Survey: Kotobukiya es wants to make your man! (bishonen, boy, male figures, figurines)

Here’s your chance to get your favourite male characters made!

Kotobukiya has opened a survey soliciting suggestions for their es series of figures that are targeted for the female audience. But hey, I think fanboys are definitely welcomed to take part too.

Update! I found another Kotobukiya survey that is meant for suggesting titles and characters from overseas works.

1) Title: Kotobukiya Summer Holidays (female targeted) figure/goods survey コトブキヤ 夏休み女性向けフィギュア・グッズアンケート!
Survey for Japanese works. Link:
2) Title: Kotobukiya Summer Holidays Overseas contents figure survey コトブキヤ 夏休み 海外コンテンツ フィギュア化希望アンケート!
Survey for Overseas works. Link:
Closing date: 31 August 2011

Make ours voices heard! I’m still compiling my list. Let’s discuss and share your wishlists here before we post so that we can make a full offensive for characters we want XD

Personally I prefer more dramatic looking figures (poses, costumes, long hair etc) although I also love some of the schoolboy/salaryman characters :-\ Hmm… decisions, decisions.

I suggest entering the Japanese names of the titles and characters. If you’re not sure how to write them, please discuss with us :D As always, Google is your friend too.

In case you’re not sure what the questions mean, here’s the quick translation:

Survey for Japanese works and titles (female targeted) for FIGURES & GOODS
コトブキヤ 夏休み女性向けフィギュア・グッズアンケート!

Update: According to Kotobukiya, for this particular survey, they will only count the first title and character name entered in question 1 and 2 for statistics purpose but they will take the rest of the suggestions into consideration. Yay! At least we know we can write our wishlists. However think carefully about your must must have and write them as your first entry!


Multiple submissions from the same IP address will not be counted.
(;_;) But what about people on shared IP networks???

1) 貴方のフィギュア・グッズ化して欲しいタイトル名(アニメ、ゲーム、漫画名)を書いてください。
Please write the title of the anime, game, manga that you want to see made into figures and goods.

2) 貴方のフィギュア・グッズ化して欲しいキャラクター名を書いてください。※必須
Please write the name of the character you want to be made into figures and goods. *Compulsory field.

3) どのようなフィギュア・グッズが欲しいかお答え下さい。(1/10フィギュア、ストラップ、キーホルダー、クリアファイル、レターセット等)
Please write the kind of figures/goods you want. (1/10 scaled figure, strap, key holder, clear file, letter set, etc) (enter up to 400 characters)
Planning to write 1/8 and 1/10 figures and Oppai mousepad (of the boys lol~) I want those that look like Youji’s but with actual padding for RSI prevention (yeah right) Backside pose is cool too… yum mousepads with padded asses XD
Some examples- 1/8フィギュア、1/10フィギュア、男性キャラのおしりと胸マウスパッド、エロエロ抱き枕カバー(男性キャラ)、音声ボイス入りマスコットフィギュア、ちびキャラフィギュア。

4) コトブキヤに対するご希望・ご意見がありましたらご記入ください。

Please write any other wishes or feedback you want here for Kotobukiya. (enter up to 400 characters)
For this part I’m going to ask Kotobukiya to not have so many exclusive figures cos all those Animate exclusives are painful for international wallet cos of proxy fees OTL;; I’ll post the comments in Japanese here after I craft them properly ^^;; Urursaii rightly pointed out that we shouldn’t mention about getting proxies to buy since the figures are only meant for the Japanese market. SIGH. I’ll not add that feedback in case it gets us into trouble.

Survey for Japanese works and titles for FIGURES only (Overseas works)
コトブキヤ 夏休み 海外コンテンツ フィギュア化希望アンケート!

Survey for Hollywood movie characters, American comics, game hero, etc.
Multiple submissions from the same IP address will not be counted.

