Sweet Pool Rabu-rabu White Day Special

Sweet Pool White Day

March 14 is White Day, a Japan-only special day that takes place one month after Valentine’s Day. Guys who have received Valentine’s Day gifts in February are expected to reciprocate on this day…

I’ve read that White Day was created by oyaji (old men) in corporate suits in an attempt to cash in on the gift giving tradition of Valentine’s Day lol~ not romantic at all. Read the full article here: The Japan Times XD

Thanks to Fuuga for the reminder. Check out Nitro+ main site (http://www.nitrochiral.com/pc/) for a sweet/cute rabu-rabu mini-drama!

Sweet Pool White Day

And also these lovely limited period wallpapers for download


Download: {filelink=85} | {filelink=86} | {filelink=87}


蓉司:たくさんのチョコレートを本当にありがとうございまし た。
哲 雄:これからも、よろしく。
善弥:そうだよー。ス マイルが大切だよね。
哲雄:……分かった…… (笑)
睦:え、え、さてと、まあ、気を取り直して。ホワイトデー のお返しって言ったら、何がある?
善弥:む……綿飴と かかなあ。
善 弥:それ、マコちゃんが食べたいだけじゃん。
蓉司:これ、バレンタイ ンのお返し。
蓉司:あの日、チョコレートの入ったパン、くれただろう。あれ、バレンタインだからだったんだよな。俺、食べら れないって、返したから、悪い。
蓉司:これ、眼鏡ケースなんだけど、何にすればいいのか分からなくて。あ、でも、眼鏡ケー スなんて、持ってるか。
蓉司: え?!
…… …… ……
善弥:マコ ちゃん。怒ると皺が増えるよ。急がず焦らず。じっくり行こうよ、ね。
睦:うるせいな!お前に言われたくないわ!だいたいお前はいちぇいちぇいちぇ いちぇ……

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8 thoughts on “Sweet Pool Rabu-rabu White Day Special”

  1. lol Makoto would have already eaten it!
    Hmm i wonder if theres any sweet pool doujinshis out yet? Ive seen some of the artworks from inugatas page, so i really really hope to see some from her *A* *is a big fan*

    I would love to see some happy endings with sweet pool too. ;w;

    1. I think there should be a whole bunch of sweet pool doujinshis out there… but probably hasn’t turned up at used stores like mandarake and jpqueen. I’ve seen some of them on Japan yahoo actions tho’

      I love inugata’s art style too XD and it would be lovely to see sweet endings. Also, the drama cd will be out in June. YAY! :D

  2. despite how white day came to be i still think it is fun. I wish we’d have some of the holidays from japan, but thats what makes Japan, Japan and America, America.;v;
    I’d be cool to celebrate it one day. I’m wondering do the guys really make chocolate in return for the chocolates they receive? You know like the chocolates that came from the admires. XD

    1. Yeah ^^ me too… I think it’ll be a fun to experience huh~
      Mmm… maybe some guys would really bother make the chocolates XD Hope its edible! But even if it wasn’t, I guess its the thought that counts. But with the commercialisation of VD/WD, I read that some women would give chocolates to their male colleagues at work and hope to receive more expensive gifts in return on White Day. Sort of like a gift exchange ^^;;;

      YES! Sweet pool drama cd! http://www.hobirecords.com/sweetpool/
      I think the White Day mini drama was so sweet ^^ to think that Tetsuo gave Youji a bun with chocolate filling on Valentine’s Day… (talk about being subtle *sweatdrop*) and Youji reciprocating with a case for his glasses on White Day… These boys are so romantic! XD

      I bet Makoto would love to get chocos from Youji but the guy is so passive *_* Maybe Makoto should’ve given chocos to Youji first keke (or did he eat them all? Lol)

      Ah~ I hope Sweet Pool dramas give us all the main pairings like in the Lamento dramas ^^ It’ll be nice if they also give us alternative happy endings (T_T) and maybe some omake Sensei x (fill in the blanks) and Kitani x Zenya too.

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