Special: THE KING OF TOUCH mini BL game (Ariard Shounen Alice, April Fools 2013, latte)

As the title suggests… touch the King from BL Alice in Wonderland!

Genre: Be entertained by touching the King mini game
Available: 1 April 2013 and 3 – 6 May 2013 23:59 hours
Price: Free
Rating: All ages
OS: Windows XP home/XPpro/Vista/7 (Japanese)
Link: http://p-mute.com/news/2013/05/03/3064/

Producer: Latte
King 王:河村眞人 (Yamanaka Masahiro 山中真尋)

I received a request from Misao to up this free mini game by Latte which was first published during April Fools’ Day this year and re-upped for a few more days in May 2013 to celebrate the release of King’s character song. I figured since I’m gonna upload it, I might as well share it here :)

In this game, touching the King in the right sequence will trigger voice responses which you collect. There are 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard. There are a total of 24 voice responses to collect. If anyone has already completed the game, can you share the save data please? (;_;) I found the capture guide! :D

Capture Guide

1) Easy Level: Touch Left hand, Right hand, Head, Chest, Head, Left hand, Right hand, Chest

This will unlock the Normal Level with an additional Caress option.

2) Normal Level: Touch Left hand, Caress Left hand, Touch Right hand, Touch Chest, Touch Head, Caress Left hand, Touch Chest, Caress Right Cheek

This will unlock the Hard Level with an additional Pat option.

3) Hard Level: Touch Chest, Pat Left hand, Touch Head, Caress Right Cheek, Caress Head, Touch Chest, Caress Right Cheek, Touch Crotch (lol~)

After you complete this level, you’ll be rewarded with a CG :3

In the link below, you’ll download a zipped up text file that contains a download link to the zipped THE KING OF TOUCH mini game files.

Download: {filelink=346}

The password to the THE KING OF TOUCH mini game zip is:


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2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

24 thoughts on “Special: THE KING OF TOUCH mini BL game (Ariard Shounen Alice, April Fools 2013, latte)”

  1. Excuse me but, i can´t download the game. It says that the game file is not available and i don´t know what to do. If you could help me, please.

  2. Excuse me, could I also request a new link. When I click the download button and entered the password, it just rewind to this page without downloading anything.

    On that matter, could I also request the Yandere Black x Do-M club mini drama cd and short stories from 2013 april fools as well?

    Sorry for asking so much

  3. I apologize for bringing back this topic but I just found out about the mini game, so I checked the download link and apparently it isn’t working? I’m not sure if it’s an issue on the website or it’s the file per se. Either way, sorry for bothering you. I just really can’t find it anywhere else ;; Thanks for the good work though!

  4. I always forget April Fools Day or don`t visit the right sites..TT.TT
    Thank you so much for uploading!!! :D
    Will sure enjoy this also I´m not sure if I really want to touch the King`s crown jewels XD

  5. Pony-chan!!!
    Thank you so much for uploading the game >w_<! Every other would´ve just ignored my request T_T! Thank youuuuuu so much!! I love youuu Pony-chan!! *hugs Pony* *gyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*

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