Survey: Year end edition 2011 Kotobukiya es wants to make your man! (bishonen, boy, male figures, figurines)

Year-end survey by Kotobukiya for female-oriented goods and figures!

Kotobukiya has opened a survey soliciting suggestions for their es series of figures that are targeted for the female audience. But hey, I think fanboys are definitely welcomed to take part too.

1) Title: Kotobukiya Year end (female targeted) figure/goods survey コトブキヤ 年末年始 女性向け商品化希望アンケート!
Survey for Japanese works. Link:
(Survey for general audience figures. Similar questions:
Closing date: 7 January 2012

I’ll most probably add similar requests from the previous survey. How about you? Any new additions? But I think they definitely take our suggestions seriously! Cos our combined efforts to request for ero ero male dakimakura/mousepads yielded the DRRR!! Dream Cushions lol~

Let’s discuss and share your wishlists here before we post so that we can make a full offensive for characters we want XD

I suggest entering the Japanese names of the titles and characters. If you’re not sure how to write them, please discuss with us :D As always, Google is your friend too.

In case you’re not sure what the questions mean, here’s the quick translation:

Year end Survey for Japanese works and titles (female targeted) for FIGURES & GOODS
コトブキヤ 年末年始 女性向け商品化希望アンケート!

The format of the survey is slightly different this time, so I think we have to choose only the top 3 characters we want.


Multiple submissions from the same IP address will not be counted.
(;_;) But what about people on shared IP networks???

1) フィギュア化して欲しいキャラクターはなんですか?「キャラクター名・作品名」の形でご記入ください(その1)
Is there a character you want to be made into a figure? Please write the character name and title of the work. (1st)

2) フィギュア化して欲しいキャラクターはなんですか?「キャラクター名・作品名」の形でご記入ください(その2)
Is there a character you want to be made into a figure? Please write the character name and title of the work. (2nd)

3) フィギュア化して欲しいキャラクターはなんですか?「キャラクター名・作品名」の形でご記入ください(その3)
Is there a character you want to be made into a figure? Please write the character name and title of the work. (3rd)

4) 問1~3で答えたキャラクターのスケール(リアル)フィギュアかデフォルメ(ワンコイングラ ンデなど)フィギュアのどちらが欲しいですか?(複数回答可)※必須
For each of your answers in 1, 2 and 3, please choose whether you want the character to be realistic (scaled figures) or deformed (eg. one-coin chibi) Can choose more than one option.
Question 1 問1:リアル Real
Question 1 問1:ディフォルメ Deformate
Question 2 問2:リアル Real
Question 2 問2:ディフォルメ Deformate
Question 3 問3:リアル Real
Question 3 問3:ディフォルメ Deformate

5) 今後、一番注目している作品はなんですか?(1つのみ 複数回答無効)
Which is the one title that you’re currently interested in? (Only 1 answer. Multiple answers not accepted)

6) 一ヶ月でフィギュアに掛けるご予算はおいくらぐらいでしょうか?
What is your estimated budget for figures per month?

7) フィギュアをご購入する際に一番の決め手となる要素はなんでしょうか?(購入動機)
What is the one most important factor that help you decide to buy the figure? (purchase motive)

8) コトブキヤに対するご希望・ご意見がありましたらご記入ください。
Please write any other wishes or feedback you want here for Kotobukiya. (enter up to 400 characters)

This is probably where we can throw all our wish lists for consideration. The following text I grabbed from my previous post for the survey:
1/8 and 1/10 figures and Oppai mousepad. Eroero dakimakura cover (male character) voice mascot figures, chibi-chara figure…
Some examples- 1/8フィギュア、1/10フィギュア、男性キャラのおしりと胸マウスパッド、エロエロ抱き枕カバー(男性キャラ)、音声ボイス入りマスコットフィギュア、ちびキャラフィギュア。

My list compiled in the previous survey. (Not in order of preference) Some items are just plain wishful thinking tho OTL; I’ve more or less skipped the titles/characters that are already in production or picked up by other good companies.

