New headphones to listen to BLCDs with?

mix style: STAR-BLACK / PINK: MIX260105

Update 10 Nov 2009: Please note that I -DON’T- recommend buying this pair of headphones… thought I better mention first in case you don’t have time to read the full review ^^;;; so with this out of the way… on to my review… XD

I saw this on a one-day-only sale at about 40% off the retail price of 3,675Yen! Did some research, it looks cute and the specs seem ok, so I bought it. Impulse buy!!! (again cos I already have a really fantastic pair of headphones that has great voice clarity essential for voice dramas)

Anyway, the new pair of headphones arrived today! Quickly took it out of its box (great space saving packaging btw) and tested it on one of my favourite BLCD H-scenes XD *what a perv!* lol~… Well, maybe I shouldn’t have expected so much… Continue reading “New headphones to listen to BLCDs with?”

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