1) 貴方のフィギュア化して欲しいタイトル名(アニメ、ゲーム、漫画名)を書いてください。(一つのみ。複数回答無効)
Please write the title of the anime, game, manga that you want to see made into a figure. (Please enter only ONE title. Multiple titles are invalid)

2) 貴方のフィギュア化して欲しいキャラクター名を書いてください。(一つのみ。複数回答無効)※必須
Please write the name of the character you want to be made into a figure. (Please enter only ONE name. Multiple names are invalid) *Compulsory field.

3) 貴方の2011年に買ったフィギュアの数を教えてください。
Please tell us the number of figures you have bought in 2011.

4) その中でコトブキヤのフィギュアの数を教えてください。
Among the total number of figures you bought, how many of them are Kotobukiya figures?

5) 特典物として付属していると嬉しい物は何ですか?
What kind of freebies (tokuen) would you be happy to have with the figures?

6) コトブキヤに対するご希望・ご意見がありましたらご記入ください。
Please write any other wishes or feedback you want here for Kotobukiya. (enter up to 400 characters)

Anyway, I love Kotobukiya! ^-^)/

Still in the process of sorting out my list. Here’s a sneak peek. (Not in order of preference) Some items are just plain wishful thinking tho OTL; I’ve more or less skipped the titles/characters that are already in production or picked up by other good companies.

  1. sweet pool
    崎山蓉司、城沼哲雄、三田睦、翁長善弥 Youji, Tetsuo, Makoto, Zenya
  2. 咎狗の血 Togainu no Chi
    ケイスケ、狗、グンジ、キリヲ、リン Keisuke, Kau, Gunji, Kiriwar, Rin
  3. No.6
    紫苑、ネズミ Shion, Nezumi
  4. DRAMAtical Murder
  5. 薄桜鬼 Hakuouki
    原田左之助 Harada Sannosuke
  6. ニトロプラス キラル Nitro+Chiral
    ナイトウ Naitou
  7. Lamento Beyond the Void、
    シュイ、リークス、カルツ、トキノ Shui, Leaks, Kaltz, Tokino
  8. エルシャダイ El Shaddai
  9. 大正メビウスライン Taisho Mebusline
  10. ラッキードッグ1 Lucky Dog 1
  11. ハローキティといっしょ! 倉花千夏 Ver. Hello Kitty to isshoni Kurahana Chinatsu ver.
  12. 同級生/卒業生 中村明日美子 Doukyousei/Sotsugyousei by Nakamura Asumiko
    佐条利人、草壁光 Rihito Sajou, Kusakabe Hikaru
  13. 鬼畜眼鏡 Kichiku Megane
    佐伯克哉、御堂孝典 Saeki Katsuya, Mido Takanori
  14. 清澗寺家シリーズ 4 罪の褥も濡れる夜 Seikanji ke Series 4
    清澗寺冬貴、伏見義康 Fuyuki, Fushimi
  15. 黒執事 2 Kuroshitsuji 2
    クロード・フォースタス Claude Faustus
  16. 純情ロマンチカ Junjou Romantica
  17. 是 ―ZE―
  18. 間の楔 Ai no Kusabi
    イアソン、リキ Iason, Riki
  19. クリムゾン・スペル やまねあやの Crimson Spell
    バルドリーグ・アルスヴィーズ、ハルヴィル・フロプト Havi, Valdrigue
  20. オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ Omerta ~Chinmoku no okite~
  21. 炎の蜃気楼 Mirage of Blaze
    仰木高耶、橘 義明 Takaya, Tachibana Yoshiaki (Naoe)
  22. 熱砂ノ楽園 Nessa no Rakuen
  23. DARKER THAN BLACK -黒の契約者-
    黒 Hei
  24. Are you Alice?
  25. 最後の約束の物語 Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari
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75 thoughts on “Survey: Kotobukiya es wants to make your man! (bishonen, boy, male figures, figurines)”

  1. I sent them a message full of strong desire for a 1/8th Scale Boris Airay from Heart No Kuni No Alice!
    I also mentioned Keigo Atobe(Prince of Tennis)
    A 1/6th scale Shinji Ikari (to finish the ruddy set)
    From Starry Sky Nanami Kanata and Ryuunosuke Miyaji.
    Blassreiter: a non Amalgam Joseph Jobson.
    And Yatillafrom Shaman Warrior. I think that covered my votes!