1. sweet pool
崎山蓉司、城沼哲雄、三田睦、翁長善弥 Youji, Tetsuo, Makoto, Zenya
2. 咎狗の血 Togainu no Chi
ケイスケ、狗、グンジ、キリヲ、リン Keisuke, Kau, Gunji, Kiriwar, Rin
3. No.6
紫苑、ネズミ Shion, Nezumi
4. DRAMAtical Murder
5. 薄桜鬼 Hakuouki
原田左之助 Harada Sannosuke
6. ニトロプラス キラル Nitro+Chiral
ナイトウ Naitou
7. Lamento Beyond the Void、
シュイ、リークス、カルツ、トキノ Shui, Leaks, Kaltz, Tokino
8. エルシャダイ El Shaddai
9. 大正メビウスライン Taisho Mebusline
10. ラッキードッグ1 Lucky Dog 1
11. ハローキティといっしょ! 倉花千夏 Ver. Hello Kitty to isshoni Kurahana Chinatsu ver.
12. 同級生/卒業生 中村明日美子 Doukyousei/Sotsugyousei by Nakamura Asumiko
佐条利人、草壁光 Rihito Sajou, Kusakabe Hikaru
13. 鬼畜眼鏡 Kichiku Megane
佐伯克哉、御堂孝典 Saeki Katsuya, Mido Takanori
14. 清澗寺家シリーズ 4 罪の褥も濡れる夜 Seikanji ke Series 4
清澗寺冬貴、伏見義康 Fuyuki, Fushimi
15. 黒執事 2 Kuroshitsuji 2
クロード・フォースタス Claude Faustus
16. 純情ロマンチカ Junjou Romantica
17. 是 ―ZE―
18. 間の楔 Ai no Kusabi
イアソン、リキ Iason, Riki
19. クリムゾン・スペル やまねあやの Crimson Spell
バルドリーグ・アルスヴィーズ、ハルヴィル・フロプト Havi, Valdrigue
20. オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ Omerta ~Chinmoku no okite~
21. 炎の蜃気楼 Mirage of Blaze
仰木高耶、橘 義明 Takaya, Tachibana Yoshiaki (Naoe)
22. 熱砂ノ楽園 Nessa no Rakuen
黒 Hei
24. Are you Alice?
25. 最後の約束の物語 Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari

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33 thoughts on “Survey: Year end edition 2011 Kotobukiya es wants to make your man! (bishonen, boy, male figures, figurines)”

    1. @lillychu: There is a high chance for Kuroko figures considering how popular the series is. Nezumi and Shion not so likely though :( but we can hope.

  1. Thank you so much again for your wonderful help <3 really thank you.
    I hope that we will get at least some of our wishes so our wallets can cry some more XD
    I've seen that others have shared their wishes here so I want to share some of mine since this is the first time I've done this.
    1. Keisuke – Togainu no Chi
    2. Kusakabe Hikaru – Doukyousei/Sotsugyousei
    3. Val – Crimson Spell
    Then I just went all out on the feedback part and at first it became more than 400 words lol.
    I used your examples e.g. 1/8 & 1/10 figures and oppai mousepads, dakimakura cover,
    voice mascot figures, because they are perfect to me and also all the questions you
    helped me with and then these:
    Iason, Riki – Ai no Kusabi
    Kusuriuri – Mononoke
    Gunji, Kau, Kiriwar, Rin – Togainu no Chi
    Yaichi, Akitsu Masanosuke – Saraiya Goyou
    Youji, Tetsuo, Zenya, Makoto – Sweet Pool
    Sajou Rihito – Doukyousei/Sotsugyousei

  2. This sounds great and I’m lucky because your wishes & choices are very similar to mine,
    so I have it easy now with the japanese names ^.^ I’m just wondering:
    Can I submit both boys e.g. Rihito Sajou and Kusakabe Hikaru together on the same line
    or must they be on separate?
    Does question 5 mean a current title/figure/anime/game that already exist or?
    Question 7 is the hardest one. I don’t know what to write here, I’m still very new in the world of figures and to write in japanese about what I’m looking for in a figure
    is very difficult to say the least. It’s only male figures that interest me,
    characters that I really like and they must look nice/great quality/fine details ^^;

    Feedback/wishes once again your choices suits me perefect yay.
    I have one wish that I don’t know how to write. Ever since I found out about the
    Endou Kazuki x Itou Keita figure that was cancelled, I’ve wished that someone would make
    a BL couple figure/double figure. Two boys embracing or maybe a hand around the waist
    smth like that *_* Another wish (sort of) is a seiyuu figure, just imagine a figure
    of Mikishin or maybe Junjun in his unique clothes, many seiyuu has such interesting
    nice clothes XD and chibis would be also be cute. Maybe it’s just me but a figure of
    favorite seiyuu(‘s) would be kinda nice.
    But tbh I don’t know if theres market/demand for something like that? Some seiyuu is
    more private than others and would maybe think that’s kinda creepy haha
    Sorry for asking so many questions but there is so much that is still new to me.

    1. @Lili: For the first 3 options, you have to submit the names separately. Only one name per field.
      Question 5 didn’t specify, so it can be current or future title.
      Question 7 you can say the following: 男キャラのフィギュア。好きのキャラだけ。良い品質。

      You brought up some great points for the feedback:
      a) For couple figures of BL works, for example previously cancelled Spray Gakuen Heaven 1/8 figures of Keita/Kazuki:
      BL 作品 カップルのフィギュア。たとえば、前にキャンセルされたSPRAYの学園ヘヴン 1/8 伊藤啓太/遠藤和希の フィギュア

      b) I want hugging pose for BL couple.

      c) Seiyuu real/chibi figures, for example Miki Shinichirou and Fukuyama Jun, etc
      声優さんのリアルとディフォルメのフィギュアが欲しい。たとえば、三木 眞一郎さん、福山潤さん、ほか。

      Thank you!

