Special: Togainu no Chi April’s Fools Special… Yo Akira!

yo Akira!
I don’t have time to go through the site yet… But pop over now before it disappears ^^


Weird. lol~

Btw, did anyone save the videos? *_* I didn’t have time to do that and the site had already gone by the time I figured out how to do it. Thanks in advance!!! Thanks Poopie for the Youtube Video links! XD I’ve tried to translate the video for ya… please view here. Update: the Youtube links are dead but I’ve replaced them with video files instead ^^

BTW my Japanese language ability is waaay sucky, and I am probably wrong in many parts, so please bear with my amateur translation ^^;;

[???] means I don’t get what they’re saying or not sure. Please feel free to fill them in if you know better.



Keisuke (K): Akira and I are going to the bar later. I’m looking forward to it!

[Akira’s mobile rings]

K: [???: There’s sound coming out from Akira’s outer wear.] The phone is ringing! Akira, your phone!

Akira (A): My phone? Ah… I’m eating Solid (food) now. Can’t answer it.

K: Hello! It’s Keisuke.

Ema (E): You finally picked up. It’s Ema. Need to ask you something. You have something important in your bag that belongs to me. Can you check it now?

K: What is it?

E: Call me back after you checked it.

[hang up]

A: Who was it?

K: I’m sorry. I don’t really get it.

A: SIGH. It irritates me when I see you.

[ring ring]

K: Ah… the phone is ringing again. Hello! It’s Keisuke again! :D

E: It’s Ema. Go check quickly and call me back immediately!

[hang up]

A: Who was that?

K: It’s Emada-san (Keisuke heard Ema’s name wrongly ^^;;;)

A: Emada?

K: She seems to be extremely angry.

A: What did she want?

K: Erm… I don’t really understand it…

A: You… again… SIGH.

[ring ring]

K: Hello! This time, it’s Keisuke yet again :D

E: Oi! ***hole, how long do you expect me to wait? Life imprisonment (終身刑)! I’ll put you behind bars for life!

[hang up]

K: It’s about some Syushinkei guy.

A: I see… [???: Something about remembering and being pissed by these angry/unhappy calls]

K: Why Akira?

A: Because it’s annoying.

K: It’s annoying?

A: But because it is a mobile phone, it leaves the trace of the caller’s number.

K: So… you can retaliate! That’s awesome, Akira!

A&K: Ah haha ha haha ha

[Anyway, I don’t really get this either LOL]




Rin (R): I’m going to the castle with everybody and have fun today!

R: Akira!

Akira (A): Sorry. I need to go to [place] and won’t be back for a week.

R: Huh? No way, didn’t we make plans to go together today? Darn… I understand. ok. I’ll go with Keisuke then.

[meets Keisuke]

R: Hey Keisuke, let’s go to the castle together!

Keisuke (K): Ah, sorry. I have club activities. I can’t go with you.

R: Eh? Really? How can you… Keisuke! [FLYING-KICK and Keisuke lies flat on his face]

R: I guess it can’t be helped. Oh well…

[meets Motomi]

R: Oi~ ossan~ Are you free now?

Motomi (M): Mmm? Rin? What’s up if I’m free?

R: Let’s go to the castle together?

M: Oh… Mmm… I see… Oh… I’m not free anymore.

R: Eh? You just said you’re free, didn’t you?

M: Haha… I’m not free anymore.

R: Aww… everybody’s terrible! Ah~ I guess I have no choice but to go on my own.

[meets some random guys]

R: Wait a bit, you going to the castle? Let me join you?

RG: You can’t.

R: Why not? [???] Let me join you!

RG: No, you can’t. [Pushes Rin away and he falls]

R: Hey, that hurts! What the hell. All these people. I’m so confused. [Kicks rock and breaks something]

??: EEEK….

Arubitro (AR): My… my collection! AAHH..

R: Oh no… It seems that I’ve hit Arubitro’s collection. What should I do?
[KICKS another rock. Breaking noise]


R: Sorry sorry! [??? It hit again.]

AR: You… you barbarian!!! DX

R: I’m sorry! [KICK! Breaking noise]


R: Sorry! This one looks bad! Hurry [???] [KICK. Breaking noise]

R: AHH! [KICK. Breaking noise]

AR: EEEK…. HIIII DDDX [Multiple Arubitro shot LOL]

R: ARGH! [Rin falls and breaks more things] This time its… [???]


M: Ha ha ha ha.

R: Ah ossan! Keisuke, Akira too! What are you doing here?

A: I wanted to give Rin a surprise, so I followed behind you to the castle.

K: I wanted to irritate Rin, so I lied.

M: I wanted to [???] Rin, [???].

