Special: Otomate April Fools 2015 (Amnesia, Clock Zero, Hakuouki)

Otomate April FoolsIf you missed the one-day-only Otomate April Fools special for 2015, here they are! Featuring very silly spoofs of the original titles. I only recognised a few titles since I don’t play otome games much, please help me out if you know better :D

Click the cropped pics for the full pages.

Otomate April FoolsAmnesia x Gurren Lagann
Otomate April FoolsBinary Star
Otomate April Fools???
Otomate April FoolsHakuouki SSL ^^;;
Otomate April FoolsClock Zero?
Otomate April FoolsMouju Tsukai to Oujisama
Otomate April FoolsNew game mook that contains serial code and figure?
Otomate April FoolsCharacter design contest
Otomate April FoolsVoting results
Otomate April Fools

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