CD: Shukan Soine Vol.1 Kakeru (Hirakawa Daisuke, BlackButterfly)

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series Vol.1 Kakeru (19/11/2010)
週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.1 翔

Hirakawa Daisuke x You, the listener (lol~)
平川大輔 x あなた

Kakeru 翔: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔

Rating: Highly recommended

Catalog No: BR-0009

Quick Summary:
Your boyfriend, Kakeru (Hirakawa Daisuke) returns home late due to work. He thinks you’re already asleep when he sees you in bed. He gets into bed with you and apologies to you for waking you up. Actually, you haven’t been able to fall asleep and have been feeling lonely while he is away. You seek his comfort and he gladly obliges. In fact, he loves it when you want his attention. Kakeru decides to keep you company and chat with you till you fall asleep…

Produced by BlackButterfly.

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