Special: Mita Makoto vs Gigantic Burger (Sweet Pool, McDonald’s Miniatures, Wallpaper)

Makoto x Burger
Makoto has met his match! :D

What do you think he’ll do when he discovers such a humongous burger?

Well, bring it home (and EAT it) of course! XD

Makoto x Burger

Here’s another pic of Makoto versus McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder (Limited Edition miniature food strap) Apparently it is sized just right for Dolfies :O

Makoto x Burger

Just for the fun of it, I made some wallpapers for download :)

Makoto x Burger

Download: {filelink=26} | {filelink=27} | {filelink=28} | {filelink=29}

Makoto x Burger Makoto x Burger

Download: {filelink=30} | {filelink=31} | {filelink=32} | {filelink=33}
Download (Japanese): {filelink=34} | {filelink=35} | {filelink=36} | {filelink=37}

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14 thoughts on “Special: Mita Makoto vs Gigantic Burger (Sweet Pool, McDonald’s Miniatures, Wallpaper)”

  1. Hey I really love these photos!!!! Thanks a bunch for the upload.
    Just wondering could you send me a high resolution version of the third photo where Makoto stands next to the whole burger? I love that one so much!!

    All the best xxx


  2. This is so cute! You’re great at and for making this XD
    A question, is the burger miniature rather big or the makoto figure is even smaller (and cuter X3) than I thought? –a

    1. @pokapi: XD Thanks! Makoto is about 4 cm tall because of his base while the burger is about 3.8 cm tall. They’re actually about the same height kekeke :D

  3. omg makoto moe! lol that is darned cute. I love the Double Quarter Pounder miniature. Lots of detail in there, it looks like the ones on tv…sadly not the ones you get at the fast food store.

    Love the wallpapers~<3

    1. @sigma: lol~ they always look bigger and yummier on TV XDD There are more burger miniatures coming up, I’m trying to collect all of them hehe.

      Glad you liked the wallpapers! X3

  4. Aha, he looks so adorable next to it!
    He really looks like he is staring deep into his double quarter love and just grinning with happiness while he takes it back to his lair.

    Let’s hope he never discovers the rest of the miniature collection!

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