Special: Shingakkou Banchou BL game (PIL/SLASH)

New PIL/SLASH Shingakkou BL game in 2015?

Title: Shingakkou Banchou 神学校 「神学番長」
Available: 3 May 2015
Link: http://www.stoneheads.co.jp/pil/slash/2011bancho/index.shtml

It’s PIL/SLASH’s April Fool’s spoof :D Complete with a website and character profiles. They even made a demo game that you can play online lol. Give it a go before it disappears ;)

Link: http://www.stoneheads.co.jp/pil/slash/2011bancho/movie.shtml

Glowing crotch WIN :D

Sigh… so disappointed that Nitro+Chiral isn’t doing anything for April Fools this year because of their busy schedule.

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10 thoughts on “Special: Shingakkou Banchou BL game (PIL/SLASH)”

  1. OH LOL.

    By the way Pony, normally which proxy service do you go to to get the best price? :0

    I’m trying to look for one that doesn’t charge so much. I have no such luck though.

    and f i’m not mistaken, Im pretty sure I hear midorikawa hikaru, miyata kouki, narita ken, and suzuki tatsuhis :3

    1. @Oru: Totally! But they took it down so fast I didn’t have a chance to go through the story properly OTL. I think it’s something about a mysterious uniform that can transform the wearer into something he desires to be. That’s why the fat principal became an ikemen with the shining crotch when he wore it lol~

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