    1. @Tekizen: sounds good! I hope they’ll make your boys! Joseph from blassreiter sure is yummy!

      As for the starry sky boys, don’t worry. I’m sure Alter will make all of them now that they have started with Kinose Azusa ;)

  2. Kotobukiya you’ve always gave me awesome figures and I’ve loved you for it but now this is just aweesomeneesss!

    Did the survey XD
    1) Sweet Pool : Youji & Tetsuo (THIS MUST HAPPEN NNOWWWW!)
    2)Vassalord: Rayflo & Charley

    I want some 1/8 Tiger & Bunny figures to but somehow I feel like they’re gonna get made maybe due to the show’s popularity, so i didn’t include them in the survey.

    Although I’ve always wished for Figures of Kubota and Tokito from Wild Adapter, but i think the chances of that are nearly impossible any ;A;

    Anyways Thank You very much for the great news, im happy i saw it in time XD

    1. @sairu: XDD YES! Sweet Pool! Ooo Vassalord guys are hot. Great choices!

      Yeah I think Tiger & Bunny will get figures made cos they’re so popular, that’s why I’m going to skip them too. No harm including the two from Wild Adapter, you never know.

      Glad we can all contribute! <3

  3. @Ponytale: No problem for the coment.
    Yep, it’s a wonderful fanmade mousepad. I think the maker was selling some at the comiket judging by the packaging.
    Speaking of BL oppai mousepad, some weeks ago, I saw a online store selling these Hetalia doujinshi mousepads ( for more or less 40 euros… BUT WHY DIDN’T I HAVE KEPT THE LINK FOR WHEN I HAVE MONEY? Sometimes I don’t understand myself………. Erf. I’ve sure missed something…..

    1. @KOKURAN: WOW. Those are mega nosebleeders *_* maybe you can leave a comment at the blog and check if they’re still selling them.

  4. Hm,
    I search On piece doujinshis by Railroas, Ranma 1/2 Doujinshis by Luke1008, Doujinshis by Tashi Zaou/zaougumi/kouzuya, Streetfight doujinshi by mamiya oki &, One piece doujinshi with pairing Fullbody & Jacko- Franky x iceberg, Dragonball with pairing tenshin-han x yamcha, tiger & bunny Doujinshi by Kazuma koda & and many many more…..

  5. Lol A Fan must to find way^^. I hope kotobukiya bring some of my list^^.

    I have a questions on yu and the other fans….I search very much doujinshis…the problem is the same like some figures…the japanese shop don´t ship out from japan and ebay hast not all or is very expensiv…I know it gives mandarake..give some other cheap doujinshi shops there ship outside from japan ( I live in germany).

    1. @Levi: Some doujins are probably rarer than figures ^^;;

      I seldom buy doujins tho so I have to do some research on them. Are you looking for the older ones? For the older releases Mandarake is definitely a good place to find them at reasonable prices.

  6. @Mayon

    Cuz when the maker produced those goods, the contract is based in japan.
    Selling overseas is actually a violation of the contract.
    For companies like Animate and Toranoana, they are very strict. They have banned accounts or addresses suspicious of being a proxy company.

    1. @urusaiii: Thanks for answering Mayon’s question ^^

      Yeah, I couldn’t register my proxy address at Toranoana… and it sucks cos they sell lots of exclusive BL yummys :( but looking on the bright side, that’s one less outlet to bleed my bank account.

  7. Hmm… Well, I put Lucky Dog1/Giancarlo at the top of my list since I figured a lot of fangirls in Japan share my desire for a good Gian figure~ * v *;;…

    …and of course, 「男のおしりマウスパッド」.


