Special: Nii-san… itai… (Naoto x Naoya)

Naoto x Naoya

atama ga… itai… 頭が… 痛い…

See Naoto? I told you I’ll get you your brother *evil grin*

Naoya… tsurai kao wo shite… daijoubu desu ka? (直也。。。つらい顔をして。大丈夫ですか?)
Nii-san… Itai yo… T_T (兄さん。。。痛いよ。。。)
Mou sukoshi gaman shite kudasai. (もうすこし我慢してください。)

*add your own BL fangirl fantasies here* xD KYAAAA~

*whispers* If you haven’t watched the anime…… Naoya says 頭が痛い a lot. Lol~

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hope you enjoyed this forbidden brotherly love special by yours truly XD

And thanks for the 40,000 page views on 12 February 2009! You rock!


Anyway, I had fun shooting this pic of my Medicom Toy figures Kirihara Naoto 霧原直人 and Naoya 霧原直也 from Night Head Genesis.

I used my few months “new” Fujifilm Finepix S2000 HD camera, experimenting with the various settings in Manual mode. It was interesting to play with the flash to generate the lighting effects. I rather like Naoto’s slightly 鬼畜 kichiku expression due to the shadows cast on his face… 燃え moe! (=^_^= )

Shot indoors with natural daylight from side window, with flash blocked using my fingers. The lighting effect was achieved by accident and I went on to take a couple more shots which added up to a grand total of 64 pics. In the end, only this shot looked like something I could use for this layout. o_O Thank God for digital cameras!

Honestly, I’m newbie at manual settings, so I just recorded what I did here. What exactly do they do? I’m not too sure myself either :P but I’ll slowly find out.

Camera settings: ISO100, White balance – auto, Shutterspeed 2, F3.5, flash -2/3, bracketing +/- 1 EV

Text and layout done using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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23 thoughts on “Special: Nii-san… itai… (Naoto x Naoya)”

  1. I really thought Naoya and Naota were hot in Night Head Genesis. Very cool with their powers. Saw this post with the photo of them. Wow! Great photo! I remember the dolls way back. But for some reason decided not to purchase them. Had bought the L doll. After viewing this post, did a major search on the internet and found both dolls for sale as a set, MIB, and bought them. Thanks for the post! Love the dolls!

    1. @yudashin: Yeah, they’re two of the rare bishonen anime boys that were made into RAH and actually look good! Great that you found them! They’re out-of-print already ^^

      I have L and Light too <3

    1. O~ it is in demand but the supply is scarce. So there’s still business opportunity!
      Handcuffs no… I’ve got to search really hard for materials in order to make my own pair for my RAH Light… so there should be a market as well lol~ Just that the end result cost me a bit too much *_* altho I don’t regret it.

  2. Do you play the game also? STREET FIGHTER i mean.
    It’s not as intense as Mortal Kombat though…

    Perhaps we can make it as business. online business of selling undies for RAH.
    Starting from basic underwear to kinky ones. LOL~
    Setting up a trend of hygiene-RAH

    1. I used to watch my bro play, since I’m a sore loser I don’t like to fight him. :P

      You’ll be surprised but I’ve seen websites selling doll lingerie, bras and underwear. It is quite in-demand actually but for male dolls not as much. Fetish, lacy and SM wear seem popular too.

    1. kekeke… I think Medicom just doesn’t have the habit of giving them proper underwear XD
      Yep, she is! Her tights are brown and out undies are blue :P

  3. Without the calendar it’ll be plain and can’t see the message of ‘spending time with your loved ones”
    It’s a simple things that creates the “big’ effect”.
    Without the calendar, Suza seems like lounging with Lulu and nothing special.

    The event happened more than 15 years ago. It’s just beats me why barbie should have pantsu-less guy as a couple. LOL~
    I just hope Chun Li wears one, otherwise *faints*

    1. I posed them that way for my own amusement. So yeah, it just happened. It’s cool when inspiration strikes. XD

      O~ Chun Li, like all superheroes of her time has a special fetish. They wear their underwear on the outside. Yeah… she doesn’t wear anything under those tights. Since Visible-Panty-Lines are a no-no for women. lol~

  4. haha tht’s right :D
    I noticed Ken dun wear underwear when i was at my friend’s house. We were playing with barbies, i was about to dress him and when i pulled his boxer short he was WAAAAAA..
    No nosebleed though :P Ken is not a hottie.

    Oh yeah i forgot about that cute nendoroid. you’re right, inspiration might come from tht sensei kekeke~
    What about the sofa (for figma?) you buy it too?

