Special: Midou Takanori 2015 New Year Greeting + Wallpaper (Spray, Kichiku Megane, Gakuen Heaven 2)

How was your year so far?

Back-dated post for the usual New Year Greeting from Spray sent in January! :) That’s Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble protagonist Asahina Yuuki hugging a cute sheep plushie. There was this online debate recently as to whether we should refer the year as a “Sheep” / “Goat” year. ^^;; No such issues if you’re talking about the Kanji character “羊” since it refers to all species of the animal. If you’ve subscribed to Spray’s mailing list, you would have received the email from the character you chose when you first signed up. :D

You can subscribe to the mailing list here: http://spray.product.co.jp/mailmagazine_info.html

Greeting from Midou-san :D


Happy New Year! Please take care of me again this year.
As the years go by, I’ve come to think that it’s a blessing to have someone important by your side when you greet the New Year.
Anyway, it’s not bad to enjoy this short holiday fully with you.
I would have opened a bottle of wine for this occasion as usual, but since I made a wish to spend a good year with you, it might be nice try to sake today.

Midou Takanori

Did you receive greeting from other characters? :D Please share with us!

And in the greeting email, you can also download the special wallpapers for the new year.

Grab them here!


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2 thoughts on “Special: Midou Takanori 2015 New Year Greeting + Wallpaper (Spray, Kichiku Megane, Gakuen Heaven 2)”

  1. I really missed your posts and such nice news (I`m so curious about the Aoba figure). I`m glad you`re back :D
    Here my greetings from Katsuya (megane):

    My last year was horrible. In extremely short:My grandmother died after a long illness.It was a really long and horrible dieing…
    My grandfather showed his true face,we lost him too although he is still alive. He now has some swindlers that took everything from him and still look like saints to the rest of the world and to him…..(remember my request to lend me Koujaku for a hug?(Dakimakura from contest))
    It was a hard year and I was so happy to be able to at least buy the Ugajin Dakimakura from Omerta but the post damaged it and threw away the shortstory TT.TT
    This year just has to become better. Ganbarou!Let`s have a great new year! :D

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