    1. @Puchi: すごいい!男のおしりマウスパッド‼


      Reminds me of the latest episode of Baka Test XDDD

  8. @ponytale

    Oh wow, then they should say something about only limited to 1 or only the first title being counted! I’m glad I did it right!!

    I guess when I ask my friends to do the survey for me, I’d better use only one coz the others aren’t being counted anyway!

    Well there are always some ‘un’popular characters in the series. Would be nice to have a whole line up but the chances they would sell is very slim.
    HOWEVER it would be cool to have the whole mafia line up from Omerta–with their GUNS! That will be so cool!! But unlikely …

    But I do foresee Kichiku Megane one-coins coming….

    1. @urusaiii: yeah they should have stated it more clearly but maybe they wanted to keep things open?

      Well I think the first titles/names counted will help ensure that particular figure get made earlier :3 the rest we just have to keep our fingers crossed. They will keep them as feedback so it’ll be good too :)

      Yeah it’s about time they made those kichiku chibis. I’ve seen nendoroid petite fan customs of Saeki and Mido and they look awesome.

      Omertà guys would be fab! We need to give it time to build the fanbase. Suggest them as feedback anyway so that Kotobukiya will consider working with the game company in the future :)

  9. ^^, I had a other idea^^. I had send my list my per, because, I don´t I japanese, thats the reason I don´t write in link. I have send my list per mail as foreign Customer. I had for month wirte kotobukiya about a question and kotobukiya has answer me, thats the reason I think kotobukiya can read my list,

    1. @Levi: I see! That’s great! XD which email did you send to? I suggested writing in JP also partly because the form can probably take more names and titles if JP text is entered :D

  10. @ponytale
    Haha Let me help you out.
    Hakuoki Harada you can cross out coz if they have Toudou they would have to have Harada so no worries there!
    Didn’t sweet pool already have that one Youji pottying meat lumps figure??
    And they are already making N+C figures.

    Ai No Kusabi remake is canceled.. not an incentive to make figures lol.

    Wonder why they don’t consider making Kichiku Megane one coin chibi figures. Not a fan of chibis, but those KM chibis have been around for such a long time and they are being ignored :-( And Megane katsuya full scale figure.. I would buy like 10 of them to put 1 in every corner of my house.. lol (was kinda disappointed that Spray had the pillow cover instead of figure)

    Kinda old school but I want Kaikan Phrase Lucifer! LoL!

    1. @urusaiii: I got confirmation from Kotobukiya staff that it’s ok to enter more than one suggestion for the first 2 questions but for the results tabulating purpose, they’ll only count the first title entered for each. The rest they will use for consideration in the future :D

      The sweet pool figure was never sold in the end unfortunately. It was a garage kit created by an independent sculptor who applied for the creative license. But she accidentally damaged the final prototype while modifying it :(

      Yeah some of the older titles listed are not practical I guess but we can wish.

      I’m also surprised that kichiku megane hasn’t been made into figures too.

      So if you want Katsuya to be made, remember to write his name first so that they’ll count the vote, then followed by the rest of your wishlists.

      As for nitro chiral, many of us want other characters to be made into scaled figures too. Much as I love Akira and Shiki but I also want a Gunji, Rin, Keisuke etc.

      Wow kaikan phrase! Low probability but never hurts to try.

    1. @Tasukihoneybunny: I think preferably in Japanese? They didn’t mention the langauge but that’s probably because the survey is for the Japanese market.

  11. ;;;My list full of wishful thinking;;;
    *= More likely to be made
    +=Really want;;

