Special: Yandere Halloween 2011. Osananajimi no Kare Kuro Route CD Giveaway

Update! Lucky winner of the Yandere CD is…


Congrats! I’ll contact you soon for your mailing address ^^)/

Thanks for taking part everyone! I didn’t expect the response to be so good! Hinnochi sure is popular :D I may plan another giveaway since Christmas is coming soon! But no promises yet till I actually have something posted up okie… and now back to work to clear all my deadlines (;0;)

19 October 2011

Halloween is just around the corner! :D So, to celebrate Yandere Halloween 2011, I’ll be giving away one brand new copy of Stella Worth Exclusive Osananajimi no Kare Kuro/Dark Route CD 「幼馴染の彼 黒ルート」(電話に出るver.) (My review post is here)

In case you haven’t read the review post, this CD is a first-person “situation CD” where the character is talking to you, the listener. It’s not BL :)

1) Leave me a comment in this post. Don’t forget to fill in your name and email address, so that I can contact you if you win. To answer Sug’s question, Just fill the name and email form field when you post. You don’t have to reveal your name and email inside the actual comment.

I’ll randomly pick one of the lucky winners from the entries ^^ and publish the result here at the end of the closing date.

Closing date 30 November 2011.


For those of us who don’t celebrate Halloween…

Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. (from wiki)

And where does yandere fit in?

A yandere is a fictional character (chiefly Japanese fiction) who fits the archetype of being loving, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged in behavior. The psychotic tendency can be both sudden and ever-present. Often used for both comedic and dramatic displays of character.

Yandere (ヤンデレ), is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as exhausted or lovestruck, but in this case used for “lovestruck.”

The word was development from tsundere which describes a character who is both hard-nosed or moody tsuntsun (ツンツン) and the aforementioned lovestruck. The sick portion was added when a new layer of romantic obsession came about beyond normal tsundere (where cool emotions were warmed and nurtured towards awkward and sexualized tension) where seemingly normal displays of affection become mentally dilapidated (i.e. kidnapping crushes, poisoning food that is to be eaten by a romantic rival, or forcing the romantic interest to commit shinju (心中)) (from Wikionary)

Good luck and Happy Scary Halloween! :D

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88 thoughts on “Special: Yandere Halloween 2011. Osananajimi no Kare Kuro Route CD Giveaway”

    1. i haven’t received the email yet..
      and i have too many junk mail .____.

      ——- removed your email so you don’t get even more junk mail lol~

  1. Hi there! For a self-proclaimed BL lover, I have never heard a CD with a yandere character because I thought it would be too scary but this is Hinocchi so yeah, I gotta be exposed to his work. Please, I hope my star is lucky enough to land me this surprise!!

    1. @Cass: You don’t have to publish your email on the comment itself. You just have to fill it in the email form field so that I can see it ^^ Good luck!

  2. Oh my god! If I am the lucky winner then I’ll listen to this every night. Oh, this is the first time I heard the term ‘yandere’, what a baka I am, even though I self-proclaim myself as a BL lover but I never heard of yandere….but, I’m praying and see if my stars are lucky enough ^^!

  3. woow, you’re so kind to give your viewers a chance to get something for Halloween. and I hope I can still have the chance even though I don’t celebrate Halloween..

  4. Yandere x Listener? Really? O-oh gosh… can’t… resist… ( 。ノдノ。)
    Just reading your review was enough to make my (not-so-)inner fangirl go crazy. 8D

  5. what will happen if it’s yandere x yandere??? O____O
    i’m a yandere myself, maa it’s still hino satoshi >////<

    happy halloween~

  6. I’ve always love yandere and I play every games that has yandere in it and of course the latest are Amnesia Toma’s route and Lucky Dog 1 BL game Even though Guillio looks like a mental problem guy, he’s yandereness over Gian is <3

    Listened to Black Route I went to heaven on my birthday. LOL.

  7. Yandere Hino Satoshi!?!? YES!!! *yumyumyum*

    Ahem. I mean. Thanks so much for this great offer!! Have a great Halloween!!

    (too bad we don’t celebrate Halloween where I live…)

  8. I LOVE yandere, it is sooooo hot XD can’t really imagin hino satoshi as yandere, sounds very interesting haha would love to hear this cd ^ – ^ (and 18+ ??? WTF *die from bloodloss*)

  9. Hinocchi + Yandere?
    Yes, I’m one of the shameless people who like yanderes >//< Really rare to have one 18+ too *nosebleed*

  10. Ahaha, because…my luck sucks and because I love yandere characters lately…I JUST HAVE TO TRY MY NONEXISTENT LUCK. But oh well. I just saw you posted a review. NOW I NEED TO READ IT *A*

  11. Ahh Hino Satoshi~, I really couldn’t stop grinning like a idiot when I first heard him in drama cds, but in 3d dummy head recording is totally changing everything 8D, been a little addicted to those lately.

  12. Osananajima AND yandere? Could this possibly get any better? ///>.<///

    Oh, hell, yes, it just did. With Hino Satoshi! Squeal!

  13. Oh cool :D Definitely sounds interesting.
    Is the emailadress in teh email field enough or do I have to post it in the comment section as well?

  14. I saw the cover and thought asdfsgfsg OH HAY YURA LET ME TRY AND WIN YOU ❤
    btw, do you know what they are doing for Gian’s BDAY? I think they have the SS summary up at the site…

  15. ASdasdasdasds Yandere + dummy head mic + Hino Satoshi = Made of win

    Pffft I have nothing clever/funny to say… Damn it! XD

    More damn it, forgot the name and e-mail XD.

  16. ASdasdasdasds Yandere + dummy head mic + Hino Satoshi = Made of win

    Pffft I have nothing clever/funny to say… Damn it! XD

  17. This is so so so 俺得 beyond belief. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that the producers had me in mind when they made it.

    Seiyuu: HinoSato. Check
    Theme: Yandere. Check
    Writer: Hiyo. Check

    LEMME AT IT!!!! @Q@

  18. I have always just lurked, but I suppose now I will have to come out of hiding u.u

    Yanderes have always freaked me out…. After School Days… -shudder-

    Yet, I’m still curious about how a scene like that would play out~
    Maybe it’ll be less scary if I don’t know what they’re saying XD

  19. My gosh. I’m seriously wondering how those “types” of scenes are gonna work if there’s only one person talking. xDD But, who doesn’t love a good yandere. <33333

  20. Wow. After reading your review, I’m really curious to hear Satoshis perfomance. So used to listening to his “cute side” ^^;

  21. I’m rather new to this whole Drama CD thing and I’m still not sure if my heart is ready for this. xD Anyway, thanks for the tip. I guess I’ll visit your website more often now. ^^

  22. aaaagghh.. I’m getting more and more addicted to drama cds using dummy-head mics… and this one is R-18?! OMG /nosebleed!!

  23. Hino Satoshi ♥
    I’ll probably get the bright route cd as well if I manage to win this.

    Ahhh Halloween~ the day I escape the house and eat dinner out so I can avoid giving away my hard earned sugar to kids that claw at my door every year.

  24. = A= I just watched/listened to a yandere cd for guys today….as per my friend’s recommendation….I don’t know what to think of when a guy is the yandere = 3=;;

  25. Halloween!!! I love Halloween because of the candies~ But no one give me because we rarely celebrate Halloween… That’s a bit sad but I still wait for it patiently~ hope this year will get another great Halloween too~

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