Special: Ojisan Paradise (April Fools 2012, Cineria)

This image got deleted when it was first uploaded to photobucket lol~

This image was posted for a day as an April Fool’s 2012 joke by Cineria, a doujin company which produces otome drama cds. Although I posted most of the April Fools’ specials for BL games, etc. I never really got round to posting the otome ones cos I was too busy :P There are a few more cool/funny sites which I will post when I can later.

Ojisan Paradise Drama CD!? :D

Title: Ojisan Paradise 2012 おじさん♂パラダイス2012~働きざかりのキミたちへ~ (おじ♂パラ)

Recently, the makers are offering the image for sale in the form of a pencil board. It’ll be home-made by Cineria lol~ and if they can sell 100 of them, they’ll make the drama cd :D

Title: Made-to-order (Handmade by Cineria staff, Shimada) OjiPara Pencil board (Shitajiki)
Price: 300 Yen
Shopping link: http://ike-men.shop-pro.jp/?pid=43023612

They don’t ship international but if you’re ok with paying extra for proxy fees, go grab it :D

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15 thoughts on “Special: Ojisan Paradise (April Fools 2012, Cineria)”

  1. Hey, could you recommend any proxy shipping services in particular? This sounds like a dream come true for me, but I’ve only ever bought stuff secondhand from other fans, never from a retailer.

  2. @ponytale: Can you provide a link to the otome April Fools pics in larger versions? I think the pencil board is a funny idea. Planning to buy it through the proxy, too.

    1. @yudashin: I only managed to make a screen cap. They didn’t show the pics as downloadable wallpapers. I’ll email it to u later :)

  3. Lolllll it would be good if she could sell 10 of the Pencil boards..
    How can she homemade a pencil board??
    I am not a fan and I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of ojisans…
    So fans, what’s appealing about them?

    1. @Urusaiii: I have no idea! But out of curiosity I ordered it XD orz;; damn impulse buys lol~ I’ll update the post with pics after I receive it!

      Ojisans’ ages range from 30s even 50s and older? Although I admit I was more interested in the youngest looking guy right in the middle. Anyway many of my fav seiyuus are in that age range already lololol XDDD I guess that is one of the factors how ojisans are appealing? *pffttt* But I do remember being in shock when I was in high school and first saw the photo of the real seiyuu who voiced a young male character who I was obsessed with orz;;

  4. Somewhere out in the wild there are rabid fan girls begging for this… I’m def. not one! XD;; I have very specific ojisan tastes… But a good VA will make me buy a Drama CD no matter what they play! <3

    1. @jiji: I believe ojisans made a huge comeback (?) (were they ever in vogue before?) partly because of Tiger & Bunny. I agree good VA and story will be the deciding factors for us to part with our moolah ojisan or not hehe :P

  5. Omg, this is so cracky 8D I love the ideas the companies come up with for April Fool’s Day. I would totally get is just for the lulz, if I didn’t have to pay for repairing my car’s door.

    1. @Sug: Some of these guys are so moe too! XD oyaji-fetish or not lol~ I hope the drama cd gets made hehehe. Take care huh! Daily bills orz;;;

    2. Butthis is Otome, right? Because the one in the middle looks so young, he could totally be the MC in the BL version ;)

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