    +Arc rise fantasia – Alfonse/ Weiss/ Neko
    +Fragile dreams – Seto/ Crow
    +Odin Sphere – Oswald (they made the girls why not the boy’s?)
    Final Fantasy Tactics – Ramza
    Legend Of Dragoon – main cast;; (they’d look so awesome as figures)
    *Persona 4/3/trinity – Main characters
    Eternal sonata – Chopin/Prince Crescendo
    Nier replicant- Young Neir/Main cast;;
    Drakengard – Caim;
    *Muramasa: The Demon Blade – Kisuke (they made the girl why not the boy?)
    *Devil summoner – Raido
    Breath of fire- Ryu from (BoF 3 are 5)
    +Grimgrimorie – Lillet Blan
    Adekan – Main cast;;
    DOGS – Haine
    +X/1999 – Kamui
    Litch Hikari club – the main character in OBATAS style~XD
    Epic of Zektbach – Main cast;;
    Sound horizon (/marginal series)- Main cast;;
    Wolfs rain – Kiba
    +Escaflowne- Vahn/Falcon
    Sailor moon – Sailor Stars/ Helios
    +*Tegami Bachi – Gauch
    *Slam dunk! – Rukawa
    Kuuchuu Buranko – Ichiro
    Arakawa under the Bridge – Sister/Kou
    Fushigi yuugi – Tamahome , Nuriko
    Creamy Mami – more creamy mami XD
    Urusei Yatsura – more Lum!
    Shiki -Yūki/Mutou
    Gundamn – updated versions of Amuro/Char
    Captain Harlock – a decent looking Harlock please. ;_;
    +Nadja of tomorrow – Keith/Francis v<
    Utena – Main cast

    Other that is obvious~~
    Berserk/gantz/Uta no Prince-sama/Starry sky/miracle noton/lucky dog/vivid color games/Wild arms/La corda d oro/togainu no chi/lamento/sweet pool/original characters from popular concept artists would be*o*

    about the figure it was given as a drawing/you had to send in a postcard entry from the magazine- 70th edition of erotics F.
    It is the character from her manga "J"
    they also had one of a character from restaurant paradiso.^v^

    1. @Sigma: That’s an awesome list! We’ll have to get you their Japanese names then prune them down to the must haves OTL I’m not sure if we can enter more than one but hopefully we can!

      Wow that figure is cute! XDD Thanks for sharing! They made a character of Restaurant Paradiso? OH MY! Please share the pic too! I loved that anime <3

  12. Ah,
    Not very wise to put something about the proxy fees for international buyers coz these things aren’t meant to be sold overseas.

    Thats a hella long list.. How are you gonna send them all?
    Having a characters limit is dumb >_< we can never get enough!

    1. @Urusaiii: GOSH… That’s true *_* Thanks so much for the reminder. I got carried away! DX I’ll hold back on that feedback OTL;;

      I’ve listed all of them so that I can see them clearly and prune the not so priority wants. SIGH.

  13. Kotobukiya loves us! ;__; <3 <3 <3

    It's so awesome that they're taking a survey like this! It gives me a little hope for some figures that I'd die for! ; u ;

    …also, Oshiri Mousepad DOWANT.

    1. @Puchi: YES! Other companies should take a cue from them and find out what their customers really want lol.

      Oh yeah~ Oshiri Mousepad :D~ *pokes the squishy humps*

  14. @Levi: whaa levi your list is outstanding! You really thought through! I love your choices!*o*
    ( omg , watch my list might end up the same length too! lol!XD)

    ~~I’m going to cheat and get most people I know to vote for what I want, fffffffff–

    lol! me too! It’s the only way~*o*

    ~~~~One of my friends said she managed to enter 30 characters XD

    Wha!! omg kotobikuya must be going crazy now with the entries!XD

    I love your choices!
    The least likey ones to be made would be mirage of blaze/ai no kusabi/crimson spell~ ;_____;

    They had made a small figure to one of the artists series. (the one in the top corner. So it’s likely , i would so love a figure too!
    *wants figures of the same characters you have on your list!XD

    i’ve seen el shaddai mini figures too so there is hope!

    i would sweet pool figs so bad!*_*

    I didn’t know you liked kultz too? <33

    ah i am still waiting for them to release that hello kitty character too! ;_;
    I managed to find a desk mat of him but it's going for a lot.;; i don't even know how big those things come.;

    I'll post my list after it stops lighting over here. beware it might be big; X_X

    1. @sigma: Looking forward to your list! I don’t think we can input all of them cos of the text character limit. DX Let’s try!

