Special: Starry☆Sky After Winter Wallpapers (honeybee)

I love sheep :D

Released to commemorate the upcoming of the Starry Sky PC/drama CD game in 27 April 2012.

Special wallpapers for download (until 19 April 2012)

Download: {filelink=199} | {filelink=200} | {filelink=201} | {filelink=202}


There’s a countdown voice everyday till release of the game :D Don’t miss them!

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9 thoughts on “Special: Starry☆Sky After Winter Wallpapers (honeybee)”

  1. @ponytale: That’s super cool!!! I like Iku, too. I love Yusa Kouji. When Iku came out for the first time, I didn’t know who was his seiyuu, but I said ” He sounds like Bernardo!” Then I researched and found out it was Yusa Kouji!!!! It’s cute that Iku and Bernardo kinda look alike. Megane~! Suzuya is cute too!

    1. @MisakixUsami: lol~ yeah, he is kinda type-cast for megane character sometimes XD I like how he voices characters who has a teasing and flirty tone.
      Minus my bias, the other boys are all so attractive in their own way, it is quite a struggle to list favourites :P

  2. @ponytale: I love Shiranui’s personality. I love how he likes to help people, you know. He’s super nice, cool and hot! Plus, I love his Seiyuu!!! But to tell you the truth, before I watched the series Starry Sky, my favorite character was Miyaji. I saw him in pics and thought he was hot. Then, I found out his horoscope is Scorpio, which is my horoscope. But I when watch the anime I fell in love with Shiranui. Miyaji came out to be my fourth favorite character…. In second place, tied is Tsubasa and Hayato. Tsubasa is just so cute and funny. Hayato is also nice and I love his seiyuu, too. In third place is Naoshi because he’s soo adorable!!!! I wish I had a teacher like him! Though, I do have teacher similar to Iku…. I feel sorry for Miyaji.I mean he was originally my favorite character….

    I’m sorry for the large paragraph. I ended up talking about my other favorite characters lol. Hey Ponytale, who is your favorite character from Starry Sky?

    1. @MisakixUsami no worries! Glad to know more about ya! Well I’m sure Miyaji would understand hehehe my favorite is Iku but it’s partly due to my seiyuu bias, Yusa Kouji.

      If purely by character only, hmm I still like Iku lol xD but also Tsubasa, Miyaji, Aozora, Suzuya, Shiranui… Oh my XD big list!

  3. Awww they’re soo adorable!!!!! Winter is my fav group! Shiranui is soo cute!!!! He’s my favorite character. Tsubasa and Hayato are so sweet!

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