BL Anime: Ai no Kusabi 2010 OVA survey + anime preview event

Ai no Kusabi
Update September 2011: Holy IJSAUTDTYE! Ai no Kusabi will be BACK. BluRay/DVDs slated for release from January 2012 onwards :D

Update: I’m very sad to say that according to various news sources, the anime remake has been shelved… :( Let’s hope that one day, it’ll be picked up again.

A quick update: The Ai no Kusabi staff are organising preview events at Cafe801 ( for the upcoming anime from: 20 March 2010 till 22 March 2010. If you’re in Japan during that time (so lucky!), you can fill up a mini survey NOW and try your luck to get the entry tickets.

Here’s the link to the survey page:

I filled it up too just for the sake of getting my feedback across as an overseas fan. I want them to know of our existence! XD Also they’re mainly asking questions pertaining to the DVD releases that I’m planning to buy and I’m hoping they include LOTS of tokuten since it won’t be cheap anyway ^^;;

These are the survey questions asked: Continue reading “BL Anime: Ai no Kusabi 2010 OVA survey + anime preview event”

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