢兼人
Pairing 2:

Hori Hideyuki x Shiozawa Kaneto
堀秀行 x 塩沢兼人

Rating: Recommended

Quick Summary:
Bound reluctantly to a sadistic vampire, Rosier (Genda Tesshou), Olivier (Shiozawa Kaneto) yearned to experience love again. Having his body and blood violently taken everyday by Rosier, Olivier collapsed out of fatigue and met a doctor, Heizer (Hori Hideyuki). The couple fell in love but Olivier feared for his lover’s life…

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