Special: Yandere Halloween 2012. Yandere Heaven Tengoku CD Giveaway

Update 6 Nov 2012: RESULTS! Congrats to Amber for winning the lucky draw! Thanks for everyone’s participation and recommendations! I’ll be contacting the winner soon!

Yandere Lelouch… (err… I mean Gin-san) presents…

Title: Yandere Tengoku Karei Naru Saionji-ke Hen ヤンデレ天国~華麗なる西園寺家編~
Available: 29 December 2011
Price: 2,100 Yen (w/tax)
Official site: http://www.hobirecords.com/yandere5
Available from comicomi: http://www.comicomi-studio.com/boys/goodsview.jsp?no=G0201900008000047186

Pairings: Sakurai Takahiro + Hatano Wataru x You (Listener)
櫻井孝宏 + 羽多野渉 x あなた


An old western mansion situated in the outskirts. No one knows when it was built and who lives there. The ominous atmosphere keeps people away. One day, the protagonist arrives at the mansion for work. She rings the bell and is greeted by twin brothers who live in the mansion…

1) Protagonist:
You (The listener)
You’ve been employed by the twin brothers’ grandmother to take care of them at the mansion as their maid/servant. You supposedly look like the twin brothers’ sister who has passed away due to illness.

2) Yandere older brother:
Saionji Ran 西園寺 蘭 Seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏
24 years old. He is cool-headed and oppressive. He does not show very much emotion. He is not interested in anyone other than himself and his brother. 冷徹で高圧的な性格。感情を余り表に出すことがない。自本と弟以外の人間に興味はない。He inherits his father’s business and is running it. He is envious of his brother’s sociable personality.

3) Yandere younger brother:
Saionji Wakasa 西園寺 若狭 Seiyuu: Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉
24 years old. He is sociable and has a friendly personality. He displays a huge range of emotions. After you arrive at the mansion, he becomes abnormally emotionally attached to you. 社交的で人懐っこい性格。感情の変化が豊か。主人公には病的なくらい懐いている。He likes taking photographs and does not have to work. He is envious of his brother as he is always given everything that he ever wanted, like the business, mansion, etc.

Toriai Kyoudai yandere style? This is 5th in the series where the listener gets victimized by her 2 obsessive suitors each time. Six volumes have been released since. This CD was released back in 2011 and I ordered one extra copy just so that I can give it away this Halloween :D To share the love as it is especially attractive to me due to the casting of Sakurai Takahiro and Hatano Wataru. I love these 2 guys and having both of them literally going crazy over me should be quite something ^^;;

This is an otome-first-person situation CD. The brothers speak directly to you but at the same time, we can get into their heads and listen to what they think. As expected from the previous releases, things start out pretty normal and then slowly descend into darkness as the brothers realise that both of them have romantic feelings for you. Listening to the usually sweet Waccha transform from puppy dog-like friendly guy into an obsessive stalker who laughs like a lunatic is quite an experience. Sakupyon on the other hand, as the cool-headed brother is more subdued and seems less extreme. But of course, both of them do at least some of the things we come to expect in Stalker 101, for example, telling you never to enter his room (because he doesn’t want you to know that his room walls are covered with hundreds of photos taken of you in secret), and bugging your mobile phone so that he can watch your every move and listen to your conversations.

In the end, the brothers turn against each other and want you to make a choice between them.

Getting the hell out of there is the best choice… but…

Warning: Ending spoilers follow!

If you really had to, the older brother, Ran end might be a slightly better choice. As you are the only thing he really wanted for the first time in his life and he is willing to do anything for you (even die for you, except let you go). The strange thing is that he hasn’t even touched you before this. He wants you to wait one more year, so that he can complete his plans that will allow the two of you to be together forever without the need to interact with others. With a little coaxing you may still have a decent life which revolves around him and him only ^^;; (Assuming he doesn’t do extreme things to you… can’t imagine.) And of course, because he is Sakupyon, you can expect to be thrilled by his sexily cool voice for the rest of your life.

