Special: Seiyuu autographs! (Sakurai Takahiro, Suzumura Kenichi)

Big big surprise when I opened my Comi-comi delivery today!

Months ago (like… back in end 2010) I ordered the drama cd Yasashikute Toge ga Aru ~ Nemurenu Yoru no Junjou 優しくて棘がある ~眠れぬ夜の純情~ from Comi Comi because I hoped to win the autographs of the cast… which includes Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏, Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一, Ookawa Tohru 大川透and Chiba Susumu 千葉進歩, etc…


I’ve long given up hope since it has been such a long time… When I opened my package, I was wondering what that piece of paper was when I saw it cos I didn’t remember ordering anything that came with autographed paper ^^;; Then it dawned on me… and my heart began to pound in anticipation… OMG OMG IT WAS THE SIGNED PAPER!

In the letter Comi-comi explained that I was one of the two winners and that they apologise for the long delay. Also mentioned about having my name written in to prevent auctioning off the piece. As if I would! My GOSH!! XD

It feels really incredible. (T_T) I’m so glad I mailed that lucky draw coupon.

What an awesome highlight of the year! XD

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39 thoughts on “Special: Seiyuu autographs! (Sakurai Takahiro, Suzumura Kenichi)”

  1. OMG!!!!!! U LUCKY GIRLLLLL!!!!! IM SOOO JELLY!!! SOOO JEALOUS!!! AAAA!!!!!!! U GOT SAKUPYON’s & SUZUKEN’s SIGNATURE!!!!!!! HOW AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!! btw… do u have facebook? XDD just asking~~~

  2. OOO: SO LUCKY!!! Sakupyon and SuzuKen’s autographs all on one shikishi!! Aww… I wanted to buy that drama CD too for the rare SuzuKen x Sakupyon reversal! I think this is the only coupling (ignoring the short Tokuten track) where SuzuKen has ever topped Sakupyon in anything?! But I didn’t know it was possible to win from overseas! How exciting!

    1. @riya: yes! <3 I've also been waiting for the CD for a long time! When I first saw the pairing I was quite surprised that it was SuzuKen x Sakupyon ^^ I have the novel too.

      I sent in the coupon as a show of support :D and also didn't know it was possible to win. Gotta love comicomi <3

  3. D; Luuucky duck~~ Lol. So jealous. xD I’m a huge fan of Takahiro and Kenichi. ♥ Congrats. I wonder who drew the cute bear :o

    1. @Shiki: XD Thanks hehe. That seiyuu with the teddy bear signature is 白熊寛嗣 Kurukuma Hiroshi. His surname means white bear. XD He voiced a minor character in the story.

    1. @Tasukihoneybunny: thanks XD I haven’t decided yet. There’s not much space on my wall without it looking out of place ^^;; but I’ll probably display it inside a closet that has glass doors :D

  4. Congrats pony! I feel like I could just imagine your reaction when realizing what you’d won XD

    So I’m curious but how exactly did you win? With a coupon you said?

    1. @waijuu: hehe yeah XD well last year comicomi had a special promotion with this drama cd. You’ll receive one lucky draw coupon when you buy the cd from them. I mentioned it in my drama cd review. If I remember it right, it was a comicomi exclusive. There would be two winners.

      The deadline to mail the coupon back to comicomi and take part in the draw was sometime in Nov/Dec 2010. I can’t remember exactly. So what I did was to fill in that coupon with my name and address and posted it back to Japan.

      Actually at that time I felt that the probability of me winning was zero being located overseas and all :P However, I thought it would be awesome if they (the seiyuus) can somehow know that they have overseas fans through this… but then again I’ve never won anything like this before so I also don’t know how it works ^^;; Comicomi probably have my name written in on the already autographed paper after they picked the winners.

      Even then I’m extremely happy XD and emailed comicomi yesterday to thank them for picking me :3

  5. Okay wow, that is just too awesome! Congratulations, i think i’d have a fangasm and die if i ever got something that epic *A*

  6. omg grats! it’s like a dream come true to win lucky draws, and even more so when it’s related to your passion! I remember bidding 20k yen on a Ookiku Furikabutte live event seiyuu autograph and someone ended up winning it for 90k yen… talk about how valuable those autographs are xD

    1. @chibi: 90k yen! *_* I don’t think I have the $$ to bid that much either. 20k yen would probably be my limit as well. These autographs are definitely precious and valuable to a fan.

    lol. Congrats on winning them~ <3 and yea, I doubt you would even want to auction them. They are just too precious to be auctioned! ;o;

    1. @Lurker: I mailed out the coupon and hoped for the best. It’s a big surprise. Totally unexpected ^^ Yeah, I will never auction it!

  8. rg;rkwerj;wlkerjlkkfjmckl sakurai?!!!!
    lol congrats hahahahahaha
    randomly drawn teddybear on one of the sigs is cute :D

    1. @Nicky: Hehehe thanks! <3 Sakupyon. The teddy bear signature is by one of the minor character male seiyuus, 白熊寛嗣 Kurukuma Hiroshi. His surname means white bear. XD

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