Special: Shiki’s Happy Delusion (Togainu no Chi, Shiki x Akira)

Countdown to Togainu no Chi anime 咎狗の血アニメ!

Just a couple of days more till the anime’s broadcast on 7 October! \(^_^)/

Post will be updated with the next pic of the mini figure manga:

Shiki’s Happy Delusion シキの幸せの妄想。Check back here again tomolo! :D

Let’s see…

How about this?

Maybe just a hat?

Ah~ wearing NOTHING is better.


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7 thoughts on “Special: Shiki’s Happy Delusion (Togainu no Chi, Shiki x Akira)”

  1. CUTEEE~~~ *actually Togainu chi already subbed. You can find it on animetake.

    And by the way i just return from animate girl festival and manage to get akira half naked plushie and the cute figure like yours. I’ll give you the info and picture asap :).
    I cannot manage to go to all event..but so far very good.

    1. @hiroshichan & GlaringDream: XD Thanks! kekeke. I was so busy I didn’t even realised that it’s already the 7th!! XDD

      @Tasuki_Honey: I haven’t watched the first episode yet but yep it’s subbed! ^^ so don’t worry!

      @Ri: That’s great XD Can’t wait to see your pix! :3 You had fun?

  2. So cute. XD You always make cute figure poses. ;3 It’s already 7th. Waha. Almost time for TNC fangirling. Shiki~~~! XD

    1. @sigma: hope it didn’t disappoint :P more to come lol~ So incredibly busy this week I hardly have time to do a really good one OTL.

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