As for Wakasa’s end… he chains you up and keeps taking photos of you (either with hidden cameras or what not) orz;; He does take you out for walks and removes your chains when he is not around but that’s only because you’re so isolated that no one will come save you even if you yell for help… Waccha’s voice sounds subtly crazy. It’s scarier because you know he is probably smiling all the time orz;; His creepy yandere music theme makes it worse lol.

Unlike Osananajimi no Kare Kuro Route voiced by Hino Satoshi, there are no sexual situations. Only hugging. Comparatively milder too, cos nobody ends up dead either.

Spending Halloween with Sakupyon and Waccha

If you like to win this CD, here are the instructions \(^o^)/:

  1. Leave a comment in this post with this text:
    Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha
  2. Include ONE recommendation link to or title of any manga, anime, game that has bishie (male only) yandere characters.
  3. Remember to fill in your name and email address so that I can contact you at the end of the draw

Deadline: 31 October 2012

I’ll pick a random winner at the end of October 2012 :) Good luck!

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60 thoughts on “Special: Yandere Halloween 2012. Yandere Heaven Tengoku CD Giveaway”

  1. Oh right, I’m past the deadline. Just one thing. K Project. Fushimi Sakuhiro. IS. A. FUCKING. SCARY. YANDERE. FOR. SKATERBOY YATA MISAKI. OIFHCGDGVSKJXDLSICUSGV he seriously is a fucked up guy… /DDD Don’t you agree?

  2. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha~
    I was gonna recommend Scarlet by Madarame Hiro but someone already did. D: So I’ll just go with Overdose by Kawai Touko but this one is about a seme cheating so does that count? D: If not then Senya Ichiya Shitone no Himegoto by Okadaya Tetuzoh where there’s violence. @.@

  3. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    Well, I spent some time thinking, but I always end up with my former fandom, so, I’d recommend for you Weiß Kreuz.

    Weiss was pretty popular some years ago (in fact a LOT of years ago. I myself was corrupted when I was only 14, now I’m 22.) It’s a 1997 series, and it’s known as Knight Hunters in USA.
    The basic plot is about 4 (cute, strong, popular, sexy) young man running a flower shop called Koneko no Sumu Ie… while in the night they work as assassins for a organization called Kritiker. If it’s not enough having assassins selling flowers, they have cat codenomes, and each one is represented by a different flower.
    They have enemies, of course, and they also are beauty bishies and unlike the main characters, the have ~powers~ and there’s almost nothing better than a sexy german that can read minds. ;D
    There are girls in the series, but you can ignore them all. Even the writers managed to get rid of almost all of them.

    There’s a lot of material to see:

    -A Light Novel
    -“3” animated series ( Weiß Kreuz Kapitel, Weiß Kreuz Gluhen, and the OVAs Weiß Kreuz Verbrechen & Strafe)
    – 2 manga series ( Weiß Kreuz : An Assassin and White Shaman , and Weiß Kreuz Side B)
    – Lots of Drama CDs
    – Special Music Videos

    Where’s the yandere?

    Well, everywhere. It’s not meant to be, but assassins, flowers, blood, kittens (/spoiler/ Ken, the most innocent and pure of the four slowly starting to like this job and saying loud and clearly in one Drama CD that he ~desires~ to kill, he ~needs~ that feeling./spoiler/)

    Now, why to look after Weiß Kreuz?

    -A plenty of bishies to see, with very interesting characters. You can pick from a lolishota to a mature bad boy. Just choose one.
    -Since there’s really a lot of media, you can see their development pretty well, for better or worst.
    -The Sound track is very good. The four main seyuu formed a band, also called Weiß Kreuz and did all the soundtrack. (They also did concerts cosplaying their characters!)
    -The BL is not official, but looking at this :
    I’m sure two males dressed like this, in the same bed, holding hands, in an ~official~ picture can’t mean only a simple friendship.
    -Well known voices. It’s even harder to not think this as an BL series when almost all the seyuus worked in yaoi series as Gravitation and Sukisho ( Just talking about this two, we have: Takehito Koyasu (Aya) as Yoru from Sukisho, Shinichirou Miki (Yohji) as Shinichirou Minato from Sukisho, Tomokazu Seki (Ken) as Shuichi from Gravitation, Okiayu Riyoutaru(Crawford) as K from Gravitation AND Nagase-senpai from Sukisho, and Midorikawa Hikaru(Schuldig) as Sora from Sukisho)

    And why NOT to look after Weiß Kreuz?