    Ah since you oredi have photo concept tht surely saves time instead of starting blankly.
    you need to find sexier font :D

    1. Did that happen recently? Or when you were a kid? XD kekeke

      Mmm… I didn’t get the sofa/bedroom set in the end. There was availability issue, then the currency exchange rate went straight up *faints* and budget issues, so I cancelled my order *_* but I’ll buy it eventually… after I clear all my outstanding bills. Long sigh~

      Btw, Figma is coming out with cosplay versions of Haruhi characters, so we get Mikuru in a maid costume… I wish they do an edition with the boys in swimming trunks, so that I can do more yaoi/romance stories with their figures. ^^;;;

      Now I usually have an idea what I want to achieve before I shoot but sometimes little details may pop-up while shooting, so adjustments would be made to address them. The challenge is whether I can get the mood/look I hope for in the final result.

      The Happiness is… pose of Lulu and Suzaku was already there for a week or so (tho’ it was a slightly different pose), and I had a sudden urge yesterday to take their pic when the concept of happiness is the time spent with your loved one came up. There was a calendar at the back that gives the idea of time passing and also the marking of 14th on the current month (February). And Suzaku’s hand gesturing while he chats happily with Lulu, I made the angle look like he is holding on to the heart mark on the calendar. I wanted it “relatively” subtle tho… Did I achieve that? ^^;;; but maybe it was still too overt? *_* Other than the deliberate heart mark, everything else was usual setup on my desk, only adjusted slightly for the shot. And as I did the post, I was reminded of my friend’s text message and thought I would mention it… ^^

      As for Naoto x Naoya pic… mmm I’ll play with other fonts when I can…hehe… must… find… suitable fonts…

  5. And undies = more fabric and not so easy to make too lol~

    Agrees! I had a hard time finding a suitable font. I’m also not so happy with the final result. You hit the exact spot! :O

    Mmm photo-taking was about… 1 hr? I already had a concept I wanted, so it was quite efficient. Time was spent posing, trying out alternative angles and camera settings. Laying out the image and experimenting with the effects took another 2 hrs at least.

    I already collected the nendoroid classroom props… last month. They’re still unwrapped and inside the boxes ^^;;; I think I might be more inspired to do something with them when my Zetsubou Sensei arrives in end March.

  6. Ken (Barbie’s male companion) oso dun wear undies.
    Nobody pays attention to that aspect i think….LOL

    Well i like the pic thou not really like the font.
    say do you keep a record of how many hours you’ve spent for the picture?

    Do you finally make pre-order on the nendoroid classroom prop? haha can’t wait to see the mini manga of your version with the prop.

  7. I like the way his jacket looks.

    I think naoto’s expression really ‘make’ the picture. well he’s a gorgeous RAH after all…
    (i forgive him for not wearing undies :D)

    Wah, now you include the camera settings.
    Practice makes perfect my dear, hopefully someday you’ll able to print the pics and make some scrapbook or photo album. (along with the invoice LOL)

    1. Hehehe Naoto wasn’t wearing any underwear when this shot was taken… *meeep* sounds so suggestive *nose bleeds* XD Naoya didn’t come with undies either *dies* but both boys actually had their pants on la. ^^;;;

      I like the effect of light reflected on his jacket too… if not for the shiny material, the photo would be too dark.

      Yeah you’re right… practice practice! :D I think it is fun to experiment especially for mood shots like these and to think that it was achieved by accident! lol~ I’m happy. I’ll attempt to record my camera settings now in case I need to reproduce them in the future. ^^

  8. yay! i love naotoXnaoya! i know there’re lots of people criticising night head genesis for being “boring, no storyline” but i love it! although i must confess that i dont know what is going on sometimes ^^ naoto is super hot!

    1. @akiyama: Yeah babe, hope you enjoyed that lol~ or is brother x brother too hardcore? XD Ah~ I’m quite mesmerised by his look in this pic. *doki doki*
      I’m discovering new things about my camera too. My goodness, its flash is so powerful that I could take a pic of my room in darkness and the end result looks like that of a brightly-lit room. I’m amazed :P

      @kai-lee: Naoto is His HAWT-ness *nose bleeds* XD And he doesn’t know how to live without Naoya. They’re canon I say hehe… Although I also lost patience with it in the beginning, especially when I got busy but I’m glad I picked it up again. But honestly, I can’t remember the details already, only bits and pieces. Have you seen any manga doujinshi of Naoto x Naoya? I’ve yet to see one…

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