      Yeah some series in my wishlist like Mirage of Blaze, Ai no Kusabi etc are kinda old :-\ unless they got a remake or ova out, otherwise it’s next to impossible. And Crimson Spell looks good but it isn’t as popular so the possibilty is low too.

      I would really love to have the Doukyusei couple <333 Is there a figure of her works? OMG where?? O_O I wanna see!

      Sweet Pool boys may have a higher chance XD but hopefully they don't give us boring standing poses tho OTL;; The Lamento ones will be awesome cos they have fantastic looking designs and high potential for dynamic poses! Well, Kaltz is a beauty XD

      Her Hello Kitty chara is a guy so the probability of him getting made is low OTL Hopefully Kotobukiya can come to our rescue!

  15. 1.
    I. Seito kaichou ni chuukoku by kaori monchi: Kondo, Hinamori
    II. Thundercats- serie 2011: Tygra, Lion-O (
    III.Teahouse: Reed, Rory
    IV. ZE by yuki shimizu: Moriya, Ryuusei, Raizou, Kon
    V. Koi (wo)suru by ayano yamane: hiyama, mizuno
    VI. Border by kazuma kodaka: yamato, sougo, (kippei), shinosuke
    VII: renai houteshiki by kazuma kodaka:
    VIII. Mirage of Blaze: takaya ougi, Tachibana yoshiaki( Naoe)
    IX. mousou elektel by yonezou nekota
    X. Hyakujitsu no Bara by Inariya Fusanosuke
    XI. dramatical murder, togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool,ai no kusabi

    yamato, sougo, (kippei), shinosuke (VI.)
    Inagaki Meguru,Hagiwara Kanade, Kannami Koutarou ,Manabe Riku (VII.)
    hiyama, mizuno (V.)
    Moriya, Ryuusei, Raizou, Kon (IV.)
    Kondo, Hinamori (I.)
    takaya ougi, Tachibana yoshiaki( Naoe) (VIII.)
    Tygra, Lion-O (II.)
    fumi, shunpei (IX.)
    Reed, Rory (III.)
    Klaus von Wolfstadt, Taki Reizen (x.)

    Stamps,Mugs & Cups,Puzzle,Charms,Figures- mostly chibi- gashapon, pillow,mousepad

    Figures big(1/10 scaled- 1/8 scaled): Thundercats new series, koi suru, Ze, border, seito kaochou ni chuukoku, ai no kusabi, mirage of blaze, Hyakujitsu no Bara, dramatical murder, are you alice

    Figures chibi/gashapon: Thundercats new series, koi suru, Ze, border, seito kaochou ni chuukoku, ai no kusabi, mirage of blaze, Hyakujitsu no Bara, dramatical murder, mousou elektel

    Figures Christmas(chibi): togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool, dramatical murder, seitou kaichou ni chuukoku

    Figures Eastern( chibi): togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool, dramatical murder Figures

    Halloween( chibi): togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool, dramatical murder, seito kaichou ni chuukoku

    Figures Alice in wonderland (chibi): togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool, dramatical murder

    Stamps: Thundercats new series, koi wo suru, Ze, border, seito kaichou ni chuukoku, ai no kusabi, mirage of blaze, togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool, gakuen chiral, Hyakujitsu no Bara, gakuen heaven, dramatical murder, chiral café, renai houteshiki

    Charms(strap, key holder): mousou elektel, Otodama, Thundercats new series, koi wo suru, Ze, border, seito kaichou ni chuukoku, ai no kusabi, mirage of blaze, togainu no chi, lamento, sweet pool, gakuen chiral, Hyakujitsu no Bara, gakuen heaven, dramatical murder, chiral café, renai houteshiki

  16. Omg! That’s awesome.

    I’m totally loving your list! I’m still thinking about mine ^^ I want 1/8 scale figures! :D No 1/10ths T__T Too tiny. AND LOL, I WANT AN OPPAI MOUSEPAD TOOOOO.