    The fandom is almost dead. This is really boring. In the past, almost all the fangirls in my country used to know Weiß, now only the old ones remain, and probably it’s the same arround the world. Once there’s so much material to watch/read/listen, it’s hard to not miss the people to share all the details. It’s also harder to find the series, specially the DRAMA CDs, and they’re very important to the series. As the most series from the 90’s the plot from the main animated serie (Kapitel) lacks some continuity, and the characters are not well explained (the fandom used to spent a lot of time making jokes about all the fails) and the DRAMA CDs are the best place to find about the characters past, and about facts that happens between the series. In fact, some thinks can be totally non-sense without them (/spoiler/ a.k.a the Gluhen series ending. Better, the entire Gluhen series. /spoiler/). With a old and dead fandom, you won’t find so much doujinshi nor illustration. But there’s a huuuuge fanfiction database. (I can recommend a few. LOL)

    Where to find?

    -Light Novel:
    I have no idea.

    An Assassin and White Shaman
    Side B
    (Not completed. I have the first 6 mangas in my computer, also not completed, but more than this, but I can’t find the website I downloaded them, and the last chapters are in japonese. I almost can’t read in japanese, it’s a shame.)

    -Animated Series:
    Completed (Kapitel, Gluhen and OVAs)
    (Ç__Ç I only know places subtitled in my language, so I did a quick google research, but I’m not sure if they’re good places to download stuff)

    -DRAMA CDs
    Well I never really found all the DRAMA, but there’s some places you can find translations
    And this nice people have some drama tracks uploades in youtube.

    I think like I wrote a lecture @.@ Now I should go to sleep.

  4. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha ^^

    I recommend this yaoi manga :) :
    “innocent blue”
    the Uke has a yandere ( heart illness)

  5. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    Idk if he really is Yandere-ish(but the obsession he was with a girl seemed strong), but the White Rabbit from Are you Alice?, beautiful josei manga with tons of bishies but sometimes the plot will screw with you.

  6. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    I would recommend: [switch] by naked ape, and I’m pretty sure the main protagonist dude Etou Kai is a cute yandere~!

  7. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    I recommend THE Makoto from Sweet Pool, he’s so cute I want to eat hi- NO WAIT.

  8. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    i don’t know if sarasa from “SADISTIC BOY” is real yandere, but he is a kinda creepy S which is really possesiv of his lover. so don’t lay a hand on his belonging. ;)

    the manga is from Tori Maia btw, which i really like. ^^


  9. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    I don’t have any new Manga or anime that features Yandere Characters but from the ones I have been reading as of late, like Yumi up there, I highly recommend Madarame Hiro’s Akuma series although that would be cheating so I’ll pick the one that I find has the most Yandere male character. Which will be Kawaii Akuma, which has been scanlated by Blissful Sin as well as licsensed by BLU. Pretty boys galore here that and it’s amusing.

  10. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    Hello! Umm.. well, I recommend the anime Another. It’s really cool and creepy. There are bishies and one them turns yandere. Of course it also has moe girls, but they’re cool. The story is really interesting.

    you can watch the anime here http://www.crunchyroll.com/another

  11. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    My recommendation is definitely the Corpse Party(game&manga) series! Which has the characters Morishige and Kizami that are seriously the most messed up yandere bishies I’ve seen in a long time. xD And they’re voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara and Tomokazu Sugita so that’s a plus. <3

  12. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha
    (omg especially Waccha I don’t even care if he’s crazy asdf)

