Survey: Summer Break edition 2013 Kotobukiya es wants to make your man! (bishonen, boy, male figures, figurines)

Summer Break 2013 survey by Kotobukiya for female-oriented goods and figures!

So busy orz;;; but managed to post this since it is time-sensitive. Anyway, Kotobukiya has opened a survey soliciting suggestions for their es series of figures that are targeted for the female audience.

1) Title: Kotobukiya Summer Break 2013 (female targeted) figure/goods survey コトブキヤ 2013夏休み 女性向け商品化希望アンケート!
Survey for Japanese works. Link:
(Survey for general audience figures. Similar questions:
Closing date: 4 August 2013

I haven’t had the time to think about this in detail yet cos some wish-listed goods and figures characters from the previous years were manufactured by Kotobukiya, like the awesome Dream Cushions of Utapri and DRRR!!, figures from Yu Yu Hakusho, etc. Some items were manufactured by other companies, like No.6 Dakimakura cover and 1/7 scaled Figure of Aoba from Dramatical Murder. Btw, Goodsmile is planning to make Nendoroid of Aoba too! OMG! I will post when I have time.

Let’s discuss and share your wishlists here before we post so that we can make a full offensive for characters we want XD

I suggest entering the Japanese names of the titles and characters. If you’re not sure how to write them, please discuss with us :D As always, Google is your friend too.

In case you’re not sure what the questions mean, here’s the quick translation:

Year end Survey for Japanese works and titles (female targeted) for FIGURES & GOODS
コトブキヤ 年末年始 女性向け商品化希望アンケート!
There are 2 new questions (8 and 9) added to the survey this year.

Multiple submissions from the same IP address will not be counted. Too bad for some of us on shared IP networks orz;;

1) フィギュア化して欲しいキャラクターはなんですか?「キャラクター名・作品名」の形でご記入ください(その1)
Is there a character you want to be made into a figure? Please write the character name and title of the work. (1st)

2) フィギュア化して欲しいキャラクターはなんですか?「キャラクター名・作品名」の形でご記入ください(その2)
Is there a character you want to be made into a figure? Please write the character name and title of the work. (2nd)

3) フィギュア化して欲しいキャラクターはなんですか?「キャラクター名・作品名」の形でご記入ください(その3)
Is there a character you want to be made into a figure? Please write the character name and title of the work. (3rd)

4) 問1~3で答えたキャラクターのスケール(リアル)フィギュアかデフォルメ(ワンコイングラ ンデなど)フィギュアのどちらが欲しいですか?(複数回答可)※必須
For each of your answers in 1, 2 and 3, please choose whether you want the character to be realistic (scaled figures) or deformed (eg. one-coin chibi) Can choose more than one option.
Question 1 問1:リアル Real
Question 1 問1:ディフォルメ Deformate
Question 2 問2:リアル Real
Question 2 問2:ディフォルメ Deformate
Question 3 問3:リアル Real
Question 3 問3:ディフォルメ Deformate

5) 今後、一番注目している作品はなんですか?(1つのみ 複数回答無効)
Which is the one title that you’re currently interested in? (Only 1 answer. Multiple answers not accepted)

6) 一ヶ月でフィギュアに掛けるご予算はおいくらぐらいでしょうか?
What is your estimated budget for figures per month?

7) フィギュアをご購入する際に一番の決め手となる要素はなんでしょうか?(購入動機)
What is the one most important factor that help you decide to buy the figure? (purchase motive)

8) フィギュア以外で欲しいグッズは何ですか?
What other goods do you want besides figures?

9) 問8で答えたグッズにしてほしい「キャラクター・作品」は何ですか?
In relation to question 8, what is the character and work that you wanted to be made into goods?

10) コトブキヤに対するご希望・ご意見がありましたらご記入ください。
Please write any other wishes or feedback you want here for Kotobukiya. (enter up to 400 characters)

This is probably where we can throw all our wish lists for consideration. The following text I grabbed from my previous post for the survey:
1/8 and 1/10 figures and Oppai mousepad. Eroero dakimakura cover (male character) voice mascot figures, chibi-chara figure…
Some examples- 1/8フィギュア、1/10フィギュア、男性キャラのおしりと胸マウスパッド、エロエロ抱き枕カバー(男性キャラ)、音声ボイス入りマスコットフィギュア、ちびキャラフィギュア。

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6 thoughts on “Survey: Summer Break edition 2013 Kotobukiya es wants to make your man! (bishonen, boy, male figures, figurines)”

  1. OMG nendoroid Aoba *A* yes plz though am still waiting for one coin DMMD where are they D: kind of unusual. I’d love to see figures of the other characters though I have the 1/7 Aoba but hopefully the other guys wouldn’t cost the same as him or we’d all be broke XD. I would also love to see Omerta figures (and re-release of lamento would be nice because I missed the chance to get them and now its pretty much impossible unless you’re ok blowing $100 on a used figure) ahh there’s too many I’d like to see.

  2. This is brilliant! Do you have a myfigurecollection account? Because you could post this as a blog on there and gain more voters!

    If not, may I be allowed to create a blog post there and copy/paste the relevant survey details? I will acknowledge and link to you in the end of the post.

    I ask because I believe this would make a lot of people happy ^^

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