    And I so agree with you! I want a figure that has a dynamic pose with lots of accessories and details but I also adore the school boys/salaryman too like Sweet Pool and Kichiku Megane!

    Ughhhhhh I shalll go compile my LIST lol and share here! I’ll prob need help with the names in Japanese.

    1. @momo: Japanese text characters take up less space, so we can squeeze in more names and titles hopefully. Looking forward to your list! XD

  17. Oh, my, this is cool. And a hard decision. I miss BL figures a lot.

    I would totally buy no. 6 or Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi merchandising (already ordered a couple of stuff). But I’d like some “unknown” stuff, like Ai no Kusabi, Maiden Rose, Sex Pistols or Loveless figures. Maybe a Kuranosuke figure? (Kuragehime) About manga… I’d love to buy stuff about Crimson Spell, Finder series… but guess it’s not happening. (just the incredibly expensive Asami doll)

    1. @Tanko: Yeah, I want BL titles to have more figures too! And I think a Crimson Spell will totally rock because of the character designs and costume. It’s on my wishlist too. And yes Ai no Kusabi etc etc etc

      I don’t have high hopes for Asami doll tho… :-\ anyway can’t justify spending that amt of $ on him either.

  18. I knew it, Kotobukiya is the best company for us, I love them always! They’re really sweet, from cuteness overload of their one coin series and rubber straps, to great smexiness of their scale figures! I need to compile my list carefully, and then submit. Thank you ponytale for let us know about it!

  19. Sorry for the double post, but I wonder if we can vote for two characters from the same series?

    Even if more unlikely to be made, I’d like to vote for Kiriwar. I need my self a pair : C

  20. Fanboys can and will : Db
    I’m going to cheat and get most people I know to vote for what I want, fffffffff–

    No really, we need a Gunji figure from TnC. I’ve been waiting years for him and, from msot surveys conducted in fujoshi oriented magazines, he seems to be one of the most popular in the series after Akira and Shiki THUS making it only fair (and dream for me) for them to finally pull him off.

    TL; DR: Gunji, now, make my year, take my money, have me go apeshit.

    1. @Oru: No worries. Yeah I so want a Gunji too!!! But you’re right… it won’t be right without Kiriwar. I’ll add him too XD I’m not sure how many we can add… they’re not specific but I’m going to try my luck and add more characters per field OTL;;

  21. I was a little confused about the restrictions, so I ended up writing two characters from the same series for Question 2 (saying I wanted them as a pair/set). ^ ^; I hope they still count my survey….

    Also, I didn’t see this in your description above, but the site says that if you enter the survey more than two times, they will stop counting results from your IP address. It’s hard just to pick just two though. XD

    1. @Linz: I’m not sure how many characters/titles we can input OTL;;; they are not so clear about it, so I’m going to squeeze as many as I can. One of my friends said she managed to enter 30 characters XD

      Oh yeah… they did say only 1 entry per IP right? But what about people on shared IP networks (;_;)

    1. @KOKURAN: Sorry for the eaten comment… the spam filter worked too hard OTL;;

      HAHAHA That’s an awesome male oppai mousepad! OMG! XDD It’s custom made tho… not official goods lol~

  22. Oh, what a great idea from them O.o
    I don´t think I will be able to write a japanese wishlist though. (also can´t read yours XD)
    I want Togainu, Lamento, Gravitation and Yura-design figures :P
    And.. cast-off figures would be great too (don´t mind which character XD)

  23. *gasp* A wish list? Is kotobukiya our santa??? OMO uwaaaa—- I dunno, but for me I would like to have phonestrap and figure~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ that would be fine! :D

  24. OMG
    i think Kotobukiya is my new love *0*
    this is what all us fujoshis have been waiting for! *0*

    so boy figures i want…

    this is so hard! D:
    k, i’ll go think a bit then post ~o~

    ps. delete former fail post pl0x

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