    Well it’s not BL, but I hope it doesn’t have to be;;;
    Hitler from Afterschool Charisma is pretty yandere. To what extent I don’t know yet because the series is ongoing, but he’s definitely getting more insane with every volume with his creepy smiles..
    Whether he’s bishie or not is up to the reader, but I find him pretty cute in a small animal way. :3
    Of course, it’s not the real Hitler, but his clone. xD
    It’s a great series! Has a /little/ bit of BL (as well as some topless women in the first volume or two) but more in a comedic way. The rest of it is dark, but if you don’t mind that that, AC is awesome.
    -crosses fingers-

    1. @htk318: No worries! It doesn’t have to be a BL title :D Afterschool Charisma sounds intriguing! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look it up!

  13. Spending Halloween with Sakupyon and Waccha

    Well, usually I will recommend yaoi manga to you.. but right now, I’m really enjoying my free time to read manga “CODE BREAKER” by Kamijou Akimine. Yup, the one which anime version is just starting this fall :D I really like both the story and those male characters; Oogami Rei (VC : Okamoto Nobuhiko) and Heike Masaomi (VC : Kimura Subaru). For me, they’re really amazing yandere among other characters…. which I also think the other is yandere as well too such as Fujiwara Toki (VC : Suzumura Kenichi) hahaha.. CODE BREAKER saikou to omou yo.. :D
    Gambatte ne~
    Manga in English version : http://www.mangatraders.com/manga/series/3613
    Manga in Japan RAW version : http://raw1st.com/code-breaker/

  14. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    I recommended this BL manga Yokubou no Shizuku by HIGASHINO Yuu, I don’t know if you already read it or not, but I think this is the most Yandere I’ve read ^^.
    Here is the link http://www.mangatraders.com/manga/series/5680

    Or you can play this game http://www.otomate.jp/gekka/ , Kaneda Wabisuke (兼田 侘助)
    CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡) is the Yandere character in that game ^^

  15. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    Sakura Gari by Watase Yuu. Saiki Souma is extremely possessive of Tagami Masataka… but then you end up feeling horrible for him and his past;; There’s also his sibling Sakura who’s just crazy for Souma. This manga has lots of dark themes but it’s extremely well done! I cry no matter how many times I read it lol.

    1. @Niii: Thanks for the recommendation! Yes I liked this title too and bought it when the manga were released. I found the artwork very beautiful. And the story made me sad too.

  16. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha

    I’d have to recommend Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru. I’d say Ian (even greg, but he’s not really a bishie) counts as a yandere character. I love this manga so much, but it is so saaaaaad. :<

  17. The drama sounds so interesting. “Stalker 101!?” lol XD

    I don’t know to many series that have yandere male characters to participate, ;o;
    but i would like to mention this series i’m currently into, that does have one yandere.

    Diabolik Lovers!
    (If you like S Vampires! *hides*) >///>
    Sakamaki Kanato is a cutie yandere!!(;v;) Yuuki kaji (<3!) who plays his voice does a great job in the drama cd, Very different from what i'm used to hearing from him.

    1. @dandycorsets: Yep! I bet they have that handbook coded in their DNA XDD

      Thanks for the recommendation! I think that Kaji Yuki’s yandere chibi is cute too! He sounds fantastic in the Diabolik Lovers radio show.

    2. *_* I haven’t heard the radio show yet (didn’t even know that they had one)!<3
      I Can't wait to hear; I still have a few more drama cd's to listen to. I'm excited for the game, but wonder where I can find it and play it from…hmm.

    3. @dandycorsets: The seiyuus are much more fun to listen to on the radio show. Kaji Yuki was incredibly cute :D I don’t enjoy the CDs as much ^^;; not do-M enough to patiently sit through the hour-long systematic abuse just for the smexy blood sucking scenes at the end lol. I would go straight to the ending for that XD

      The PSP game was just released this month if I’m not wrong. I didn’t buy it cos I had no time nor money to \(ToT)/ but let me know your thoughts if you get to play it!