R: Why… so that’s the reason… I became irritated for nothing.

M: Ha ha ha… don’t be irritated!

R: Don’t do that… I’m going to get (hurt) you for this, ossan!

A: Rin, [??? in this situation, I suggest you go hit something to get your steam off. I would do that.]

K: That’s right, just go hit something.

R: I see… Just hit something huh…

M: That’s right. [??? However, I know somewhere we can do that without getting into trouble.]

[Throws rocks at Arubitro and his collection.]

ALL (except AR): Ah haaahahahahahaa Ah haahahahahahaha LOL LOL



[Poor Arubitro XD But why didn’t he try to dodge LOL.]



Akira (A): Ever since Shiki caught and brought me to this room, he hasn’t done anything yet. But I was caught, my hands are tied up and I can’t move to drink water. Nobody comes here to play. I guess there’s nothing much I can do but sleep then…

Shiki (S): Hmmpf, small fry…

A: Ah.. Shiki.

S: [???: Stop looking as if you’re suffering.] I brought Solid (food) for you.

A: [??? I can’t help it since you caught me and then went outside.] Give me the Solid.

S: Then get up and take a good look. Which flavour do you want?

A: Don’t be unreasonable. Omu rice.

S: Aren’t you afraid of dying? [???: You won’t get enough nourishment (if you only eat this) 栄養が偏るぞ]

A: Shut up! … Delicious ♥ … [Solid food pieces sticking on his face lol]

S: ***hole. You don’t seem to realise the situation you’re in. Eat other favours too!

A: You’re the reason why I’m in this position! No, I don’t want to (eat it)!

S: Just when I’m starting to think you were a bit cute…

A: [???: Don’t get the idea that you’ve triumphed over me!]


S: You “unbalanced-diet” ***hole! (偏食野郎!)

A: You black narcissist! (ブラックナルシスト!)

[Akira’s jacket is thrown onto the floor x x x x ]

[Next cut: Akira is lying on the bed with his hands untied]

A: My tummy is swelling/full and after the exercise … I can’t sleep. But since I’m free and there’s nothing to do… I guess I’ll sleep. [Having sex is an exercise LOL and I think the tummy swelling/full can have double meaning. Akira just ate a pack of Solid, so he is full but it can also mean Shiki “shot” a lot inside him, so he is full inside now, you know, the tummy is connected to *cough* his rear end. But LOL maybe I’m just perving and reading into it too much ^^;;; )

S: What is it? Exhausted after doing -IT-? A small fry indeed. [Messy hair Shiki LOL]

A: You can’t seem to do anything else besides THAT.

S: Don’t make me sound like a beast.

A: That’s a fact. I have no intention to associate with you.

S: Such impudent mouth. Do you want [???] to be touched again?

A: I said I don’t want to be part of such maniac play! [Maniac play LOL we know you’re a perv Shiki]

S: [??? Sprouting some angry words I don’t get ^^;;;] Shut up and get under me.

A: I hate this aspect of you the most! [KICK Shiki’s face] Don’t come near me!

S: Isn’t it better to be honest and enjoy it? [Something along this line.]

A: I hate it more and more when you say this! Let go of me!

[Shiki pushes Akira down from behind]

S: Bwa Ha ha ha ha… Bwa Ha ha ha ha … Bwa Ha ha ha ha…

[Akira’s shoes and T-shirt goes flying…]



Hope you get the general idea. Please help fill me in the parts I don’t get and correct the parts I’ve translated wrongly (which I expect to be a lot of parts ^^;;; Thanks!)

Anyway, those Nitro+staff are funny. Apparently YO! Akira idea is a spoof of OH! Mikey – Japanese mannequin drama. Info: http://www.fuccon-family.com/ (official) and http://www.fuccon.com/ (non-official in English)

Omake~ Limited wallpaper download

(1) {filelink=52} | {filelink=53} | {filelink=54} | {filelink=55} | {filelink=56} | {filelink=57}

(2) {filelink=58} | {filelink=59} | {filelink=60} | {filelink=61} | {filelink=62} | {filelink=63}

(3) {filelink=64} | {filelink=65} | {filelink=66} | {filelink=67} | {filelink=68} | {filelink=69}

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16 thoughts on “Special: Togainu no Chi April’s Fools Special… Yo Akira!”

  1. These videos are just hilarious! thank you so much for sharing! could you please re-upload the link for downloading these videos? i would love to have them and re-watch them over and over again

  2. @Poopie: No worries ^^ but the translation is not entirely accurate cos I couldn’t get certain parts o_O;;;

    Lol~ official crack XD N+C staff sure have a sense of humour! Yeah I also left mine as the White Day one hehehe… the mannequin ones are just too weird.

