Special: Sweet Pool Valentine Mini Game

Gotta thank Fuuga for this info \(^o^)/ MuUuacks!

Update 2010: Found the files! ^^ Enjoy!

Quickly go to sweet pool site now before they remove the Valentine special!!! Clicking on the heart on the right will load a short but cute conversation between Youji and Makoto. The heart on the left will load the mini-game (but in this case, the link wouldn’t work, so read on for the game).

Valentine Banner. You need flash to view it

After the game loads, click each character at least 4 times and in the 5th you’ll get a different response xD

My fav has got to be Youji’s first response (so shy and sweet ^^) and Zenya’s second response (he sure is a hentai-yaro) kekeke.

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11 thoughts on “Special: Sweet Pool Valentine Mini Game”

    1. @hirsoshichan: oh Youji said, “Eh? For me? oh… Thank you.” And after you clicked five times, he said, “So many chocolates… that’s not good.” (I think he feels shy and bad about accepting so many chocolates) :) such a sweetie pie.

  1. Sweet pool drama!!!?*0*
    Wah i can’t wait to hear it.

    I love the wallpaper youji and tetsuo are super cute and makoto on drama killed me lol i bet he wanted chocos from youji are vice versa too.

    1. XD hehehe romantic~ grabs em all! Cute drama kekeke poor Makoto… ^^;;; Youji and Tetsuo are like all lovey-dovey and he’s not part of the action. I also read in the updates that sweet pool drama CD is announced!!! Can’t wait!!! XD

    1. Me too *_* Makoto eats so much~ I’m weak against good food too.

      Yesh… I was shocked too… the way sensei said it is quite scary XD Makes Zenya’s “cheerful-sounding” Choco-play seem mild lol~ XD

  2. Even the paranoid oyaji was cute lol~ what’s that? A BOMB? XD Yeah If we could, I think we’ll bomb you for causing suffering (directly/indirectly) to our boys lol~

    Makoto is definitely fun to be with XD If he was your boyfriend, it’s like you can imagine the two of you holding hands and happily skipping down the road together… (^///^)

    I also didn’t really get sensei’s second comment… I only understood the I’ll wait for ??? anytime, little kitty… I typed the whole sentence into an online translator and the ??? bit was ‘vagina’. *faints* Is that really what you said, sensei? It was an open invitation for sex?!? Considering the fact about sensei’s background (and the evil-megane look in the corresponding respond pic), I think it’s something he really would say *sweatdrop*

  3. I loved the Valintine special! I laughed at almost all of there reactions! Though i didn’t quite understand senseis second comment. He looked evil! XD

    Makotos was the cutest, He was made for valintines day! lol.
    (ahh his seiyuu is so cute OTL)

    I never thought about clicking them five times. Thank you for posting about it. I made it in time~^v^

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