    4. ~not do-M enough to patiently sit through the hour-long systematic abuse just for the smexy blood sucking scenes at the end lol.

      lol! I don’t blame you!
      The cd’s are interesting in their own way, and has some weird moment’s I made faces to; I was just like “What?”. Some parts were funny in how it sounded, but yea like with Yuki’s cd by the end I thought he was going crazy are something.(The sucking sound is so weird!!XD)

      I’m so interested in hearing his cd from Issho ni Gohan! He sings with Wataru Hatano (Sato is a cutie)! I had a chance to hear one of the songs from it, and it sounded so nice! They are great together!*o* I hope this becomes a game too.>//<

      Another one i'm interested in, is the Black Wolves Saga. It looks so nice and so many awesome seiyuu's; in addition, to the beautiful artwork it has! The music is so nice too.<3

      So many interesting games~ ;///;
      I don't think i'll be able to play them though because my pc is still not accepting the games.
      (Maybe someone will upload them selves playing it on youtube, and i can follow along are something-lol it's lame i know…;; OTL;;;; )

      (This is kinda off topic, but I was wondering if you heard all of mamo's songs from his albums Break or Fantasista? I recently brought them off yesasia, so if their is a song you haven't heard yet let me know. I'll upload them for you~<3 )

    5. @dandycorset: Yeah cos he is yandere do-S who supposedly gets bullied by all his brothers :D Ooo I’ll check out Issho ni Gohan if I can. Sounds cute!

      Compared to the limited number of BL games, there are lots more otome games out there in the market… tread with care! Lol~ XD Don’t have enough money to get em all… Hmm… I wonder if people upload game play videos of otome games on youtube? Usually its fighting games and so on :P But we never know.

      I think I have the Break CD. Got it when it first released. Came with a poster too if I remember correctly XD I don’t have Fantasista tho :D How is it?

    6. Hmm I remember seeing a few BL game play videos on youtube before. I have yet to search for the otome ones.

      !! OoO You got a poster with his cd!? That’s so neat~!<3 I wonder what it looks like?;;
      I haven't got my cd's in yet. When i listen to it i'll let you know. I'm excited!
      You know it was only last week that i discovered he had a wife and child. lol i'm a terrible fan for not knowing this~~XD;;;
      Did you get to see his video he upload around that time (about his new born)? I read that it was very emotional. I wish i could have seen it though.
      Also have you had a chance to see "Wonderful World" movie?

    7. @dandycorsets: the poster was a surprise cos I wasn’t expecting it. I have it rolled up. I’ll take a pic of it when I find it xD messy room! it’s one of the album covers.

      Yeah it was a relatively big news among the seiyuu industry cos it wasn’t an expected pregnancy (apparently he was supposedly diagnosed as having difficulty to conceive ^^;; he was so nervous and excited that he revealed a bit too much detail in the video lol) but I’m happy for him! Seiyuus deserve happiness too! :D

      Break is good! The songs made good use of his vocal strengths and are enjoyable. I haven’t been following his latest releases tho. Been busy D:

  18. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha
    I recommend a horror manga named Litchi Hikari Club. It’s very explicit and gore

  19. Spending Halloween 2012 with Yandere Sakupyon and Waccha
    I recommend the yaoi vn CAGE -OPEN-. Minor producer, so no voices, but the theme of the game is gorish and all the characters are pretty insane (Kujou and Yoshimoto are definitely yandere). You can find it on Aarinfantasy.

    1. So far I’ve just played through one of Kujou’s routes and half of Yoshimoto’s. In my opinion the game’s good, even if there’s a little lack of CGs (some scenes soooo needed them TT^TT). What I like about it is the dark theme, there aren’t many bl vn that are this bloody. If you like the genre you should check this out!^^

    2. @Camicarlot: I see! Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely try it when I can find the time. Not sure if I can take too much gore though. Cos I found another BL game, Enzai too gory and depressing when I tried it. Couldn’t go further after getting a bad end ^^;;

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