    Well, only in Japan XD OH Mikey drama is even released as DVD! If we look at the mannequin from the perspective that they’re just puppets maybe it isn’t that bad ^^;;;

    @yudashin: Glad to help! ^^ The special page sure disappeared fast x_x

    @planck-chan: No probs XD glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I missed the April Fools site before it went down. Thanks for posting the wallpapers. :DD The videos are awesome! Thank you for the translations.

  4. :D you are welcome~~

    OMG you actually translated them!!!….thanku so much!!!! ^ O ^

    I laughed SO HARD at the last one ahahaha….Shiki actually thought Akira is “cute” AWWWWW….I love Akira’s blush mark ;///;

    I tried to switch my wallpaper to the mannequin ones but oh man they still creep me out LOL *switches back to the White Day ver.*

    btw that YO!Mickey drama…….O_O this is srsly creepy.

  5. @Poopie: Thanks for the links! ^^ I translated them… hope it helps a bit XD

    @Sigma: Yeah, thank goodness for the posted videos XD I could watch over and over in my attempt to translate them ^^;;; I didn’t understand the 1st story’s ending well cos I couldn’t get what Akira was talking about. Hopefully somebody who knew better can help with that.

    I read a Japanese blog post that commented that Solid is dry and doesn’t taste very good LOL~ XD Ah~ I wonder. Akira sure loves his omu rice!

    I think Akira’s mannequin looks pretty! And Rin looks very good too ^^ Blow-up dolls would be so much more perverse *_* I’m glad they didn’t do that.

    @imacatlover: SQUEE~ such a cute Shiki x Akira plushie pose!!! <3

    But why do they make you pay so much for customs? It's just a plushie for God's sake x_x Thanks goodness for an understanding bro~ You rock!

    When I first saw the YO! Akira videos, I was like, no way they got the original cast just to do that??? But after they started speaking, I think the staff voice overs made it so much funnier XD and they sure tried hard! It would be so cool if they released a behind the scenes footage. There must be lots of hilarity and laughter all around while doing this XD

    *cough* Maybe listening to it over and over again cos I was translating it put perverse ideas into my head *cough* (^///^);;; Ah and messy hair Shiki was so funny LOL… Well, glad the translation helped! kekeke

  6. OMG, I totally love you for translating this *___* I already laughed so hard at the untranslated vids, and this just made everything better xDD

    “A: My tummy is swelling/full and after the exercise … I can’t sleep. But since I’m free and there’s nothing to do… I guess I’ll sleep. [Having sex is an exercise LOL and I think the tummy swelling/full can have double meaning. Akira just ate a pack of Solid, so he is full but it can also mean Shiki “shot” a lot inside him, so he is full inside now, you know, the tummy is connected to *cough* his rear end. But LOL maybe I’m just perving and reading into it too much ^^;;; )” —- @___@;; OMG, *dies of perverted fangirlness* I love this wayyy too much, hehehehe xDD

    Thank you SO much for sending me the link to the SnaP’s Konoe figure! You’re such a sweetheart!! ^///^ But unfortunately, I have to save up for the pillows, and when my Shiki and Akira plushies arrived today, customs authorities made me hit the jackpot T__T I’ve seriously never paid that much for any figure, but this time it was around €40 (55USD)! Luckily, since it was my birthday present, my brother offered to pay half for it ;w; I paid him €25 since he’s such a dear! He also let me have them now, since he felt sorry for me *hugs brother* I made a picture: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/3208/plush2.jpg

    But yeah, thank you for translating! My day is made yet again! ^__^

  7. lol omg thank you poopie!

    Those vids were insane i got a good laugh mostly with shikis part~XD'(i want some solid it’s be neat if they manufactured it for awhile;;;) I like your translations!
    (when i first saw the yo-akira picture you posted yesterday i thought it was those human life-like blowup dolls i got scared lol! I’m glad there mannequins! XD)

  8. Hopefully somebody saved the videos! *_* I wanted to save them yesterday but Vista refused to let me. I just found out how to do it. I’m such an idiot :( I didn’t know they would remove it THAT fast.

  9. Okay thanks to the site I spilled my drinks LOL.
    Watched all 3 episodes of this so-called “YO! Akira” skit and I gotta kowtow to the staffs for their efforts lmao!!

    The mannequins looked pretty eerie to me. XDDD

    1. I scanned through the videos… Akira’s mannequin has blushing cheeks! ^^;;; am weirded out lol~ XD But Rin and Akira’s mannequin looks pretty good! Funny to see that they did a Shiki x Akira scene o_O

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