Special: I wanna see your sleeping face. Soine Kareshi Hei ver. (Darker than Black, Real Action Heroes, RAH Hei)

♥ ♥ ♥ I’m in love ♥ ♥ ♥

Sigh~~~~~~ I have ♥ ♥ shaped eyes when I see my anime character crush, Hei 黒, from Darker than Black 黒の契約者

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ A few more wafuku pix :3 Moe!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hey, stop taking pictures of me… or I-will-grab-you *wiggles fingers*

Ignored :D Actually the figure can’t kneel all the way :-\ but at this angle it looks ok.

Calm before the storm.

Hei would fit in perfectly during Japanese Summer Festival (夏祭り Natsu Matsuri ) in this get-up and mask :3 I think I haven’t had so much fun dressing a figure up since Project BM! Lelouch. OTL;; Typical girl’s Barbie doll syndrome.

I love how good he looks in this yukata :3 Let’s go on a date! XD

One thing missing is a pair of geta sandals. I bought the yukata from Yahoo Japan Auctions. After bidding, middleman fees and shipping, it was expensive enough to buy a nendoroid or 2 ~$_$~

Random shots. Gaa… Too bright! >_<

If you haven’t realised… since Hei’s hands are all in (unremovable) black gloves, I borrowed Project BM! Code Geass Lelouch‘s hands for these shots. However, they don’t fit perfectly so they kept dropping off when I was posing him. I tried to fit Night Head Genesis RAH Naoto‘s hands too but their joints are a little too big to fit the holes on Hei’s wrist.

Anyway, miniature tatami mats and Japanese style bamboo blinds from Daiso. Japanese Tea (Ocha お茶) from Rement sushi set.

Review of his actual figure coming soon~ :) Sorry for the picture spam. I was terribly distracted and moe-ed by yukata-donning Hei figgy ^///^

The smex. Thank God he can be stripped! :D

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8 thoughts on “Special: I wanna see your sleeping face. Soine Kareshi Hei ver. (Darker than Black, Real Action Heroes, RAH Hei)”

  1. *Q*!!!
    He is awesome looking! How lucky!!
    I love the photos especially the last one and the one with his hand coming at you!
    The yukata looks lovely on him~

    “Typical girl’s Barbie doll syndrome”

    lol gotta love it! XD

    1. @sigma: Yes! I’m very happy with him and I’m using the 1st pic as my wallpaper now ^///^

      The yukata was expensive too :( but I’m glad he looks so perfect in it :D It’s amusing cos I felt kinda bad after I stripped him, OTL so I gave him black boxer briefs to wear underneath the yukata lol~

  2. that looks yummy~ i can’t believe it arrived so quickly though~

    i just saw a fake version of sebastian and ciel nendoroids in an anime store today, my god the fake ones look so bad…!

  3. Gorgeous! Really, dressed in that yukata, it’s impossible resist him! He really looks awesome, you lucky!!! Congrats for having him!

    I saw a tweet from yokatta proxy saying they still have some for 22000 Y. Gosh, if only I had this amount right now…

    Anyway, I’d love to have yukatas to dress my slut Aki plush… but my manual skills don’t permit me do it =(

    1. @planck-chan: Thanks dear X3 I’m using the 1st pic as my desktop wallpaper now :D They need to give us dakimakura Hei OTL…

      Maybe you can ask if yokatta allows for installments? 22,000 Yen is a good rate for Hei. Some sellers are asking for almost 30k! If you can get him, try! He is very worth it. Hei is the latest RAH I bought and he comes with many accessories compared with other RAH at the same price. He is the first RAH figure I have that has an exchangeable head and I think the adapted design for his figure from their slim body type base figure is really nice.

      Also, his figure seems a lot easier to post too but It’s been a while I fiddled with my older RAH dolls, so I’m may be wrong. However, I’m not overly adventurous with Hei for now cos I’ve broken RAH Light’s arm once when trying to give him some sexy poses. OTL;;; Definitely don’t want to risk breaking any part of Hei ^^;;

      Maybe Yahoo auctions would have plushie sized yukata :D Akira would look so cute in it!

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