Starry☆Sky 13 Constellation Wallpaper

Starry Sky 13 Constellation

Beautiful Starry☆Sky~13constellation~ limited period wallpapers for download

Remember to grab the beautiful new Starry Sky 13 Constellation wallpapers that commemorate the new drama cd :) Haven’t received my delivery yet.

This 2-disk CD will include one cd of the main drama about the boys’ reunion meet-up after graduation. The other cd has the boys say things to comfort the listener (Tsukiko) who has a broken heart… hmm… There’ll also be a lucky draw coupon included in the drama CD. The winner will receive a special autographed poster from the full cast! *_* WANTS! Lucky draw submission deadline is 28 February.

The wallpapers will be up at honeybee’s page till 4 February 2011


{filelink=22} | {filelink=23} | {filelink=24} | {filelink=25}

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10 thoughts on “Starry☆Sky 13 Constellation Wallpaper”

  1. No no, you’re completely right, I was just half kidding, that’s why I was looking for someone who was at least interested on the series… But luckily my Kazuaki artbook and the one coins arrived yesterday and, when posting about it online, I found someone interested on the series that lives “close” by so… It’ll take care of that at least : >

    Just hope it doesn’t go much over 500 grams, ouch.

    And btw, thank you very much for the positive review on the artbook! I never expected it to look so thick and you were definitely right about the well rendering of the images on the extension of the pages. Some really gorgeous stuff.

    1. @Oru: XD that’s great! It’s nicer to give the book to somebody who’ll appreciate it. (Otherwise the book will be sad too XDD)

      Yep yep, spreading the love~ Glad you like the book too cos it is awesome! XD

  2. I still have the -After Spring- chibi wallpaper on, it just melts me inside.

    And you know what they say about free stuff, you shouldn’t turn down a gift! Aha.
    I received an extra copy due to a proxy’s mistake, so after all this time trying to sell it, I actually might just give it away. But being in Asia I suspect the shipping might be killer, uhn.
    I’m sorry for the personal question though ^^”’

    1. @Oru: Hehe those are cuute! Well, it depends… if you really don’t want something, then it’s better not take it :P Cos it’ll just be taking up space. And it might hurt the giver’s feelings too if they found out you don’t really appreciate it.

      Yep, the shipping will be, especially for heavy stuff *_* no worries about the question ^^

  3. Thank you for posting! The wallpaper is so beautiful it puts all the stress i have, at ease for the moment.

    Are you going to enter the for the prize? You should you might win.^^

    1. @sigma: Yeah it’s so beautiful! :D I’ll try my luck again! I entered the Yasashiku Toge ga aru drama cd signed autographed paper draw but didn’t win :-\

  4. This was probably my second or third favorite from all that came out, mostly because it feels so warm and cozy <3

    Also, I think I read you also have some of the games? I bought the Limited Winter pc game when it came out but I am yet to play it because time is so scarce, tsh.
    If you don't mind me asking, do you live in Europe or America? I have an extra mint Starry Sky in Autumm Anthology book I just can't sell and none of my friends are interested in the series (honestly, it's free and they still don't want it, lol) : <

    1. @Oru: Besides this one, I like the sweet and bitter season ones very much too :D I only have the limited Autumn PC game. And I haven’t completed it either ^^;; If it was a BL game I probably would’ve put in more effort to play/complete it but then again, I also haven’t finished some of the BL games I bought. I live in Asia. As for the anthology, I mean, unless they like the series, it’s unlikely they can appreciate it. How about I make a post here and get interested parties to contact you :3 If you want please give me more information about the book ^^

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