      Hope this helps :D and we get our figures we want!

  3. yay i am so happy! I didn’t make it last time to fill one out so am happy they had it going a second time.

    I put Harlock,blackjack and alf(arc rise fantasia). It was tough deciding for the third one. I really want to see a figure of gauche from letterbee but i am hoping he was already enter by another person.

    1. @sigma: \(^o^) Yay~ hope you get your wishes! These characters are quite classic and its quite high chance that they’ll be made!
      Ooo Gauche would be really nice too *q*

  4. I’m such a failure. I don’t know the Japanese characters for Asami and Takaba’s names. I speak no Japanese. haha.

    Hey ponytale~ can I post this entry/or link to your entry in Yamane Ayano’s LJ community so they’d know as well?

    1. @banoni: I also needed to check the web for the characters lol~ ファインダーの標的 (Viewfinder) 麻見隆一 (Asami) and 高羽秋仁 (Akihito) Sure! Please feel free to share the post ^^)/

  5. Stupid phone posted before I was done :p Anyway Naitou would be awesome as well. Full size Uta no Prince figures would amazing too.
    I think that’s about all I ‘ve got. Some of them are pretty strange, but I love them anyway!

  6. My choices are pretty odd too!
    I love the idea of new HunterXHunter figures, but I really want a Kurapika!
    Subaru Sumeragi from Tokyo Babylon would be amazing!
    Sasha from Seikon no Qwaser
    Rin, Keisuke, and Motomi- Togainu
    Ban and Ginji- Getbackers
    Soubi- Loveless
    Keigo Atobe – Prince of Tennis
    Shinichi, Heiji, Kaito- Detective Conan
    Boris- Heart no Kuni
    Koyomi- Bakemonogatari
    Kyousuke (that doesn’t look retarded)- OreImo
    KAITO- Vocaloid
    Append Len- Vocaloid
    Kanata Nanami-Starry Sky
    I think that is about it. Letterbee would be cool. Naitou as we

    1. @Nagara9: I’m surprised Alter is taking so long to make the rest of the Starry Sky boys… maybe the demand isn’t as high as expected? That’s an awesome list you have there too :D

  7. I just love how Kotobukiya are actually taking into consideration the fangirl’s wishlist :) That’s very nice. It was kind of a tough decision to make though…since it was limited to 3. In the end, I chose Val from Crimson Spell, Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama & Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Tough choice ~__~ I asked for 1/8 scale figures, dakimakuras or chibi figures but mainly, I’d like to see scaled figures~

  8. Nice they let us talk one more time! I’ve asked (again) Shion and Nezumi, Kamui (X) as main requests, and suggested one coins of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, UraBoku and another Prince of Tennis set, with Ooishi and Eiji, as well 1/8 figures of Viewfinder and Crimson Spell. Anyway I’m very happy they’re going to do Kurama and Hiei! Hope more bishies to come!

    1. @planck-chan: Shion and Nezumi would be awesome! I love it when they can do pairings XD Kurama and Hiei is probably a result of the survey?

  9. it’s amazing that companies are really looking at the fujoshi/fangirls’ wishes. they’ve seen that they are willing to pay and buy bishonen merchandise.^^ hopefully it won’t slow down. but, it is draining my pocket, though. new items keep coming up and i can’t resist. :D

    1. @yudashin: Yeah Kotobukiya has always listened to what we wanted :) Love them! Just hope I have enough money to afford the figures and goods I must have!

  10. *-* this is such a great thing!
    I already sent my format XP

    1) deformed Kitani from Sweet Pool (he deserves more love!)
    2) realistic Youji from Sweet Pool (I mean, there are already lot of realistic versions for togainu no chi and even Lamento, but not for sweet pool! That’s unfair :( )
    3) deformed Kau from Togainu No Chi :3

    and that’s all!
    I know that kitani is not very popular, so really I hope a lot for my second whish to be realized >_<

    1. This is my craze wishliste:
      Teahouse : (Reed and Rory)

      Haru & Dmitri by slippeddee

      Koi (wo) suru by ayano yamane

      Border & renai houteshiki & ikumen after by kazuma kodaka (sougo x yamato, kippei, tamaki, shinnosuke, Jin x hydo)

      Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku by Kaori monchi (hinamori and kondo)
      Ze by yuki shimizu (ryuusei & moriya, Fairy tail (gajeel, male figures)
      Boku no koe & otodama by nitta , Gate by hirotaka kisaragi (male figures)

      Gundam wing (hero and duo)


      Vassalord: rayflo x Chris, Mirage of blaze(male figures), Togainu no chi: keisuke x akira
      Yakitate japan (male figures), Letter bee (male figure)
      So this was my list…I know I have special wishes^^#.

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